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  1. Pretty nifty unit! May not need one here for awhile, however. We got an inch of snow this morning. I'd of loved that unit in Wyoming a few years ago. Jim
  2. Nice! I'd happily take a day like that.:-) Jim
  3. Great bunch of finds! Dime is great, and in super condition. Jim
  4. Good going, Frank! I'd be tickled pink with those. Jim
  5. I really enjoyed that. Looking for ward to the remainder. Jim
  6. Looks like you aren't going to have a problem hitting those pigeons!....or mice, Bob...LOL Many years ago, my buddy and I bought S%W .22 caliber pump rifles. We used them at a dump at Uniontown, WA., for killing rats. We hunted at night, with flashlights held under the forearm. Man, that was fun! Their beady little red eyes reflected the light back and gave a good aiming point. Those rats were about 6-8" long, and mean. When one got wounded, the others would attack it. Nasty! Now everything is landfills, and no more rats. We both still have the S&W pump air rifles. Jim
  7. I don't know much about my rifle. I just looked again, and mine is a Model 52, not a 34. I have no idea what the difference is. I haven't shot mine at targets, and have no idea about the accuracy, but it sure does kill the starlings at 30 yds. Jim
  8. I've got one of those in .17 caliber, with the RWS scope. Really nice rifles, and very accurate. Mine was given to me by one of my slab-jacking customers. It's like new. Jim
  9. Welcome, niffler....I'm 5 miles north of Blackfoot. Jim
  10. I can't see it being metal if the density is only 2.9, unless it's melted aluminum. Jim
  11. Yup...the striations bother me. But I live in an extremely volcanic area, with a ton of various types, and forms of obsidian, and Ive seen similar rocks here. That said, who knows for sure. I'd like to see a break on that, though I'm not suggesting you do that...LOL Jim
  12. The more I look, the more convinced I am it's some sort of obsidian. Jim
  13. We have millions of acres of basalt lave flows here. I have never seen any basalt that looks like that. May be some sort of volcanic glass, but the glass here is much darker.
  14. Thanks guys, it was a good one. had the daughter's family, and my granddaughters, here for the occasion. My youngest GD's birthday is the day before mine, so we celebrated twice! Jim
  15. Looks good, Dave. Should be safe and reliable. Jim
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