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  1. I copied this from A booklet from U of N, Reno. It was dated 2002, so may be out of date. The booklet is entitled "Mining Claim Procedures for Nevada Prospectors and Miners" fifth edition. Here's what it said: LODE VERSUS PLACER CLAIM Mineral deposits are located either by lode or placer claims (43 CFR 3840). The locator must decide whether a lode or placer claim should be used for a given material; the decision is not always easy but is critical. A lode claim is void if used to acquire a placer deposit, and a placer claim is void if used for a lode deposit. The 1872 Federal law
  2. I'll dig out the place I found that. I ran onto it while researching the claim process for that place I found the large copper nuggets, just in case I found the source and wanted to file. I'll ;post that today, if I don't get too busy. Jim
  3. After reading Nevada law, operating a lode mine on a placer claim invalidates the placer claim. Same with operating a placer mine on a lode claim. You have to have the correct type of claim for the mining you're doing. Jim
  4. I was wondering exactly the same thing. Why in h--- don't they tell people, if they know? Jim
  5. Allen, if you were closer I'd say "bring it over and crush it." I've got both a small 2 x 3 jaw, and an impact crusher. Jim
  6. My buddy, Dave, and I had a spot we felt matched all the clues. It was near the mouth of a creek, with many downfalls (no paddling up the creek). The creek entered the Madison from the south, just below Nine Mile Hole on the Madison. We should have gone and looked when we were fishing up there last fall, but put it off. That spot is in Wyoming, and Nine Mile was one of Forest's favorite fishing spots in the Park. I'm really looking forward to finding out exactly where it was hidden. Jim
  7. Forest said, a few years ago, he didn't hide it in Idaho. Jim
  8. Those of us who own and use a TDI, with Reg's mods, owe him a huge "THANKS!". He was truly a great engineer, and really nice guy. RIP buddy. Jim
  9. Interesting. When I was a kid, living in Simi Valley, my family camped at, what we then called Lundy Lake, a couple of times. I stll remember hiking up the canyon to where there were snowfields. I also remember, not long ago, my older brother telling me we met an old miner up there, who had a poke full of nuggets. Apparently he told us he knew where he could get gold any time he needed it. I was only about 7, so don't remember the old guy. Jim
  10. Take a 30 cal pistol and fire a round, that has around 500 ft/lbs of energy, into a hunk of concrete, and see what you get. Won't be anything like what you're seeing there, trust me. I'm not saying it isn't a meteorite....just saying if it did that damage, there would have been hunks of rock flying all over, if it did. There'd be dents, scratches and holes in the fence, at minimum. And, the mark on the fence is far to symmetrical, and regular to be caused by that rock. Jim
  11. I've spent my entire career in the concrete construction business. I can guarantee you if the impact was enough to do that to the concrete, the fence would be in a whole bunch worse shape. Jim
  12. Hi Jim, my name is Chris. I'm in Vegas, and usually detect around this area. I haven't begun to do any research yet, but have a trip planned to Sun Valley. A client is letting us stay in their house for a few days early in July. Assuming I can convince my Fiance to let me out to detect/prospect for part of the day, am I anywhere near any goldfields or open ground? Would it be worth packing my detector? If you could point me in any direction, that would be great. I would easily return the favor if you ever get down this way. Thank you

    Chris Ben-Tchavtchavadze 

  13. I talked to Jack at Whites today. He sent me to Paul at Centerville on the warranty issue on my GM24K coil. Paul didn't have them, and told me I'd have to send the bad coil in before he'd send a replacement. In the old days, Whites would have just sent the new coil, and had me send the old coil by return mail, so I wouldn't be without one. So, it looks like the customer service is going to take a hit, too, sadly. Jim
  14. OK, guys. The XRF gun said it's 96% copper. A bit over 1% lead. 1/2% nickel about 1% Tin 1% iron 1%manganese If they add up to more than 100% it's because I'm approximating. There was some other trace stuff. I expected the copper to be lower. Obviously I got a false reading on the SG....will have to redo that. Jim
  15. Yup...I'd be all over this, if I didn't already have one. Jim
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