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  1. 1975, found an ancient camp with a large chunk of palm agate that they have chipped their stone tools off of. nearest palm agate is 3 miles east, which has been well searched by rock-hounds. have posted to several universities to guide a couple of their female students to the area, never received any replies. near there is a camp from the 1930s where a frenchman and his two mexican helpers, hidden well away from the placer. stakes from a large tent, outhouse frame, and bucket with holes in the bottom for shower near a hidden spring with a glass on a nail driven into a 4 by 4 post. have to get me new equinox 800 out there soon.
  2. reason red lake nation remains their own country is the mid 1930's is because they refused forming an electoral government whereby the government would be able to control their soil on the land. that's why me is native registered at post in Morristown Arizona which is situated on native soil. me ryder estate is registered there. going to register these fall rocks under mother's earth estate soon as me moves out of the united nations. see how that works out. registering me car at the post sure works great, cops pass me by BP waves me through and BLM leaves me alone. thanks to all you natives for your interest, lil bob.
  3. me being ryder estate president only works for me family estate. working on moving the mother earth estate out of the united nations. concerning mining claims, will post instructions on how to get them out of the government control. original deffination the word leader is first one into battle. me enjoy's battling the corporate government. sit back and enjoy the show.
  4. have given a lot of thought to this. me happiest times in my seventy five years has been among the poorest of the poor, matriarchy. slums have visited while serving four years in the navy. three years in the outlaws mc. mormons gave me thirty seconds to vacate me home and machine shop in roll Arizona first August 2007. at the same time me son and his pregnant Chinese mate and two kids had their new car impounded in Yuma and left stranded. August three 2007 had me car impounded on ogilby road in CA. young mormon males were wanting to work for us to learn a trade instead of serving their missionaries. are we bitter? no. natives seeking to do no harm spirits travel the universe when their bodies return to mother earth. do harm spirits are tortured. for those who went through gas chamber in boot camp. makes you bulligerant for fouty to fifty years. drinking alcohol reactivates it.
  5. first moved to the southern mojave in july 1974. smoke tree area California 92266, 324 square miles, only one left out there. welcome, bob
  6. natives seeking to do no harm require no government. there were no governments until pope innocent III invented the income tax and gifted person's with dates, (april 15th 1199). thats why me brackets dates. there is over 100 million laws, not one that requires a drivers license. 18 USC 911 whoever falsely and willfully represents himself to be a citizen of the united states shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years or both. evil entrapment. people have been enslaved by words. golf is coming on, tv only gets turned on Saturday and Sunday for golf, a game played against mother nature. do not disturb me for the next three hours. thanks 😊
  7. still working on the currey sittutation. steve currey did everything right. he offered to meet blaine reed for council meeting at library to debate the issue with a state geologist concerning currey's lunar meteorites. instead, blaine reed went and purchased one of currey's lunar meteorites, checked it with a X-RF took it to a deputy and showed him that it did not have 13-16 percent nickel. currey was summon in to court ordered to pay reed $1,400 and do 400 hours community service. this happened in 2012. continue later
  8. there is over 80,000 local federal agencies in the US. they are all in the business for extracting money from people. natives are immune from their BS. thanks for your interest, bob
  9. natives seeking to do no harm require no government, which is artificial or fictitious. me eats illegal drugs each day- maple syrup, honey, herbs and many other plants. mother nature provide's the best education entertainment and support income. why let some government control you?
  10. try this, BLM only has jurisdiction of the land and not the native soil which covers the land. that's why BLM leaves me alone when collecting meteorites. native life is simple.
  11. possession by privateers does not change original possession by natives. January 16th 2019 world debt= 244 trillion dollars. each native is worth 31.68 billion dollars.
  12. Bob is incorporated Bedrock Bob, me unincorporated little bob. thanks so much for your time and interest, bob.
  13. happy birthday, they get better each year.
  14. our digestive system is designed for vegetarians and not meat. almond flour replaces meat, dried fruits, berries with oatmeal maple syrup and raw honey is me diet. need no refrigerator. most beer and wine have pesticides in them so stay with water.
  15. article written by a female native thirty some years ago. spanish were amazed to discover that the natives had twice the life span as they did. natives then were vegetarians and considered animals as their brothers and sisters. seventy year old half-breed in smoke tree area California me met in 1974 had a mate fifty years younger and six kids. he out lived her returned to mother earth at the age of 106. me still seeking a twenty some year old mate. fun making kids.
  16. what do you call a 75th birthday? wake up feeling younger each day, back in me twenties or is it getting senile. thanks for your comments, bob
  17. so the state can regulate land for taxes against people. me when confronted by government officials, state "native on native soil/land". cops pass me by BP waves me through and BLM leaves me alone.
  18. prospect the lower Mohave in East imperial county CA through out the summer. more daylight no BLM. secert is wearing enough clothing to hold your moisture in your body. wear a black wool wide brim hat and your head won't sweat.
  19. Diggingd, what area is BLM giving you problems. just list the county.
  20. only wake-up for Harley's. surly won't sound like a v-twin Harley which fires every 315 degrees with a 405 degree gap. great work dave, looking forward to it tomorrow.
  21. no gpz, but lobo that replaced two times. the second one laid around for a year or so, no way it would go on so put the coil in the fridge and smeared the coconut oil on it and heated it with the hair dryer it slipped on. plastic contracts and expands alot. coconut oil makes one healthy no arthritis, tooth aches and young and happy heart.
  22. coconut oil replaces the flexability in plastic and it won't attract dust. that coil of yours has no flexibility left in it. when on put a bead of silicon around it.
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