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  1. Forgot to mention it took me and my granddad all day to cut that rock it was so difficult! The wet saw blade would sit in place for minutes at a time while running full speed
  2. I'm willing to cut and ship any rocks,minerals or fossils I find for free to anyone who can Identify any finds I get. I'm a service man for central tx and I roam around alot. The land in central tx is very diverse, now that I've gotten this new hobby I'll be picking up rocks everywhere around here . Thers this town in particular that I'd like to get a few samples its called Red Rock, the land goes something like clay/dirt to white sand to red caliche I'm about real sure I'll find something nuts there. Right now supposedly the residents are saying Tarantula season is here and they come out by
  3. Hello, Ive been collecting meterorites and stones I'm new to this field, my grandfather and I have decided to start collecting stones and carving them into things. Hes a retired floor guy and he cant carry his tools around to do work anymore he pretty much likes to play on POGO so I think this is something he can work with tools he already knows and can just keep them stationary at home. I grew up on a ranch in Texas and as a kid id go around smashing rocks to see the sparkly stuff inside so recently went back and got one and cut it open...what is it? Also Id like to add that we live near an i
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