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  1. Day three dredging the Arkansas River. This was my best day of them all. Dredging is what I really want to do in the future. Many Thanks to Randy and John for the Old school taking the new school to school. LOL!! I learned a lot and that's why I went.
  2. Great Video and story. I guess it would be nice to have a good smoke on the way. LOL.
  3. Nice looking stuff. Dry wash never tried that..
  4. Day two the Arkansas River. Cache Creek has chunky gold and the river has fine gold. Here's a video of the river..
  5. Colorado is awesome, Don't want to leave but have to. The Arkansas was good to us Wednesday, the weather was great. Beautiful all the way around.
  6. That was actually Cache Creek. Going to Clear Creek to dredge on Thursday's outing.. After the river..
  7. Today was a great prospecting day. Randy and I had a great time. I look forward to the AR River tomorrow. More pictures and a video or two to follow.
  8. Going on my first prospecting adventure. Buena Vista bound, Packed my truck with everything from mining equipment to a photo and video showdown. Yes I even have a drone with me. Just arrived today in Salida to visit family. Be in Buena Vista just after noon tomorrow. Saw a lot today here and want to see a little more here tomorrow, besides Buena Vista is just 20 minutes up the road from here. I sure hope to meet up with Randy in the afternoon to discuss Tuesday and Wednesday prospecting adventure. Pictures and videos to come.
  9. El Dorado, I’m going on my very first prospecting outing ever. Greenhorn I am. I also have to leave state to do so. Going to Colorado and spend a couple days with a new prospecting friend. He has to be family he's a fellow aviator. Looking forward to learning all I can from him and having a great friend as well. You never know until you go right…..
  10. You too guys must know each other. Ive been laughing for a while on that one. Does bring up something I have never done before. Long lined a wash plant under a helicopter before. Sling load as we call it.
  11. Yeah I'm a big fan of pictures and videos. Nice work and great ideal. Simple is always the best way.
  12. This is going to be a great forume to be on. Thanks for the post for the book, going to order it after a couple post. Thanks
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