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  1. I hear ya on watching my levels- with shift work its tough- I work 12 hr rotating shifts at the local sweat shop- where is Gold basin and when is the meeting? if i'm available i'm most definitely interested in that
  2. wow, had no idea they can confiscate my detector- I will look at GPAA but I'm not too keen on forking over a ton of money for a start up hobby, thanks for the advice- looks like I need to join a group and soon...
  3. what is LSD ? other than some pretty good hallucinates haha
  4. took my GB out today for a bit- didn't find anything but a green Mohave Rattler lying in wait up under a downed tree I'm going to try up north a bit tomorrow
  5. thanks all, and thanks, Andyy. Royce is my hero. that was taken in 2006 i believe- im learning alot, didnt know about all the claims politics. wow looks like id better join a club- i was just going to start in the hassayampa river at wickenburg and work my way south. i'll get busy finding places to hunt and joining a club- thanks for the advice- ill pack water and food and meds along with shade and ammo- Iv'e got alot to learn..
  6. hello all, im dave with diabetes and weight issues i figured id take up gold hunting while the wife can strap on here hiking boots and enjoy the desert southwest up close- live in the sweltering valley of the sun but we spend time down south in rio rico- bought a GB and some tools. now i need a place to fumble around i suspect many of you have secret spots ( kinda like shooting spots) but if you would be so kind... anyplaces i can elbow in and do a little hunting? im going to drive up wickenburg way and have look in some washes south of the vulture mine thanks for having me and i expect to
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