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  1. AZMark, the more the merrier !!! there are two published versions of "Missouri Treasures and Civil War Sites" by author, Robert Tatham. the first in 1976 and the second in 1982. the second release has the codes (numbers) that if you can find the clues located in the book, By using a version of the Beale code system, it will locate a buried treasure near Kansas City, Missouri. Code number 1 has been cracked and rumour has it that another code has been cracked but it is not verified. As of 1994, it is a fact that the treasure has NOT been located. No one has claimed a find since. Good luck with
  2. JBG04640, I remembered some scribbles in the book and just figured my dad did it, but it is in the "order no. 11" section where someone has counted words and numbers. Is that the same as yours?
  3. You are not silly at all ! I have read that book so many times I almost know it by heart. You would think that knowing the method of the encrypted clues would make it much easier to crack other codes, but it don't. I have tryed close to 100 potential clues in more ways than one at no avail. I am starting to run out of ideas, so it is time to walk away for awhile. I have been trying to learn about Mr. Tathum himself because to know him is helpful to the clues themselves. We (My Dad and I) have talked to him by phone around 1994, and he stated that no one has located the treasure but will not gi
  4. My copy does not have the numbers down the side of the pages. Appears that someone was thinking the book was a cipher in itself. I live in S.W missouri and I am originally from the K.C. area so I know it pretty well, and it is not too far to go there if need be. My dad and I have talked by phone to Mr. Tathum on one occasion around 1994 and he stated that no one had located the treasure yet, but since his passing along with my dad, (may they both R.I.P.) there is no telling who knew the location and who could be trusted, so I treat this just like a game not expecting to ever find a pot of gold
  5. My dad gave me a copy of the book published in 1982 and it is the version with the "Beale code" numbers in it. We have the first code cracked and my dad passed away, so I have been continueing with no avail. I don't know if all four codes have the same method to desipher. I do know that Robert did not use the Beale code the same way that Mr. Beale used it in the "Declaration of Independence" and his method was using the first letter in every word. I have tried close to 100 potential clues by using the same method as the clue no.1, and all of them did NOT work ! One item I felt would be success
  6. A previous post stated a clue from Robert about a list of names in a march and the only one I can think of right off hand is the "March to the sea" and I located a list of soldiers names with no avail, and also tryed to crack the "Gettysburg address" also with no avail. any other suggestions from anyone will be beneficial to everyone. Have fun with it !
  7. I have used the same method as used to crack code no.1 to crack "the Declaration of Independence" and in every form it has not worked for any of the codes (other than code no. 1 which is already cracked) so I may be wrong, but I think it is safe to say that this document is not used for any of the beale code cyphers.
  8. My Dad introduced me to the book in 1994 and together, we worked on the codes. We contacted Mr. Tatham and talked with him on the phone, and he said, "I will not give any clues to any of the codes in the book, but I will say that I just checked it not too long ago, and it is still there". We have cracked code no.1 which describes the contents of the treasure and contains a typo on the last digit which doesn't affect this code but if it were in an important part of another code, it could make it more of a challenge to crack. Since then, my Dad has passed (may he RIP) and I have continued with n
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