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  1. did you read the two articles? if not, you are wrong.
  2. have no idea how to cut and paste. below is two articles on the solar system. How "Times" were changed-- a short review of the Works Of Immanuel Velikoysky. The scientist who was deemed heretic by scientists. watchman - Wednesday 4 Sep - 2019. CGI's Mike: if you find Immanuel Velikoysky interesting then you would probably enjoy Donald W. Patten. rumor mill news has a lot of good history articles, old man in the desert has a lot of articles on Red Cloud and other history of the west.
  3. thanks, when me got the 98 tahoe march 2018 the radio had so many buttons and knobs on it, got me a david alen cole disc, "call me by my name". now all me has to do is hit one button. it still plays good. used to party with dave back in the early seventies. me cell phone stays in one spot only on the desk in me cabin at morristown. big brother can't track me. got pulled over by a Arizona trooper 19 August with dean with me. dean was upset because the trooper was going to have me arrested for not having a az license plate and no driver's .license. don't worry dean, once he makes contact with his supervisor we'll be free to travel on, which is what happened. being a native is great.
  4. lies constantly need new disguises to survive. and that is why mankind is constantly changing its social structures, trying to find in them the truth it has lost, yet only distancing itself from the truth even more. a believing mind is a closed mind about what it doesn't know. natives who show kindness live longer.
  5. ma's side of the family are german catholic farmers. their 160 acres was homesteaded in 1850, ottawa county michigan. dad's side were german toolmaker's. grandma ryder was irish. they had a home on spring lake, ottawa county. they had no religion. they visited the farm often. they moved to main street spring lake in 1952 when me was eight. next door woman, a baptist got grandma hooked on religion so she moved out of the big bedroom into a small bedroom upstairs. when me was ten she stated to me that me was going straight to hell, but me cousin patty was going to heaven because she had been saved by the baptist. grandpa ryder died soon after, the week he was to receive his first social security check. my aunt had to send it back. me happy to return to mother nature she provides the best education entertainment and support. do no harm spirits travel the universe, do harm spirits are tortured. thanks for your interest.
  6. have known quite a few amish fore they have farms near ours. they don't have churches, but meetup every two weeks on sunday. they use electricity some but don't have it in their home because it divides the family. when their females come of age the father puts a ladder up to her window, so she can decide which male to mate with. from 84-98 had to drive 132 miles each way to pickup me kids everyother weekend. both trips we would stop at McDonald's at reed city Michigan. large amish area there. both friday and sunday the amish teens would be there with their buggies. what a happy group. that's why the christians do not like them, their having fun on Sundays. they're going straight to hell.
  7. he and his mate has lived in san diego since they were kid's. he writes mostly about southwest history.
  8. all females should avoid intimate relations with males who permit destructive thinking into their consciousness, so as to reproduce it over an over again.
  9. welcome, what a coincidence, just sent author joe yogerst in san diego an email. was home ported there 64-68.
  10. at the laundry pass week, read an article about big foreign corporations have taken over the amozon, natives are being eliminated. sad
  11. now is a good time to report the following, found this out over five years ago but the statement used the forebiden R words. this was on "rumor mill news" couple days ago. dead baby scam- after birth mother signs the record after naming the baby, with out knowing that she named the dead afterbirth. the record is sold on the world stock (cattle) markets. birth and death certificates list the names as decedent's, (deceased). 950 trillion dollars worth of dead baby estates paid to prince philip as presumed beneficiary. he resigned from public life two days later, april 2017. you two are playing in me sandbox, no throwing sand at each other. love you both, lil bob when the time is right me will post the true diffination of the word "me".
  12. was reading about the Siberian Taiga anastasians. they face the hostility of the Russian Orthodox Church. much like the amish do here from the Christians. both are simply natives like me, do no harm.
  13. there are no teachers in siberia schools. students teach each other. what a great idea, no costly student loans no bored students and teachers who are more bored than the students. me ten grandkids are home schooled and the two oldest at eighteen have their own businesses. the adults in siberia believe, "let kids be kids".
  14. one gram for me, sixteen gramer nearby by the oldminer who owns the claim. eight oz's out of one yard of gravel that took two days of using an air powered muffler chisel then running through a cement mixer. goldfield mining took over the whole area soon after that. they got the mine miners got the shaft.
  15. smoke tree area California, 92266 west of the mule mountain are redwood mile posts with heads dated 1854. east are steel posts brass caps dated 1916.
  16. great read Bob, thanks. the best food have eaten has come from the inner cities where ever me at and have never felt threatened. when traveling and want a good meal, stop at truck stop and ask the workers where the best eateries are. food is good and cheaper the conversation's are great. again, thanks Bob
  17. when was there? was there 1975, with don and wit. took out many samples in egg cartons. don still has a few and enjoy looking at them each time there. was there last month.
  18. grandpa and his two brothers on the farm in ottawa county michigan wore wool long johns and bib overall's year around with brim wool hat's. they didn't sweat, neither do me at 130 degrees in the desert. in the desert one has to wear enough clothing to keep moisture in the body instead of letting the sun evaporate it.
  19. had another adventurous trip to red lake nation. over 31,000 miles on me 1998 tahoe in 16 months. cops still pass me by, saw no BP nor BLM. all going well, still waking up feeling younger each morning.
  20. heading back up to red lake tomorrow. would stay but me can't handle the 36 below winter's. they say how can me handle the 120's in the desert. me weight in the summer 105 pounds, in winter months 125 pounds.
  21. back from visiting my daughter and red lake nation natives. be going back up there soon to get a set of dentures. here they want $8,000-$9000 for dentures, up in Minnesota $3,000-$4,000 by female dentist. been going to the VA every 3-4 months for 48 years to have eleven bone spurs on the bottom of me feet trimmed off. went to a female herberlist three years ago in Oregon, in eighteen months they disappeared. can even walk around bare foot with no pain. up at red lake nation they call me mother earth native. they do not allow any alcohol beverages, what a happy place.
  22. heading to red lake nation today. think about this: governments claim that they control all land. stupid bastards forgot to claim the native soil that covers the land.
  23. am me the only one. waited two hours at the yuma DMV in 2008 to renew registration. before putting the tab on checked the numbers, they did not match the numbers on the new registration. went back in and waited another two hours. the clerk acted strange, as me left, stated that, that's why the cops impound cars. they get $200 - $300 cash reward.
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