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  1. Jack, the very nature of jaw crushers precludes the ability to crush finer than the jaw movement. If you have any movement at all at the lower end of the jaw, the smallest size you can set the output to is equal to that movement. The problem I had with the first two attempts with mine, was too little movement at the lower end of the jaw. Mine now has about the same movement at the bottom as the top, but the timing on the movements is different. One breaks on the upstroke, and one on the downstroke. The movement is 1/4", so the smallest size I can get is 1/4" minus....maybe slightly bigger as I don't want the moving jaw to strike the fixed jaw at the bottom. It's possible to have the movement at the bottom less than the movement at the top, by varying the angle on the toggle. By making that movement less, you could get a smaller output, but at the expense of lower output rate. IMHO, as long as it crushes to <3/8" that's all that's needed before putting it in the impact crusher. Jim
  2. Yup...I've got a fairly well-equipped shop. Lathe, mill, welders, plasma cutter, etc. The roller crusher would be tough. Need hardened rollers for that. I've thought of building a small one, but always decided I needed something else more...LOL Jim
  3. The next project for me is an impact crusher. Need to reduce the jaw's 1/4 minus output to -30. The impact crusher will be a simpler project, I think. Jim
  4. I think your Chipmunk is a little bigger, though, Jack. Won't they handle 3 x 4 rock, or even a little bigger? They really are nice machine....though spendy, and hard to find. Jim
  5. I appreciate the kind words, guys. I've been wanting one of these for a few years. Noticed on the 'net, several people wondering about how to build one, or wanting plans. So, along with the other equpment plans I offer, I figured I'd tackle this and see what I could do. It does good on the relatively soft rhyolite, but we'll see in the spring how it does on harder rock. The amount of offset on the shaft determines the crushing force. More offset = less force, but faster crushing, and vis-versa. I started with 1/8" offset, and it didn't work. Then changed the toggle, still didn't work. Then, I wrongly thought it was the offset, and went to a new shaft with 1/4" offset. Still didn't work. Finally figured out the problem, and it works fine. Probably would also work fine with 1/8" offset, but would be a little slower, but would handle hard rock better. That treadmill motor would probably do hard rock better with less offset, too Jim
  6. A guy near me is selling one of those, but wants $2,000. WAY outside my budget. Mine cost me about $200. Jim
  7. Took a couple of months, working 3 or 4 hours/day. Didin't work well on the first two iterations, but I kept at it and finally figured out what was required in the design. Not much info out there on the critical details that are required. I'll be selling plans and instructions on building this, or other jaw crushers. Jim's crusher Jim
  8. Guys, you need to identify the problem the jig solves. This was made for prospecting. Prospecting and mining are vastly different. For prospecting, you need a unit that recovers a high percentage of sub-100 gold. Ideally, that unit should work either wet, or dry. It should be easily man-portable. It should be easily maintained, or repaired. It should have low power requirements. The sweep Jig fulfills all of that. Now, that said, I can build a much larger version....no problem. But for now, please show me any other gold prospecting equipment that works wet or dry, other than a pan. And, my little jig even works on damp material, without added water. No drywasher can do that. I was surprised myself at recovering both gold, and black sand from damp clay. I did this at the LDMA Blue Bucket outing last summer. Several people witnessed it. I repeated it at a local club outing in June, near Salmon, Idaho. Sure my recovery went down...that's no surprise, but it still recovered desirable material. And that recovery was extremely small gold. At the Blue Bucket, I was working damp tailings from previous outings. Where else are you going to buy a unit that performs wet or dry, and for less than 1/2 the cost of a decent drywasher? JIm
  9. Thanks, guys! ya know, Jack, this wasn't that bad, in either money, or time.The patent cost me about $700 + what I spent on books, etc to learn how to do it. I did spend 250 hours on the application, but it ended up being in the 5% minority in going through on the first attempt, so it only took 11 months from when I filed the application. Allen, I'm guessing it was one of my videos you saw. Jim
  10. The Patent Office had notified me in October the patent had been "allowed". A week later, they notified me I had left out the page numbering on the Specifications, Claims, and Abstract. I sent in the modified forms within a couple of days, and they then notified me the patent would take effect on Dec. 25th. So, I've been checking the site to see it finally in print. My "net was out for 24 hours, so didn't check yesterday, but today, it was there....Yeehaa! It can be seen here: Sweep Jig Patent
  11. Thanks, guys. I spent the day in the shop. I'm building myself a small jaw crusher. Been needing one for awhile. This is a 2 x 3" model, but built really hefty. Should have it working by Monday. Also waiting for my patent to publish. They told me 3 weeks ago that it will take effect Christmas Day, of all days...LOL I checked, and it still wasn't published as of last night. The number is 10159988. Jim
  12. I read that about toxoplasmosis, Bob scared the crap out of me....LOL I know I'm a victim. When younger, I hated cats. A few years later, I came to like them. Still have one, but it will probably be the last. Just cal me "wormboy"...Ha! Jim
  13. I caught Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever 6 or 7 years ago. Tick bite in Wyoming. I knew I'd been bitten, so was watching for any symptoms. Four days after the bite, I woke up with a horrible headache. Doc gave me doxicyclene, and it cleared up, with no after effects, though I didn't feel good for another 3 weeks. But, when the symptoms first showed, I was weak as a sick cat. took all the will power I had to drive myself to the doctor. Now, I always treat my clothing with Permethrin when going into any area that has ticks. And, spray any bare skin with Picaridin. I DO NOT want a repeat of RMSF! Jim
  14. In the desert races I rode an AJS 370. Super good handling for it's day. For the Elsinore GP, and at Parris, I rode a Yamaha 250. Those Elsinores were good machines, for sure. Malcom Smith, himself, put a new top end on my Yamaha. Hard to believe how many years ago all that was....LOL Jim
  15. YEEEHAA!!!! i was notified by mail today that my patent application has been approved! I need to send them a check for $250, and my patent will be issued. Only 5% of the patent applications are approved on the first run-through, so I'm really pleased to be in that group. I put 250 hours into the application. I'm really happy all that effort paid off. I may never make any money from the machine, but it's still nice to have a patent. Jim`
  16. Cool on the Barstow-Vegas ride, BC. I road in the Elsinore GP in '71. Road a lot of desert races near Victorville while in the Air Force at San Berdoo. Also did some TT at Parris. Jim
  17. I've had both...Rokon, and now a Polaris Magnum. Rokons will go absolutely anywhere, but the cargo carrying ability is limited. They're also hard on your back.....rough ride. I've had my Polaris for 20 years, and zero problems, though I don't use it much. I'm currently considering one of the smaller side by side ATV's. Up here in the mountains, anywhere you can use an ATV wider than 53", you can legally take a pickup, or other 4x4. Any ATV I own has to be able to go on the restricted trails....thus <53". Jim
  18. Toward the rock, or metal, as i said. An interesting thing, though....I think the Falcon will show metal on some hot rocks that don't have metal. I've seen some "metal" signals on some dark material that my GM 24K says is ferrous. Jim
  19. I thought this might be interesting to you guys that responded. I bought a Falcon MD-20, and used it on the stone. The only spot that gave a signal was where the pyrite is. Also, the signal given was as a metal. Supposedly the Falcon can't see pyrite. So, there is either gold, or other metal, in the pyrite, or under it. I did the scratch test, and it broke up, indicating pyrite. Jim
  20. I'm hoping they can keep the symptoms under control so you can get on with your life. I know little of this malady. All the best, Jim
  21. What I want it for is checking anthills. Up here in the cold-winter country, the harvester ants build large mounds. The mounds have chambers the ants use to keep their seed food dry, and also to keep their larvae at the correct temperature year around. They do this by moving things in and out of the chambers in the mound, depending on temperature, sunshine, etc.. To protect the mound from erosion, they go out and gather heavy materials to place on the mound. They have a natural instinct to bring back the heaviest things they can carry. That instinct maximizes the return for the calories they expend foraging. So...you can check anthills and get a very good idea of what minerals are in the general area. The ants go out as much as 200 yards from the mound. I've found many gems on anthills in both Idaho and Wyoming. I've also checked many for gold, but because it is so heavy, I assume the pieces the ants bring back are smaller than can be detected, even with a GB2, so I'm thinking maybe the MD-20 would be just the ticket, though a slow process. Jim
  22. Sorta looks like olivine, but after researching wavellite, I'm pretty sure that's what it is. Nice call! Jim
  23. Hey guys, I've been thinking about buying a Falcon MD-20. Is this a useful tool, or a gimmick? I'd really like some opinions from the people that have, or currently use them. Many thanks, jim
  24. That's really nice. For you guys, it's old hat, but I'd be turning cartwheels! Jim
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