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  1. Yup...it's beginning to look like my mountain prospecting may be done for this year. But, it's not historic. A few years ago, in early October, we got 2" of heavy, wet snow here just as Chris and i were leaving for a trip south. We had to delay for a day to cleanup all the broken tree limbs. Wet snow, and limbs with leaves still on them are not a good combination. Looks like a repeat. Jim
  2. I would contact the Northwest Gold Prospectors Association. http://www.nwgoldprospectors.org/ Jim
  3. Finally got to work on testing the 7 1/2DF, 8x6 Sadie, MJ 8x12, and 12"DF. Did a comparison on the 7 1/2DF and Sadie with both battery packs, and a comparison of the MJ 8x12 FM, and the Whites 12"DF at 16v. Somehow I cut off the early portion of the MJ 8x12, but I think the gist of its sensitivity is apparent. voltage and coils TDI SL Jim
  4. Yup, Doc, I've carried one for years in case of way-out-in-the-wilds rattlesnake bite. First read of the treatment 27 years ago, and it was about their use in South America. The article said the only problem with the procedure was getting the patient to hold still for it...LOL Jim
  5. Looks like a giant cryptocrystalline or chalcedony quartz nodule to me, with portions of the matrix still attached. Jim
  6. Stock on the SL model, and the Special Edition model of the SL is 12v. Jim
  7. I did both of Reg Sniff's suggested mods to my 2013 model TDI SL. I also use a 16v battery pack. I was testing it yesterday on pieces of nickel. I buried a 1 gram piece at 6", and a 1.84 gram piece at 10". The TDI saw both with the 7.5"DF coil, and the 8 x6 NF Sadie coil. The 12"DF coil could only see the 1 grammer....same for the Super Pulse 14" 350. The signal on the 1.84 grammer was faint, but repeatable. I'd definitely have dug it in the field. Jim
  8. The only thing that mitigates against this is a limited supply, except on paper. At some point in this phony interest rate debacle, investors are going to demand physical gold, not paper. If people settled for paper gold, they'd be better off buying BItCoin. Jim
  9. Another thing that might drive it very fast is a big decline in the stock market. With interest rate near zero, the only place to put money from stock sales is either precious metals or mining stocks. Those are the only really undervalued assets. If it keeps jumping like it has the last few days, that could get a mania started. If that happens, $2,000 in the next 30 days may be a low prediction. Jim
  10. I think the only things that would drive it that high, that fast, is if the Fed did a sudden interest rate drop, or we had some critical worldwide geo-political event. I would not be surprised to see it at $1600 in that time period, though. Jim
  11. Have a nice GMT I've owned since new. I need a TM808. Jim
  12. Good ifno...I appreciate that. Jim
  13. Can you tell if it extruded through the basalt, or the basalt flowed around it? I'm curious about that as I have huge lava flows in my area. Jim
  14. When we were down in Winnemucca in June, we dug out two 4" scorpions. Monsters. never seen them that big here. An hour or so later, one of the guys got stung by a smaller one on his rib cage. Scared the crap out of him. That particular spot must have been full of them. From all I've read, the bite of those desert centipedes is one of the most painful of all the insect bites. Glad we don't have them here. Jim
  15. We've got scorpions, and wind scorpions (camel spiders), but thank God, we don't have those...LOL Hope your bite heals fast. Jim
  16. Thanks, Bob. I'll keep all that in mind. I prospect because I truly enjoy the outdoors. Prospecting is just a reason to be out there. Used to be hunting. I'll do more poking around there. In any case, none of this has any real importance. It just a curiosity, though an interesting one. Jim
  17. Well, I won't say you're wrong, Bob. I never claimed they were meteorites. But, I've driven a lot of steel stakes in my life, and a bit of drill steel, and I've never seen pieces that looked like these. Every piece of iron junk I've found around here had at least one surface that was smooth, or I could easily see that it was smooth at one time. I can't find a single surface on any of these that looks that way. I just don't know. I'm going to take one over to a junkyard and have the guy check it with an XRF gun. Can't hurt. Jim
  18. Yes...some of those look very much like what I found. I'm going back up next week. The hole is partly filled with erosion debris, and the tree-cutters felled a couple of trees into it, so it's going to be a nasty project for a 70 year old ex-concrete guy to clean out...LOL. We'll see. I'd like to find some more of these if I can. Thanks for the pics! jim
  19. One of these is 1 1/4" long, and 1/2" thick. These ain't flakes off a drill steel. Take a good look at the pics. It is possible this is not a prospect hole, but a meteorite strike, but I would think a meteorite-caused hole, that produced pieces this big, would be larger. Don't know. The entire tailing pile is red/orange. Almost like clay when wet. really stained my hands. First thing I thought of was iron trash, but these are really irregular, and not a smooth surface on any of them.
  20. Nope...not trash, for sure. I've found plenty of iron trash, and this ain't it. These are all ragged, and the surface texture matches the country rock they formed in. Also, they're all varied in size and shape. The prospect hole is only 8' deep, and about 16' in diameter. It looks like it was dug by hand. More pics Jim
  21. Last week I was up in the mountains in southern Idaho, looking for some buried stagecoach robbery loot. I found an old prospect hole that had been exposed by the Forest Service removing "nuisance" pine trees. I decided to hike up the hill and check it out. It probably dates to the late 19th century. Scanning the tailing pile I immediately got a strong hit, and dug up really heavy, rough nugget. Tested it on the pick magnet, and it stuck like crazy. Found 9 more before giving it up. When I got home several days later, and cleaned one, I decided to grind a "window" on one end, and found a nice silver-colored metal. The question I have is "how rare is this?". All the years I've been prospecting and I've never seen one. Jim
  22. If a person found a chondrite meteorite, what would the value be? I assume the size would matter. How is the value determined? Jim
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