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    had to dig deep

    pope innocence III invented income tax in year 1199, due every april 15th. 1213 had king john sign first verona treaty. attorney's as foreign agents as privateers free to plunder people's energy. people is plural for person's. see the benefit in being a native on native soil.
  2. wet/dry washer

    Nugget Found

    that's the same way found first nugget with the lobo got from bill 2013 at gold basin.
  3. simple truth, men who are apt to forget the benefactor, (mother earth), and riot over the benefit. only mother nature creates, man can only invent. many problems exist today because of the inventions in the minds of man, and not the simple hand of creation. geology professor welded t. moore, statement to his new students each year. he also was the original author, "genesis of the elements". mining partner's dad since july, 1974, and witness to smoke tree fall 2005 and with two other natives witness to old woman fall 1975.
  4. wet/dry washer

    Four Prop Drive

    has metal detecting options.
  5. wet/dry washer

    Remember , AZ has Cactus

    got one in the neck, walked two miles to truck, eleven miles to get pulled off. that was 1974, up two eight years ago would get a few blackhead pimples there. guess they finally worked there way out.
  6. wet/dry washer

    Was It An Alien Probe???

    don't worry be happy. when your body returns to mother earth, your spirit will travel the universe. that's why religion wiped out the natives when they arrived here.
  7. do not use a magnet on meteorites, use a compass instead. take picture as lay with arrow pointing north before picking them up. much more valuable when put on the market. have a xray spectrometer analysis done on them, forget the so called meteorite labs, most of them use a XRF gun which do not quantify elements lighter than titanium. good luck out there, have fun checking for poles with a compass, had one with five poles with only one pole pointing north.
  8. wet/dry washer

    Hello new here

    where you at now?
  9. wet/dry washer

    Bad News, Good News...

    had two, first may 1994, second may 2003, triple bypass. quit going to the va 2014. quit drinking anything except good water with raw cider. molasses couple drops peppermint oil. one can of tuna fish a week, rest all organic foods. bowl oatmeal with coconut oil, hawthorn..., honey. have a heart rate of a twenty year old. no aches or pain. wake up feeling younger each day. think the biggest improvement is never allow negitive thoughts to enter your mind and keep a smile at all times.
  10. wet/dry washer

    Full time prospecting?

    life is a dream, follow your dreams and you will forever be young and happy. whatever you do, never let negative thoughts enter your mine.
  11. wet/dry washer

    Halloween Nuggets: Trick Or Treat?

    have had them little chunks of iron stay with the gold when panning. soaked them in swimming pool acid and little specks of gold left. one chunk had ten pickers.
  12. daytime, three witnesses to old woman fall 1975. one glamis reported it barely cleared the chocolate mountains, size of a semi truck with flame streaking north. two witness in smoke tree saw it just clearing the palo verde mountains. line on a map from glamis to palo verde mountains puts it in the old woman mountain. one of the old woman witnesses witnessed the smoke tree fall in 2005. while south bound on hwy 78 south of palo verde ca., at night. a fireball size of a volkswagon streaking in an southwesterly direction at a steep angle, 50-60 degrees disappeared over a rise. when he got to the rise, a fire was burning out in smoke tree.
  13. wet/dry washer


    get a freeze plug from auto parts that fits the end, epoxy and cross-hatch it with file or hack saw. wether wood or fiberglass put coat shellac on it. don't use anything but shellac, other finishes have toxins, harmful to skin, plus they don't last.
  14. stainless steel digital scale MS16-041-465-05 comes withbatteries
  15. walmart kitchen scale will get you within one gram, eleven pound max.
  16. wet/dry washer


    they were not pilots,they talked about what saw. the sightings where only seconds. don is the only one alive, will ask him about it when out there next month.
  17. wet/dry washer


    first moved the desert east of glamis ca 1974. heard the the story about the three saucers from three different males. wit, don and dean, all three lived in north san diego in the 60's. each one had same story.
  18. Different ones on this forum that universities quit accepting samples because of the meteorite men show. Aerolite President Geoff Notkin started in 2001 in the meteorite business. He is IMCA member number 4242, he stated recently there are 460 members, Blaine Reed who went after Steven Duane Curry is not listed. He also had Curry kicked off eBay several times. March 23, 2009, Norbert Classes IMCA President contacted me, lowest known nickel values for iron meteorite range around three percent. Each of my buyers received a copy of the spectrometer results which shows .0011Ni. March 25, 2009, Norbert Classen stated, we are having a sample of lynx wash tested. Never received the results. At the time, another IMCA member, Greg Chatterton had his attorney friend contact eBay's attorneys and had me evicted from eBay. Had a one hundred percent seller rating.
  19. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    response from Beta Analytic- unfortunately, we are unable to accept material unless they are submitted and paid for by a recognized government agency. so....will put it to rest for now. thanks for the entertainment.
  20. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    to confirm that they was hot enough to cause fire and that they are in fact "asteroite fall rocks".
  21. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    find out in the morning, sure they can date the caliche, confirm the temperature that fused it to the fall rock. thanks. they carbon date bones. googled carbon dating meteorites, they were first to come up. world wide company out of florida. bedtime, don't be dreaming about virgin fall rocks. lucky only one was violated.
  22. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions-the oldest known solid constituents within meteorites that are formed within the solar system- are 4.567 billion years old, giving a lower limit for the age of the solar system. so...the virgin magnetized fall rock that Aerolite violated will be sent to the carbon dating lab to have it and the caliche dated. days of our life contin.................ues.
  23. wet/dry washer

    Prospectors Soap

    but are goats not the Greatest Of All Times?
  24. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    have ten xray spectrometer analysis on forty fall rocks. what have not done is have them carbon dated. carbon dating lab is closed, they will email me in the morning. my above post is edited to New England lab. one would think that in ten years one would have thought to have them carbon dated. maybe me brains are fried. thanks all
  25. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    2013 sent New England a fragment along with a picture as it lay, $25.00, they sent it back, saying it was not a meteorite. suspect they use a XRF gun, that does not quantify elements lighter than titanium. their reply stated no Ni. sent samples to four different universities in 2008, only to have them returned unopened. thanks for the offer, working on a different angle. guess it's true...males think about sex every seven seconds, rest of the time trying to one-up each other, its their nature. will figure something out. thanks to all.