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  1. I love the two I have one is a 3x9 rimfire Mounted on an old lever action from the 1950’s (the scope is new) and the others a 4x12 on top a CZ452 the glass is crystal clear and they have really good eye relief, they ain’t cheep though. More budget friendly, Ive got a vortex strike eagle 1x6 with illuminated red reticle that’s a lot less money and although not as good of glass I like the one I have, but hard to beat Leupold they’re great. Really nice to read your story on the great customer service and nice set-up that’s a beautiful rifle.
  2. Allen, I’m local in Las Vegas and might be able to help, I just picked up a Little Rock mill off eBay to crush interesting rocks found out metal detecting so I can pan them to see if there’s any gold (not yet). It’s powered by a small angle grinder and will take pieces up to around 2 inches in diameter also have an anvil, hammer and dolly pot to get the pieces down to size for the mill. I don’t know what quantity you have but I’m sure some sample material could be crushed to see if it’s worth going farther? I can’t promise you any great insight into your rocks or the geology but if you ne
  3. My finds for April/May, then the engine in my prospecting rig went Tango/Uniform.
  4. GPZ gets 40% more opal, I wish. One of the terrific members in my club donated that beauty for our veterans raffle and I had the lucky ticket:-)
  5. Azdigger, I can't help you much as I'm very new to this game as well and also ask myself what the heck am I looking for everytime I'm out. Red dirt in some areas and white patches in others. Differences and junctions of the soil colors, signs of fractures...streams appearing or slipping underground indicators of fault lines and the almighty quartz float and serpentine zones, gets my head spinning. I'm looking for them all and they seem to be everywhere, fortunately (depending on how you look at it) a lot or most of the gold proudicing ones I think have been discovered and some trace of their l
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