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  1. nuggethunter1950

    Old Yeller Dry washer

    I'm looking at the 500 count and the 1000 count denier. Which would be better?
  2. nuggethunter1950

    Old Yeller Dry washer

    What type of material do I use to replace the bellows on my Old Yeller Dry washer. I have some hole in it and it is getting worn.
  3. nuggethunter1950

    Uncle Ron's Maps

    Thanks Ron...Nuggethunter1950
  4. nuggethunter1950

    Uncle Ron's Maps

    Does any one know how to get ahold of Uncle Ron's maps? I put in an order recently and haven't received any communication back and no maps...Nuggethunter1950
  5. nuggethunter1950

    Rich Hill access issues

    Hi all, just an added note on the Rich Hill access: I had breakfast with a former prominant attorney for th Yavapai County and he stated that NO ONE can put a gate across a public road. He can fence off his property and if you cross HIS property, you need to get his permissoin. If you aproach the gate and someone confronts you with a gun, call 911 and get a sheriff out there immediatly! Tell them when you call someone may get hurt or shot. My attorney friend mentioned that when he was involved with county issues they had a lot of problems with indididuals who were growing pot or setting up a meth lab and were using gold as a front or excuse to keep people out! The Rich Hill/Stanton area is well known among the law enforcement community for having a huge drug problem. This may be another angle to rid this area of unwanted trash if you know what I mean. Tim
  6. nuggethunter1950

    Rich Hill access issues

    Hi maybe we should all come in force to call this gun toting idiots hand, have the local sheriff show up cause someone might get hurt and have a good lawyer be on hand to present a court order. This guy probably has the little man syndrome. I would like to see him point his gun at the sheriff! Tim