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  1. Hey Tom, glad you caught it and I'm sure you've got a great team helping out. Those meds will do the trick. Old tom and I have some stories to tell when I get back out there.Best. Mark
  2. must be what you were trying to show me. congrats
  3. Tom Waits is the definition of strange. Then you add the Coen brothers into the mix and it gets thrown into a whole new dimension of weird. BTW there are five different stories. There are five different stories Doc... I think it's #3
  4. I have an off road Altima with no shocks and 1 motor mount.
  5. I thought I was the only one who gets royally pissed off. I am still searching. It's only a matter of time though. I KNOW this because I I've seen it done time and time again. I fortunately have a lot of great advice from the forum and an incredible teacher... LukeJ. Believe me when I say I've put my headphones back together a few times. I get that. Don't speak for anyone else here but I fully believe its attitude. Bad one will always leave you empty handed. A good one, well, the ideas growing on me.
  6. Fly your freak flag! Worlds too darn serious anyway. C'mon Jeff...
  7. That would be great Andyy
  8. Alright!. Sounds Great Tom...
  9. Thanks Tom. I'm looking forward to it.
  10. I won't be too dramatic, but Saturday I picked up my Equinox 800 from the Man himself, Bill Southern. It took a couple of try's driving in circles. Thanks for being patient Bill. Today I went hunting with LukeJ . First time out in the field in a long time. Almost two years I think. Thanks Luke! Today, Life was good.
  11. Looks so cool and refreshing. Take me home...
  12. Yes I have. Spent our last day together with a friend I called my "big brother" on woods canyon lake. Out on a floating lightning rod in the middle of the "lake" (pond is more like it...). Strikes all around us. Exciting for sure.
  13. i haven't done this yet with my nieces but when they come up we're gonna "shoot rubber bands at the stars" on a blanket and talk over hot cocoa. You've done a great job creating memories for a lifetime. Well done.
  14. 52 quarters, 45 nickles, 75 dimes and 135 pennies. Enough to cross the river Styx and get a cup of Joe at Achilles Last Stand. Thanks for the fun...
  15. I see lady liberty's torch on the bottom right nugget. great finds.
  16. Sent OBO to you directly Bill. Mark
  17. It took me at least 5 years, probably more. DON'T let that send you into a pessimistic spiral. The right attitude must tip the scale in your favor because the wrong attitude definitely robs you of 'golden' opportunities. DIG EVERY SIGNAL. DIG EVERY SIGNAL. The only thing worse than thinking you walked away from a 1ounce nugget is knowing you walked away from one. Not trying to sound philosophical, detecting is a lesson in becoming a better person. Remove the trash talk from your mind and keep the lessons and advice you pick up here in focus. I'll be swearing and kicking rocks again soon, but hopefully a little less each time. And I will always DIG EVERY SIGNAL.
  18. Aww man, you got cuzzed. "Why did you pull me over?, cuz..." Love getting the vac out. It's like a box of cracker jacks with the prize at the bottom. Nice pics!
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