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  1. Mr. Tatham............................ You got me again. AHHHHH!!!! Does anyone think there is any possibility that he would use different cyphering methods for each code?
  2. rockc, No they are on different sections of the book. One starts on the research page. The second is one starts on the evaluation of treasure stories page. The third starts on the searching for money caches page. The fourth starts on the doctors gold page. Then they have the low and high number page marked. There were four new sections added to this book since the earlier addition. I thought maybe the cipher had something to do with that. I have so many hobbies besides this it is difficult to find time to do this. Especially when I know there are arrowheads laying out there that would make my
  3. Well I have not had the book that long so I have tried a few things but I don't know how much help ill be. I am certainly willing to form an alliance haha. I also have the 1982 version. Mine has some hand written numbers down the sides of the pages and it looks like they have been reprinted. For example it appears as is someone had a copy and was writing some numbers in the book trying to figure it out the codes then made a copy of their book and gave it to the book store to sell. I was wondering if your version has these hand written numbers? I am trying to figure the significance of these nu
  4. I have a copy of the book that my wife bought me in a little store in Liberty. In the book it says there are clues to the keys located in the book. There are some numbers written in my copy. Does everyone's copy have these numbers? If someone has really solved the first cipher I would like to know the key so I can understand how he put this together. I have a difficult time believing that people figured out the first key some how and couldn't figure out the rest of the keys or at least one other. One person that said they solved the first one said the key had nothing to do with history and ano
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