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  1. River Styx

    Equinox finds gold second use

    Nice to have an answer. Ty
  2. River Styx

    Went to the freshwater Beach again

    Yup. I had it backwards. It’s been a Long time since I read it. Here it is and ty An extremely limited number of 1943 cents were inadvertently struck on copper planchets, left in the machinery from the previous year. Very few escaped the mint unnoticed, and these are considered very desirable to collectors. Auction histories indicate the value range of an authentic 1943 copper cent to be from around $5,000 to $70,000, depending on the mint and condition. However, copper-plated forgeries abound. The primary test for these is to use a magnet. The common steel & zinc pieces (and the 1943 copper-plated fakes, as well as authentic cents from other years) will stick to the magnet. The rare copper issues will not. link https://coins.ha.com/c/ref/questions.zx#War_Nickels
  3. River Styx

    A few oddities

    Cool bear, hey shadow box or mantle piece for sure
  4. River Styx

    Equinox finds gold second use

    Yeah me neither, like I was saying on the shirt collar one on each side to have those cardboard inserts that went up underneath many years back. They could’ve been cuff links if you inserted the alligator clip in the holes but don’t really see it lol
  5. River Styx


    Will give it a go. Not sure of my schedule ever but I’ll try.
  6. River Styx

    First UTV - advice please

    If you ever get another one in the future check out the new Yamaha X2. 850 I love mine lots of carry space and full dumping bed and tailgate.
  7. River Styx


    Awesome. I got a Yamaha Kodiak last March. You’ll love it.
  8. River Styx

    Went to the freshwater Beach again

    About 6 g’s and up I think
  9. River Styx

    Hey Bill, or whoever has one.........

    Yes my CTX is a great paperweight now lol a mantle piece haha
  10. River Styx

    Clanton Gang Loot/Hideouts/Skeleton Canyon Treasure

    Look at my icon. Look familiar? Lol hello man
  11. Ok so I bought an equinox 800 set up from Bill and the cover and a large head from Doc. I was in North Central Texas on a delivery of windmill parts for GE and had half Saturday and all Sunday to wait to get unloaded. I was tired. Little tv Saturday evening and then Sunday it hit me, you dummy you have your detector with you. I looked around and the terrain was all flat and plowed cotton field as far as the eye could see. Oh well let’s give it a shot. About 15 minutes out I found this. Surprised it was still together as there is no telling how many times it had been tilled dry desert dirt at about 8 inches tines are larger so.... I believe to be an old tab collar clip as it’s to short to be a tie tack. But not sure. You know the old collars that had the board behind them supporting the shape. Anyway it does test 24k over brass so someone had some money or status in the day. The Camera does great at my skin definition on the I Phone X lol Any thoughts on its origins? By the way hunted for hours and never found as much as a coin that’s it
  12. River Styx

    Happy Birthday Old Tom

    I’m sure going to try. I have my equinox and well. It finds lol ill make a post.
  13. River Styx

    Happy Birthday Old Tom

    HBD Tom
  14. Show then I take it you’re very happy with the weight wise? I can’t wait to see one
  15. River Styx

    Equinox has shipped to Nugget Shooter

    OK Bill, I just got a Kodiak 700 so I can get back in there where you guys go and now I see this equinox, lol This looks like just what the doctor ordered