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  1. Gold Monster 1000 seems to be the detector to get. Much less than the bigger pulse induction detectors and it's pretty easy to use, Besides that my only other suggestion, for a little more money, would be to buy a used Minelab GPX series detector. If you're just starting out with the hobby you gotta make sure you actually like the art of metal detecting. The process of swinging the coil, digging targets and moving onto the next buried treasure, just waiting to be found, is what this hobby is all about.
  2. I'm sure I did! Just wish those old miners didn't litter so much when they were working their screen piles. Bunch of slobs.
  3. It's so darn hard to dig all targets. I keep learning the lesson to do it tho when one friend in particular keeps finding good ones on the surface that are screaming targets! This hobby ain't easy. Gets frustrating digging trash all day. I tried just going for the quiet mellow targets today and still dug probably 75% of the surface screamers too. Came home with one small one for all the work, which was still better than nada.
  4. Nice going Mike. Be interesting to see what else you find with it.
  5. Andy- I wanted to send you a PM about your GPZ settings but it said you can't receive messages?
  6. Here's a few of mine. I think that snake bit off more than he could chew! Found some nice little nuggets that were hard earned over three days. Weather was great and had a blast seeing everyone! Chris
  7. Looks like I'll be able to get it off work so I'll be going too. Had a great time meeting everyone last year. Hopefully be bringing a couple of the other Tucson guys with me.
  8. Great looking gold. No quartz or anything on it.
  9. Hey now they get illegals and drugs up north there too Just like how the Atlantic Wall didn't work for the Germans, it's hard to stop all of them right at the border. Sometimes gotta go after them further inland too.
  10. In situ pics are always my favorite. Recreates the rush you get when you're detecting and you brush out the dirt and see the nuggy sitting there in the bedrock.
  11. Will be going on eBay soon anyways. Just wanted to try the forums to avoid the fees.
  12. I have nothing but good things to say about WSPA. I attended the last two Southern Arizona outings and I met some nice folks and found some nice little nuggets. The setting and steak cookout on the second day of the outing is hard to beat. I recommend the club to anyone who’s looking for an alternative to the big clubs like GPAA and Roadrunners. The WSPA outings were just about meeting up and detecting for gold. There’s no bingo, cake walks, karaoke etc. They don’t have a ton of claims but the ones they have are in good areas. I’ve seen some nice gold come out of the ones here and in Cali
  13. Up for sale is a Minelab GPZ 7000 gold detector. Comes complete with all the factory accessories and packaging. Nothing was tossed out. Includes manual, iron ferrite ring, Pro-Swing 45 harness, WM 12 wireless module, bungee, headphones etc. Detector is used but was never abused. Always operated with a control box cover to save on wear and tear on the housing. Owned by experienced detectorist. 100% perfect working order. ALSO includes Miner John black heavy duty coil cover and Minelab hat. Originally purchased from Rob's Detectors and the factory warranty is still transferrable t
  14. Let me know when you can make it down and I’ll see what I can do.
  15. I thought you said it was big just kidding congrats
  16. Nothing on their FB page so the info must’ve come from someone else.
  17. Words to live by right there. Also red clay and old handstacks
  18. Awesome gold. Was that old handstacks or yours?
  19. It was great meeting you Tom and Old Tom! Outing was a blast and some good gold was found
  20. Hell of a nugget Mike. Great job 👍🏻
  21. Great job Mike, glad you got to hit Gold Basin. We’ll have to go back some time there for sure. I’d like to give it a shot detecting there.
  22. Not him but one of my friends. Hopefully will be a good gang coming up.
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