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  1. I make great pizza in my lodge 10" dutch oven, and spicy cowboy chili. Google dutch oven cooking with Kent Rollins on youtube. This guy can cook with a dutch oven.
  2. I have two 1911's in .45 acp that I shot IPSC competition with. If that .22 really is 2000fps it might possibly make major caliber. I would love to shoot that. How many rounds in the .22 magazine? What's the trigger pull from the factory?
  3. The craftsman was truly and artist!! I could not do that with today's modern tools. I am talented but that man was gifted.
  4. Yes sir, tomorrow when I have better light. Keith
  5. I can send photos with my cell phone only. What would you like to see and need your cell number.
  6. Very good condition Cibola and functions perfectly. Comes with 2 coils, the standard 9x8 and a 5.75 round concentric. Also a handmade high carbon steel bushcraft knife with a fitted 8oz leather sheath. I have 5 to choose from that I did not sell at the Apple Festival due to my new heart condition. I am no longer making knives. Asking 325.00 shipped. Will accept a postal mo or a western union mo. Contact direct oldknifemaker@gmail.com. Thanks for looking, Keith
  7. Mike, I received your email and tried to respond but it wouldnt go through. Contact me direct at oldknifemaker@gmail.com or call 714-351-2887. Keith
  8. I apologize for the double post. Old age and brain fade.
  9. Tesoro Cibola for sale. Very nice Cibola in great physical condition and operates perfectly. Comes with two coils, the standard 9x8 and the 5,75 round concentric and owners manual. Asking 260.00 shipped priority mail. Will accept a postal mo, a western union mo or a bank check. Contact me at oldknifemaker@gmail.com or 714-351-3887. Thanks for looking and HH. Keith
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