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  1. Idaho Jim

    Some gold on an ugly quarter

    That's really nice. For you guys, it's old hat, but I'd be turning cartwheels! Jim
  2. Idaho Jim

    Pyrite?...or gold?

    Morlock, I'm gpoing to do that. somebody else also suggested that, and it's a good idea. Seeker, I got truly lucky. Won't be able to do any more uphill prospecting this fall, but that's a small price to pay for getting my heart in good shape. I'll be back at it next spring, and maybe sooner. Once I get the scrtch test done, I'll post what I find out.
  3. Idaho Jim

    Pyrite?...or gold?

    Well guys, it's hard to believe but I'm in the ICU at the local hospital. Had chest pains early Sunday morning. Fooled around for several hours thinking it was heartburn. Finally went to the emergency room and they did some tests, and also thought heartburn from the EKG, but the blood tests came back and showed some heart muscle damage (very light). Sunday night they decided they needed to do a catheter look-see, and found two partially-blocked arteries. So, I now have stents in place and am recovering. I'm very lucky I didn't have a major attack while out in the mountains. Sometimes you get lucky! I can't do a streak test....can't get the pyrite in contact with the porcelain. Normally, the streak is the first test I do. Jim
  4. Idaho Jim

    Pyrite?...or gold?

    Yes...I appreciate all the input. It was definitely a nice find, but ironic that I found it at camp, and not when out covering all the hard miles prospecting. I guess we just never know where the next find will come from. here's a couple of pics of the canyon where I found a fairly deep adit. Just a glimpse of the country I'm privileged to roam. One looking down, and the other up the canyon. I was standing at about 8,000'. The adit is about 100 yards below me. Jim
  5. Idaho Jim

    I can see Fall from my house!

    Yup...winter's coming. Last Tuesday, at 8,000', about 9:30 AM there was still a little ice on the creek i was going up. Won't be long, I'll have snow in the yard! Jim
  6. Idaho Jim

    Pyrite?...or gold?

    Actually, I like it better as a specimen. There's really not enough to detect, or make recovery practical. There's only 1 mine in that canyon that produced much gold, and it has fallen in....that's one of the two new adits I found on this trip. Jim
  7. Idaho Jim

    Pyrite?...or gold?

    Thanks, guys. I suspect pyrite myself. By the way, how do you edit a post? I don't see an edit button anywhere. I mentioned hiking 15 miles, and didn't mean to claim I did that each day...LOL At 69, those 15 mile days are well-behind me. I did do 15 miles over the three days, but the longest day was 6.8. If I tried to do 15, I'd still be laying out there. In fact, coming off the hill, I got a reminder of how I felt. See below.
  8. I spent a few days in the Little Lost River valley this week. I had the Goldmaster 24K along to detect with. Didn't find any gold, but it was a great trip. I covered 15 miles, and climbed about 1,000 to 1,200 vertical feet each day. Found two adits I hadn't previously known about...one may be a couple hundred feet long. But, right where I camped along a creek, I found an interesting piece of ore. It's obviously copper, which was waht they mainly mined in this canyon, along with a little gold, silver, zinc, and lead. When I took a close look at this piece I noticed an area about 3/8" across that was golden-colored. I assumed it was pyrite, but after viewing the macro shots I took, I'm no longer sure it isn't gold. Thought I'd ask you guys what you think. The overall rock is about 6" across and 1 1/2" thick. Jim
  9. Idaho Jim

    Newcomers beware

    Yup...that's exactly why I go to those places. I'm sure that, at many of the places I detect, I'm the only person who ever has. I may never find anything, but if I do I expect it may be really good. I'm not prospecting for flyspecks...I'm looking for a STRIKE!...LOL I'm heading out again tomorrow. This trip heading for an old silver "occurrence", and another spot where gems were recovered. Many years ago I did coyote hunting all around this particular area, but never ventured into it. Always wondered what was back in there. I'm looking forward to finding out. I doubt it's ever been detected. The only downside is a long, uphill hike to get there. Have to climb about 1,200 vertical feet...not much fun on these 69 year-old legs, but I'll manage. Jim
  10. Idaho Jim

    Newcomers beware

    I've been at it for several years without finding a nugget. I have found a couple of nifty coins, but that's it. But, I figured out a long time ago that finding gold isn't really why I'm out there. I just like the outdoors. If I wasn't nugget-hunting, I'd find another activity that puts me in the outdoors. Also, I don't hunt good areas. I often go where there was an "occurrence" of gold, but no mining. There just weren't many gold mines in my area that had nugget-sized gold. I accept that, but I still go. I hope, this fall to make it down to Rye Patch. Might do some poking around the Eugenes. If I find something...great! if I don't..well, I'll have seen some new country, and that's enough. Jim
  11. Idaho Jim

    New video of my Sweep Jig....

    The prototype had rollers on the arms. I may end up going back to that, but every extra detail adds to the complexity, labor time, materials, and thus the cost. I'm trying to keep the price under $600, and it's not easy. If I used rollers, they'd have to be omni-directional, as the direction of rotation changes as the position along the arms changes. Also, using rollers doesn't help much with the diaphragm wear. The ease of rotation is offset by the point-loading of the rollers. The spot where the roller rubs has moire load, and thus more friction, and wear on the diaphragm. The whole thing works well as it is....wet or dry. Currently, I'm working to get the weight down. Jim
  12. Idaho Jim

    New video of my Sweep Jig....

    Thanks, Micro. I'm already making some changes. The bungee doesn't hold the diaphragm tight enough, so it needs a winch-tightening strap. Not a big deal, but an improvement. We also found out it draws more current than we thought....roughly 4 amps, so I need to advise customers they'll want a bigger battery pack. I put a 10mil visqueen diaphragm on mine, and I've run almost 5 hours dry, so far. Running dry is harder on the diaphragm than running wet. I'm also working on a different version that may become the standard version I sell. I won't get really involved with that until the weather goes to cr-p...probably in November. I'm waiting to hear on the recovery of gold from black beach sand. The run is done, but still waiting to find out the results. The run was done without water, so I don't have high hopes. Trying to recover gold from black sand is tough, wet. Much more difficult dry, so I'm not optimistic, but we'll see. Jim
  13. Idaho Jim

    NEW! Hand Made Drywasher

    Yup...I was too impatient! Really nice build! I have a lot of respect for the guys that can build equipment like that. Jim
  14. Idaho Jim

    NEW! Hand Made Drywasher

    I get a page saying "call me", and a few other choices. Go to main page and get an advertisement for MineLab. Jim
  15. Idaho Jim

    Awesome new technology we're enjoying

    The stuff I ordered came from Namibia. Jim