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  1. some mars meteorites have none to slightly magnetic. have vesicles caused by molten material. no fusion crust. appears to me you have a Martian.
  2. gnats flies and mosiqutoes are like the BLM, they leave me alone. me native who only drinks water, with raw cider vinegar, molasses and some drops peppermint oil. been drinking 1-2 gallons per day for pass six years. in Minnesota last July slept in me tahoe, no problem. nature has a cure everything, she provide's the best education entertainment and support income. natives seeking to do no harm require no government. lanny's writing are very entertaining, makes one feel like being there with him.
  3. back 2009, partner don's wife lives in a home in palo verde ca. county building inspector red tagged her property for having firewood next to the house. she told him it was fossilized wood, his reply was that all wood burns. she received notice to appear in court, El Centro. me appeared for her. to this day they have never bothered her again.
  4. sure is awesome, must have value if someone was trying to steal it.
  5. was it exposed when you moved there, contact someone with a X-RF gun and have scanned. local college help. outer space?
  6. location where found and only one like it? looks like stellate radiating ilmenite.
  7. does the club include southeast imperial county?
  8. contact doctor gross at rutgers. she may not be back from Antarctica yet.
  9. me partner has quite a few ancient palm agate tools. me have found some, look at them but never pick them up. have worked in over twenty two metal and wood working shops we never use another one's tools without permission. that ancient camp me found, large chunk palm agate they chipped their stone tools off of. have to get back there someday take pictures.
  10. California gold rush wash invented by the railroad companies in the southeast, to draw attention from their gold. to this day the railroad is the largest land owner in the world. they control the united nations.
  11. enlisted in navy april 1964, was accepted for an antarctica exposdition in september 1965, but in october they changed it to viet nam, ended up doing three tours in nam when discharged in april 1968. every cop and every judge since have thanked me for me service before throwing me ass in jail. so don't thank me, have had enough jail time.
  12. rock saws are way to slow. can cut 20 slabs 2" - 3" x 1/8" thick in twenty min. and have them within .002". cover the table with seran wrap put some bondo on a tile to use as a base.
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