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  1. capital letters are patented by the government and they can and do punish you for using them. that's why cops pass me by BP waves me through and BLM leaves me alone. they have no authority and no jurisdiction over natives on native soil. they can only deal with legal fiction. life is a dream, follow your dreams and you will forever be young and happy.
  2. almost all natives have been enslaved by words. until one returns to mother nature who provides the best education, entertainment and support will continue to be unhappy. simple, natives seeking to do no harm require no governments with over 100 million laws and over 280,000 words. negative thoughts lead to unhappiness, positive thoughts lead to happiness. don't know why but mike's title keeps popping up. don't worry be happy
  3. but...mike, mother nature does life her way not your way.
  4. augite, color, brown green; black; green-black; brown purplish brown. cleavage- distinct/good on (110) degrees. streak- greenish gray, light to dark brown. hardness- 5-6.5
  5. lowest specific gravity for meteorites is 3.5. that's what me read. and don't remember what type they were referring to.
  6. was like him when young. became one of the best tool maker and woodworker there is. made me own hand tools for gunmaking and violin making. its all gone now, because of stupid ignorant men trying to one-up me. read the rules for this forum, some of you are in violation.
  7. can't hear, but thanks for the picture, she's not me type, like petite nerdy types with small tits. like me, they don't sweat in the desert.
  8. mother nature is reality, all governments are artificial or fictitious corporate nonsense. they have only been inexistence for 820 years. they were invented to enslave natives.
  9. 900 pictures as they lay. certain ones must be color blind. alice in wonderful land is a great movie showing how the government has enslaved you by words. so instead of wakeing up and returning to mother nature as a native, you keep believing in something that does not exist.
  10. mother nature caused the meteorites to set the lumber on fire, making two natives very happy so they could find the fall rocks in the 324 sq mile smoke tree area California.
  11. thanks for posting angelfire, three articles remain on Google plus a couple of mine from nugget shooter 2013, where me received a blast of hot air BS from certain members on this forum. thanks for the memories. me lobo and equinox 800 detectors when in all mental will not sound off on these asteroite fall rocks. some will move a compass but ones hotter than 1600 degrees when landing will not. how do me know this? have done me own heat treating of air, oil, and water tool steals. they have be heated to over 1600 degrees when they loose there magnetism before quenching. air hard at 2000 degrees. many do not have magnetic fields. looks like me out of luck finding the ones that are buried.
  12. check out different country records in the thumb area, especially october 1871, fires caused by meteorites. 2013 there were thosands of reports, today just a few. know why but don't want make your post into political riot.
  13. have fall rocks, nither detector will sound off on them. Fe 50, Ti 8 percent highest two elements in them. is there a setting on the 800 that would sound off? thanks for your interest, bob
  14. after you loose everything you possess six times to an artificial or a fictitious corporate government that only exist on paper, either you let yourself be a slave belonging to them or return to mother nature the source for life and happiness. ones that remain in the system continue to suffer. me never let's a negative thought to enter me mind. if a little old native like me can stop these corporate goons from picking on him, imagine what a large group of us could do.
  15. suggest not using a magnet on meteorites, it damages further scientific research. use compass for checking magnetic poles. some will have poles some will not.
  16. but... mother nature does life her way, not your way bb. you could meet me at the Tucson show in January when me introduces evidence for the martian fall rocks.
  17. never anything like them, spray them with clear shellac to see how they look.
  18. thanks bob for your happy post. this forum has the most negative posts on nugget shooter. from now on anyone who wants to post a negative post here redirect it to bob's native on native soil forum under mining and land issues. me will deal with them in an appropriate matter.
  19. then it must have been sucking the juice out of the ants, because there was a big pile of dead ants. this was when living in the apartment behind Sharon's beauty shop. Al living in the apartment on the other side of me in Roll az. me electric bill was very low because slept next to Sharon's wall, and bathroom and kitchen was next to al's wall. they ran their air conditioners 24 hours a day. lived there four years.
  20. in 1994 was sitting outside on the concrete slab, there was a harvesting black ant hole on the edge of the slab.along came a vinegaroon who kept going into the hole and stacking the ant's in a pile around the hole. next morning there were no ants the hole disappeared over time. was it eating the ants? if so, it must have had a big stomach.
  21. have one me found that split a large earth boulder in half. it lays about 10-15 foot SW and would weigh 5-6 pounds. didn't have a camera with me so left it as is. it lays about 1/2 mile east of the burnt lumber. next time out will take a picture of it. sure there are more in that area. your rocks must been there guite some time and have minerals in them that attracts plant growth, which is a good sign. in southern Mohave desert where me at only see plant growth on rocks next to a spring.
  22. fine this post very interesting because it concerns mother nature want to learn more about these rocks. then theirs certain ones here that want to turn it into an argument before all the facts are in.
  23. check out MinDat. always thought me fall rocks were lunar augite, because me only listed the elements one percent and above. but when adding the three elements .1 the formula came out to asteroite, which showed martian.
  24. clicked on reply to answer mike's post my favorite uncle ron's post keeps popping up. mike, in january maybe but most likely april me will post all the evidence on how the meteorite market has been monopolized. one who has been harmed must give the ones who caused the harm to cure. it's a great process for parties, no evil legal fees and both parties usually become good friends.
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