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  1. davin

    Next level of ATV's

  2. davin

    Rich Hill

    so is weaver still collecting money to prospect on their claims [ legally ] ? thanks
  3. davin

    frog mick

    Au Seeker, i remember frog mick was having some serious health issues and over time we got disconnected. i appreciate your offer and it would be worth a try. thank you. davin
  4. davin

    Slim pickins today

    great job and they look awsome;
  5. davin

    frog mick

    have not been on here for awhile but was just wondering if anyone knows what happened to frog mick ? I had some serious med problems but still kicking and would appreciate if anyone could tell me if he is still around. I used to talk with him on rods forum a few years ago. I use to use the name maui. thanks much.