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  1. Night detecting??? That sounds like my thing. LOL That's what you have to do in these hot deserts.
  2. Thanks, SL. You're right about the dern heat. I need to get up in the mountains a few thousand feet to beat the heat a little better. Weaver, I tried to make it to the SPMA meeting last Thursday because I read the schedule on the website. Either I didn't get it, or the website is wrong.
  3. Ya, it's too late here to be pickin' in the deserts until October or so. I'm in the San Diego region, but I travel, and I'm not doing anything else other that prospecting this year, so I can go basically anywhere and stay as long as necessary in the regions. Thanks for those links and tips.
  4. Well, I'm doing the big research process right now. I'm pulling books from the library, amazon, and sources online. I've been going at this for a few months. I also have caught wind about the claims for sale that are bogus. I'm not buying claims by any means. lol I'm wondering about selling claims and not just gold claims.....any kind of deposit gold or not. Thanks
  5. Trying to get off on the right foot today. Does anyone use a map to locate the legal lands that you can prospect on? Is there a difference in types of lands that you can do a little panning on, but you can't stake a claim on? How about along roads? That may be a bad question? lol I'm really hoping to find the kind of map that shows all of the details like little plots of lands that can be prospected that won't be on a bigger, broader map.
  6. I'm thinking that prospecting for any kind of lode, gold or not, would be as profitable or more as placer hunting. I like the hiking and climbing involved. I live for that kind of stuff rather than picking and swing a detector (not that I don't live for that too).
  7. I haven't even found a single color yet. I haven't looked much either. I went lode hunting a few times is all so far. I found nothing but a big cup in a big marble dike worn out by storm waters for the past million years it looks like. Dug down to the bottom, and found nothing. There was a gossan or iron hat across the way from it in the wall. Didn't pan any of it yet though. I didn't know what it was other than some kind of vein at the time. I need to go back, and check. This weekend I'm going to go out to one of these GPAA claims after I join tomorrow, and camp out for a few weeks, break in my pick and pan, dig big holes and make bigger blisters. Hopefully I make a few prospecting buddies.
  8. Wowwwwwww, nice in AZ. One thing that most don't realize around the US about CA is that privileges used decent citizens in other states are abused to whole other realms of extremes here. There are several basic reasons for it, but in simple terms it's culture. The majority of people here are okay, but there are so many other people without healthy intentions here. CA is sort of like the debris trap on the side of the swimming pool. This place collects a lot of questionable characters from around the world, and then they multiply. Managing a prison is much different than managing a college campus. The rules are going to be more stringent in the "prison" because of the intentions of the inmates are far different than the campus students' elsewhere. Then it just spirals on down from there. I could write a whole book on this exact subject: CA culture and politics. But I'll keep the forum on the brighter subject at hand. LOL Like where the gold out here? I'm not very far from AZ. I just learned that GPAA has some claims to work out there too. Maybe I sneak out of this CA prison commune for little of the AZ color. lol Maybe next winter though because AZ is hot state.
  9. Thanks for the warnings and advice. I don't have anything to blast. I'm just dredging info on everything to understand the limitations and possibilities of the field. Safety is a top priority, and blasting is extreme risk management. If it's all too much hassle, then I assume checking all of the details of a find, and selling a claim to the outfits is just as good or better. There's something about the contractor in me that wants to drop a shaft down in the ground, and pull out that stuff.
  10. I'm new to the site, and I'm relatively new to gold prospecting, but I'm learning fast. I've been researching and prospecting in the California back country full time since Jan this year (2015). I'm wondering about blasting. I understand there is a contractor's license for blasting, so I was thinking that if I get that specialty qualification stamped on my license (I have a contractors license), I only have to legitimize my claim, and I can blast. What do I need to know about it around here? To introduce myself: I'm 35, and I moved to CA after exiting the Navy in my early 20's. I've been in college, baseball and entrepreneurship all of this time while giving as little time to other employers as possible. I let go of a tree service of 6 years in the making, and moved into making a Wall St. strategy. I'd have to say that if a pay streak is something I were looking for, there is very little in residential tree services, and there is a whole lot more in the Wall St. trading (if you know what you are doing). I created a great strategy after 20 months at 80 hours a week of dedication to this area of study (I work hard). I spent a ton of money devising that strategy, and my final test runs of my strategy were using virtual money trading platform in the stock market (I burnt up all of my real cash) was unbeatable. LOL the thing is I don't have enough money to make much of a difference in the stock market this year (so far), and I like it that way. There's nothing like it. Here I have a strategy to basically print money yet no money to invest in the strategy, so I'm forced to do something else. I'm dedicated to prospecting. To me that's a good thing and not a bad thing. No, it's a great thing. I love prospecting, camping, geology, hard work involved, and running an operation. I can even rock climb the mountains up to high lodes if that's ever necessary. LOL Gold prospecting is just a great all around life style. It's something every man should learn to entertain his family with during back country outings. I do need to run this like a business though, and that brings me to my question about blasting, so I can follow those veins down.
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