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    Interests: Detecting, Drywashing, Sluicing, and usually bringing back more pretty rocks than gold!
    Gear used: Goldmaster II, GPX 4500, Gold Monster, Keene sluices and 151 Drywasher

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  1. Thanks to AZNugget Bob and Old Tom for the kind words about the baja bug.....and it's passengers! Fun car. And big thanks to Bill Southern for such a fun outing!
  2. Hi Bill and Tammy and others. We plan on coming over from CA! Will bring some pear wood to burn, as well as something more chewable! Thank you so much for putting this together!
  3. Two coming from California! We need some warm desert time and look forward to seeing you all...
  4. Thank you both so much for this chance to get together in your beautiful area! Greatly looking forward to it! (Tell the Sun Gods to make it dry enough to drywash, haha!)
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