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  1. In general - I can go everywhere in the SW. But I will start in Yosemite for photography - then most probably I will go White Sands and Bisti Badlands this time. But everything is open - I did not book anything except Yosemite.
  2. In the show they use google maps and mark their search areas. I found the location shown in that episode further west. It's a dry lake north of Eureka. If they really went to the spots marked in the show it was there. I did not figure out the name of that dry lake.
  3. Hi. Thanks for the information so far. I am pretty aware of the weather conditions, I am coming almost every year in summer to the SW deserts for photography. I am also concerned about the conditions, it's not the best thing to go out there alone, but believe me I don't take too much risks. I don't leave the roads with the car, I have plenty of water with me and much more in the car and I don't go too far from the car. Unfortunately I can only come in summer. But one think I am not so sure is the location. I researched a lot and I dont't think the meteorite men went to the Yelland dry lake in the dry lake episode. If the maps shown during the show were not faked it was another dry lake in the area according to google maps research. Maybe they have shown wrong maps there. Maybe you have more information? Regards, Tom
  4. Hi, I'm from Germany and coming to the Southwest US next week, basically for photography. But I would really find one meteorite myself one day, even it is a small and common one. I think the Southwest is one of the best places where I maybe could find one and I would like to spend 2-3 days for meteroite hunting. I researched a lot and I think dry lakes are a good place to go. My only concern is that they might have been oversearched already. I also know the area where the meteorite men found hundreds of small meteorites - I would be satisfied with one. Do you think it still makes sense to go there? I know the location but it is 5 years ago. How is the chance to find one - especially there? I have perfect eyesight, magnet and I am willing to spend two full days in the heat. Anyone been there recently? Other hints? Regards, Tom
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