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  1. wet/dry washer

    Opinions please

    specific gravity?
  2. wet/dry washer

    Happy Birthday Garimpo

    happy birthday, enjoy your posts, living among the natives is great.
  3. wet/dry washer

    Caught, Likely will not go anywhere though.

    all life is native.
  4. wet/dry washer

    Uncle Ron's AZ-Gold CBD Oil

    friend in tucson been using it for over six months now, what a big improvement.
  5. wet/dry washer

    Caught, Likely will not go anywhere though.

    maybe if me filed a claim on state trust land and filed it at the post office as being on native soil. then notify the county, state and BLM that they no longer have authority nor jurisdiction over that area. possession by privateers does not change original possession, mother earth.
  6. wet/dry washer

    Took a Fall

    drink only good water with raw cider vinegar, within a week you will feel better. go on an organic diet with only fish once a week. get some hawthorn and oregano oil for your only medicine. do not take any VA medicine.
  7. wet/dry washer

    Primitive Smelting

    wit had a big pile of aluminum roofing sheets to melt. put large cast iron frying pan on iron wood fire, kept feeding the sheets into the pan. next morning lifted the pan, bottom of pan gone. lifted the aluminum slug out, there was the iron slug.
  8. wet/dry washer

    A traveling fool ...

    always use love's truck stop's. $12, but always clean. on the road again, used to party with willie's friend, david allan cole, back in the early 70's, he's 79 now still going. have a safe trip!!
  9. wet/dry washer


    in the 1970's BLM didn't carry sidearms in the SE california desert, but in the 1980's they were. that's when me quit packing, didn't want to give them an excuse to take me out. they no longer bother with me, they have no authority nor jurisdiction over natives on native soil. saul, 1939-1944 it was 18 million killed. was 14 when entered high school in grand rapids, first time ever heard the words, fu-k, jew and n-gger. grew up in a german/catholic farming community 25 miles nw of grand rapids. it's the popes and their jesuits who are the cause of all these wars for the past thousand years. almost all natives have let themselves be enslaved by words. they must find it difficult...those who believe authority is truth rather than truth is authority. truth is love, love is truth.
  10. wet/dry washer

    Having fun now......

    daugther has a small farm in effie minnesota, fresh meat and organic crops, it was like going back sixty years ago on the farm in michigan. be going up there this next summer growing and harvesting, then back here in late fall. you are what you eat.
  11. wet/dry washer

    how did you get here?

    two natives, you did not know had unprotected sex without your permission. "happy birthday".
  12. wet/dry washer

    Fossilized wood?

    great picture taking before moving. was there a cap nearby?
  13. wet/dry washer

    New Tick Species

    in minnesota my daugther keeps a flock of guina fowl plus there's many shrews around even in the winter time that keep them in check. farm grew up on in michigan still has always had a good flock of them. when pheasant population declined in the late 60's we hunted them. still do.
  14. wet/dry washer

    New Tick Species

    drink water with raw cider vinegar and you will not have to worry about flies, mosquitoes nor ticks landing on your skin. don't know if it works on the political insects of the above.
  15. wet/dry washer

    Whats in your break down bag

    reminds me about city kids visiting the farm, pissing on the electric fence. they never did it twice. took my harley mag to work with me to to put new points in it at lunch time, new-be was watching me. told him to hold the two springs down while me turned it, he fell on his ass. you dumb-ass...you have to put pressure on them, fell on his the second time. done it to chicks, he's the only one to do it twice. another reason females are smarter than males.