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  1. What my purpose of this post is the true history of the post office, and how you can benefit and protect yourself from the corporation. Have spent almost ten years trying to move the estate to a post office box. Have tried hand written letters and USPS forms. Last month, just put executor and signed below "by executor". And it comes back addressed to president. Opened my box under, "native Ryder estate". It took me three months of educating the postmaster on the history an true purpose of the post office. It's a bank protected by the military/militia.
  2. Sorry about not being more clear. Am fifth generation Ryder-Schoenborn estate. The farm is still in the Schoenborn name. On my great grandfather Conrad Schoenborn's 1867 deed to the farm it states in hand written words at the end, "his heir's, executors and assigns will forever warrant and defend estate." It was only three years ago that I seen that deed. More later.
  3. Birth certificate is proof that an estate exist. February 27th change of address form. Ryder-Schoenborn estate. Old mailing address. Vital statistics, Monroe, GR, mi. New address. Ryder estate, box XXX, Morristown AZ. print: Executor, sign: by executor. Received back, Official change of address confirmation letter. Your old address: Ryder-Schoenborn estate, 300 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids Michigan. Your new address: President, Ryder-Schoenborn estate, po box XXX, Morristown Arizona.
  4. Agree with you using beeswax on meteorites, but the wood on guns the wood needs the extra protection that shallac provides. They are both products by nature. Like the fact that both can be handled without worrying about harming them.
  5. Bees wax is good but soft, will collect dust. Shallac has a natural wax in it, dust and fine grit won't stick to it.
  6. Built this rifle in 1978, while in Michigan. Only used jojoba oil on bore and internal parts. The rest is a coat of clear shallac.
  7. Cleaning with alcohol removes moisture. Shellac is a moisture barrier. Proof, violins, furniture, and guns hundreds of years old.
  8. Clean with alcohol then spray with shellac. Shellac is the best moisture barrier of all. Also the easiest to repair.
  9. 1787 when Ben Franklin was asked what form of government, "a republic, if you can keep it". He did not say where it was located. It was then and forever onward at the militia post office bank. All military below officers rank are militia. Constitution does not mention bank, only bankruptcy, means inability to pay all debts.
  10. Friend don was involved in mining in Mexico in the early 90's, was going to pay some local Mexicans $5.00 per hour, was told by the Mexican partner that if don paid more than $3.00 a day he was going to jail. Don lost everything he had invested down there and pulled out. Very rich gold but not worth the hassle.
  11. Remember my grandfather's talking about the great depression and what caused it. roaring twenties then the banks lowered the money supply and the stock market crashed. both did well during the depression because they used the post office as their bank. same thing will happen in the near future with the agenda thirty passed by the UN in 2015. recently moved my banking to the post office, it's cheaper and a whole lot safer. will be posting in detail about using the post office for banking in later posts. new world order or German Reich. (1) 1791 to 1861. (2) 1861 to 1931. (3) 1931 to 2001. (4) onward. can you see a pattern here at the start of each one. more to come.
  12. Your a native on native soil on planet earth. Land boundaries are an invention in the minds of men, to divide and conquer natives, who are a product of nature. more later today, don't worry be happy
  13. According to Black's law dictionary - monsters are humans. What is so hard about using the word native who can not be artificial or fictitious.
  14. All constitutions are based on the 1215 magna Carta, whereas person's as attorneys, judges, law enforcement, and legislators have privileges with rights. The rest of us are chattels or vassals with no rights. Natives have birth-rites.
  15. Reports of the fall near western shore but deep water. Will google Lisle Illinois, may be some updates.
  16. 1845 Verona treaty between British monarch and Pope. Attorneys as foreign agents as privateers free to plunder america's commerce. Arizona has nearly two million prisoners out of a population of 6.5 million. Eleven private prisons plus county prisons not counting immigrantnt prisons. US has more prisoners than all the other countries combined.
  17. We have allowed the government to divide and conquer we natives, we keep arguing among ourselves instead of keeping ours eyes on the slave masters. have changed my banking over to the post office, no more worries about the agenda 30 by the UN causing WWIII, a financial war to lower the earth's population to 450 million slaves. been out west over forty years and see all the small towns and desert communities disappear because of agenda 21. Get ready to go back to the 1700's.
  18. Simple truth - natives seeking to do no harm, require no government nor it's laws
  19. natives can not be artificial or fictitious. citizens, persons, natives can not be artificial or fictitious. people, persons, citizens, and corporations are artificial and fictitious. law is nothing more than a tyrant's will.
  20. Corporate governments have one goal, divide and conquer natives. cruden v neale 2 NC 1796. natives are independent of all laws except those prescribed by nature. do no harm. natives are not bound by any institutions formed by men who are apt to forget the benefactor and riot over the benefit.
  21. Use, cruden v Neale 2 NC 1796. Every native is independent from all laws, except those prescribed by nature. do no harm. natives are not bound by any institutions formed by men, who are apt to forget the benefactor, while they riot on the benefit.
  22. Live at bill's in the Charley's cabins next to Artic Dave's cabin, in Morristown Arizona. My offer to anyone who picks me up and take me beep digs or drywash tailings and run their dirt damp or dry through either mysampling bucket or tub. They can decide what percent share the recoveries.
  23. Always interested with more input. Thanks, bob
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