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  1. Honestly I had purchased many of the Honda Talon parts online after checking part reviews on fit etc But most of them from Honda directly so you know when they arrive there should be no fit issues. I found the same to be true with my Yamaha.
  2. It’s a capable machine in the right hands 👍🏻
  3. Click in description to enter
  4. Btw no junk. Minelab Pro-find 35’s and an equinox 800 just to start off. There will be more
  5. First off let me start by saying I am not sponsored, back, or paid by any company or dealer. I purchase this equipment out right. I’ve been a member here for sometime and those that know me no this is real
  6. More videos on there now. It’s alive
  7. Tell dad I says quit playin and get better
  8. Well when it came to the little video you guys saw who was on the bottom LOL
  9. Came into Phoenix and hooked up with Scott, he taught me how to pan and a few of the things that he does when he’s looking for gold. Many thanks and much appreciated, it was pretty exciting but definitely work for that little yellow stuff. Makes me respect the old-timers a lot more and like my detectors LOL a lot better Another one off the bucket list now I need to find one with the detector. Definitely had a great time. Thanks again Scott AE2B5981-30EC-42F9-AF2B-F1AF0A62C93A.MOV
  10. Yeah I had to look twice at it. Ten inches down with the 6” coil I had a jumpy reading But very surprised.
  11. Ok spent the last few days in Indiana at a friends, we went hunting with our Equinox 800’s. Found lots and lots of junk. Quite a bit of modern coins. I did find 2 Wheat pennies and an Indian Head. Nothing fancy but I never found an Indian head before so I was dancing a jig lol
  12. West bound and down. I’ll be late this evening have to stop at the grocery store my camper lol
  13. Yup. I had it backwards. It’s been a Long time since I read it. Here it is and ty An extremely limited number of 1943 cents were inadvertently struck on copper planchets, left in the machinery from the previous year. Very few escaped the mint unnoticed, and these are considered very desirable to collectors. Auction histories indicate the value range of an authentic 1943 copper cent to be from around $5,000 to $70,000, depending on the mint and condition. However, copper-plated forgeries abound. The primary test for these is to use a magnet. The common steel & zinc pieces
  14. Cool bear, hey shadow box or mantle piece for sure
  15. Yeah me neither, like I was saying on the shirt collar one on each side to have those cardboard inserts that went up underneath many years back. They could’ve been cuff links if you inserted the alligator clip in the holes but don’t really see it lol
  16. Will give it a go. Not sure of my schedule ever but I’ll try.
  17. If you ever get another one in the future check out the new Yamaha X2. 850 I love mine lots of carry space and full dumping bed and tailgate.
  18. Awesome. I got a Yamaha Kodiak last March. You’ll love it.
  19. Yes my CTX is a great paperweight now lol a mantle piece haha
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