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  1. Finished prototype after 30 minutes of use, it sucks...I mean it REALLY SUCKS... I didn't have a 3 inch hose on the outlet of the nozzle, but when I placed the outlet down into the pond it started sucking like crazy. It sucked a hole in the hard packed gravel bottom of the water crossing we drive the carriage horses though in just a second or two. I think we have a winner!
  2. I'm going to feed a 2 inch pressure inlet into the 4 inch section at 90* that surrounds the 3 inch inlet pipe. The bottom pipe is where I'm going to cut and weld my elbow to, the top of the outer cone is going to get a 3 inch pipe welded to it and add a hose to go to the sluice/highbanker.
  3. It's expensive to build at home unless you have some equipment to work with. Then it's just time consuming. From the research I've done on this type of nozzle, It's the best design for use use with a dredge. It offers higher suction, can move more material and works well off a low pressure high volume pump such as a "trash pump." They do not like high pressure, but do like high volume, this makes it perfect for a "trash pump." Even though you can run a traditional suction nozzle off a trash pump, a dredge pump is a better choice with a standard nozzle. In my opinion, if you have the option of an I-jet with a trash pump or a Dredge pump with a standard dredge nozzle, the I-Jet is the way to go. The pumps are cheaper and more readily available, you can move almost 3 times as much product for the same gas spent running and if you can get a working nozzle, you'll have almost 1/3 the start up cost. I looked at it like this, a standard pump and nozzle you might have I'm guessing $1000-$1800 in it, if you had let's say $500 in a I-Jet nozzle and picked up a 190 GPM Pacer pump off Craigslist for $100-$300, then a few hoses, you'd have less than 1/2 the cost of a standard set-up and be able to move 3 times as much material. My goal is to get a working 3 inch nozzle, if that works I plan to build a 2 inch and 4 inch to sell to buy more equipment. below are some pictures of my work in progres.
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