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  1. Nah...you can't hunt in Idaho without a state hunting license...period. Can't even carry a hunting weapon in the field, during a hunting season, without a license. The Feds may control the seasons and limits, but the states control your hunting privilege. And the argument was made about hunting during breeding seasons on the refuges. Other than pest critters there are very few hunting seasons of birds during any of their breeding seasons. Jim
  2. I've never heard of a state that allows hunting of migratory birds during the breeding season. I know no state in the northwest allows that, refuge or not. Jim
  3. The green in chalcedony under short wave UV, found in western Wyoming, is from Uranium. I've found quite a bit of it in the Green River Basin. Jim
  4. it's a shame to me that people have to be told this. Serious outdoorsmen imbibe this with mama's milk. Not to mention that by blocking access to water, you are putting yourself in danger from predators of all kinds. Jim
  5. Newly re-conditioned original Wilfley brand gold recovery table. Runs smooth and quiet. Has all the on-the-fly adjustments these tables are famous for, including speed, stroke length, and table tilt. Re-conditioning included a new deck, and deck underframe, and rebuild of 2 bearings in drive unit, as well as stripping and repainting, with high-quality paint and primer. Added new water control/feedbox. Also, all new bolts and hardware. No shipping. Unit overall length is about 6'. Table length is 40" +/-. If you've been looking for one of these, you won't find a nicer one for the price. $250
  6. As long as we're nitpicking...bear in mind that there's a large difference between the words "can't", and "shouldn't". The difference is enough to prevent , or cause, you're death. Jim
  7. Simply because a route is "designated" doesn't mean it's suited for travel on 4 ply hiway tires. I've been on designated routes in there, in my Dodge 4 x 4 where I'd never take the wife's Outback. People die often in the outdoors because they don't believe it can happen. It can...and does! All serious outdoors people often walk a thin line near tragedy, and the only thing that determines which way you go is often a seemingly innocent decision. Jim
  8. There are several legal-to-drive roads in there that will get you in trouble...especially on hiway tires and little ground clearance. A German couple and two kids died the same way in there 10 or 15 years ago. They still haven't found all their bodies. Jim
  9. Man, that's a great day! Congrats! Jim
  10. It amazes me, Jim, this hasn't sold. They are really capable gold detectors, and not, as some say, hard to operate. I'd like to have it myself, but already have one, and a GM 2 for backup. If I could sell the GM 2 for $200, I'd buy yours. Jim
  11. Thanks for posting, Tom. I haven't been out in months. Still winter up here, so reading of others exploits is all the excitement I get. Jim
  12. Happy Birthday, Clark! Hope you have a really good day! Jim
  13. Widely variable color, for garnets, assuming they were from one location. I just don't know for sure. Jim
  14. Looks like garnet to me....probably almandine. Jim
  15. I already watched it, Jeff. Fun video. You guys always are. Jim
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