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  1. There's Jewelers for sure. Not sure about lapidary but I'll check. I'm not going to be selling this gem lol. It's my collection. I just want to know what it is :(
  2. UPDATE: I checked for hardness watching a few videos. Conclusion is a 7 hardness. Did my figure nail, then a penny, then a paper clip then glass. It only scratches the glass and nothing else leaves a mark.
  3. The crystal of "well being" ? Now this is amusing, but possible! I don't know how to check it's density(hardness) Green Calcite eh..hmmm. I know it weight probably about 40-50lbs for sure. It's heavy! ----> I have a huge deposit of Jasper in my area too.
  4. Anyone? I really don't know what this is.
  5. First I want to say hello from Canada . I have found a lot of various stones/rocks and what not in my area. The one that interests me to know what it is today is this one... At first I thought it was Glass slag, but then the underneath reveal differently. It was chipped off something, or it appears that way.
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