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  1. In general - I can go everywhere in the SW. But I will start in Yosemite for photography - then most probably I will go White Sands and Bisti Badlands this time. But everything is open - I did not book anything except Yosemite.
  2. In the show they use google maps and mark their search areas. I found the location shown in that episode further west. It's a dry lake north of Eureka. If they really went to the spots marked in the show it was there. I did not figure out the name of that dry lake.
  3. Hi. Thanks for the information so far. I am pretty aware of the weather conditions, I am coming almost every year in summer to the SW deserts for photography. I am also concerned about the conditions, it's not the best thing to go out there alone, but believe me I don't take too much risks. I don't leave the roads with the car, I have plenty of water with me and much more in the car and I don't go too far from the car. Unfortunately I can only come in summer. But one think I am not so sure is the location. I researched a lot and I dont't think the meteorite men went to the Yelland dry lake in
  4. Hi, I'm from Germany and coming to the Southwest US next week, basically for photography. But I would really find one meteorite myself one day, even it is a small and common one. I think the Southwest is one of the best places where I maybe could find one and I would like to spend 2-3 days for meteroite hunting. I researched a lot and I think dry lakes are a good place to go. My only concern is that they might have been oversearched already. I also know the area where the meteorite men found hundreds of small meteorites - I would be satisfied with one. Do you think it still makes sense to go t
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