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  1. Bob, I was specifically speaking of gems....not industrial corundum. Why would anybody on this forum care about industrial use? That's why I said "gemologists". They are interested only in gems...duhhh. Jim
  2. Actually, to gemologists, all corundum other than red is sapphire, regardless of color. Blue is just the most common. Jim
  3. Yup...still sitting out in the shop, where it's been for almost 40 years....LOL Come and get it. Jim
  4. Actually, the hotspot was never under northern Nevada. Southern Idaho moved in an arc over the hotspot. The Carlin trend is 100 miles south of that arc. Also the Carlin trend is near the northern end of the impact crater that formed the Great Basin. It's more likely the trend was caused by that massive meteorite, at least IMHO. And, there's very little gold in southern Idaho, unfortunately. Another theory of geologists is that the actual hotspot is about 150 miles northwest of where it comes to the surface. The deep faults that bring it to the surface angle to the southeast. It's more likely the hotspot, is responsible for the gold in the Liberty District of Washington. Jim
  5. IMHO, the occasional deaths from mass shootings are a price we have to pay for the citizenry to be armed. And make no mistake about it...the fear of an armed citizenry is all that holds our so-called leaders in check. They don't fear an armed uprising. They fear the lone-wolf killer and the occasional assassination. That can happen at any time or place, and they are always aware of it. Also, IMHO, that occasional assassination is a Good thing for our freedom and liberty.
  6. Yup...did some reading on her a few weeks ago. She's a real piece of work. Would have fit right into the Weather Underground back in the day. She should have no place in the government, of any kind. She believes anything is OK, if it accomplishes her ends. If she leads the BLM, she's going to get people killed trying to execute her agenda....count on it. While I agree with some of what Bob posted, people with that background should certainly not be discriminated against, they also don't deserve to hold leadership positions in our national government. Behavior should have consequences, regardless of how long ago it was. Jim
  7. I've never been bothered by my walkie-talkies. My buddy and I have used them for a long time. The only problem I've had has been forgetting I'm carrying it, and it beeps occasionally, and I think my detector is making a strange noise That happened 3 times on my last prospecting trip. It finally dawned on me what the heck was going on. Kicked my own backside a few times over that one...LOL One thing that amazes me with these Motorola's is the range....just incredible for something that fits in a shirt pocket. Jim
  8. Yeah...Jim's got about the same luck that I do when trying to sell things....LOL Jim
  9. It just uses any 4" hose. I imagine even a dryer vent hose would work, but probably wouldn't last very long. The hose that came with it was just sort of a heavy-duty dryer hose. It just slips on and is held by hose clamps at each end. I'm thinking a sewer hose might be overkill, but would work OK. jim
  10. This drywasher is about 40 years old, but only used 1 time fort about 2 hours. Needs a new hose, but other than that, it's in near-perfect condition. $500 buys it. I have no idea of the model #...it's been too long. Jim
  11. I'll list it in the classifieds, with pics. I think it may already be in there, but from around two years ago. Jim
  12. I've got a 46 ye4ar old Keene with only about 2 hours on it. It's got a Briggs engine mounted on an aluminum blower, and a couple of years ago I fired it right up after it sat for 40+ years. But it needs a hose. I'd happily take $500 for it. I'm tired of tripping over it in the shop. Idaho's too wet to use a dry washer. I bought it not knowing that...LOL. Used it one day, and it hasn't been used since. That was back in 1976. Jim
  13. Nah...you can't hunt in Idaho without a state hunting license...period. Can't even carry a hunting weapon in the field, during a hunting season, without a license. The Feds may control the seasons and limits, but the states control your hunting privilege. And the argument was made about hunting during breeding seasons on the refuges. Other than pest critters there are very few hunting seasons of birds during any of their breeding seasons. Jim
  14. I've never heard of a state that allows hunting of migratory birds during the breeding season. I know no state in the northwest allows that, refuge or not. Jim
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