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  1. I got my second shot yesterday of the Moderna vaccine and so far feels the same as the first shot, nothing the first day and the arm is a little sore starting on the following day. I guess it can take up to a few days for symptoms to appear but so far no big deal, nothing.
  2. I believe the mineral I posted is Green Fuchsite with Red Garnet. There are some examples for sale on eBay, your piece looks particularly nice.
  3. What you have posted looks similar to this rock I bought at a roadside mineral store in Colorado a few years ago unfortunately I don’t recall what they called it. It was not expensive I think I paid a few dollars for this piece that is perhaps 8” across at the widest point.
  4. Ha, says the guy with enough gold rings and other shiny bits to open a chain of jewelry stores, you my friend make it look easy. I’ve found a few silver rings in parks, still have never found a silver coin with my detectors and I’ve yet to find a single piece of gold jewelry, I have a low trash tolerance park and beach hunting and my Deus loves trash. If I ever made it look easy it’s because I failed to mention the skunks between blindly stumbling across the occasional bit-o-happyness. Still, there are enough old bits of tin, bullet fragments and lead I know someplace lurking there must be a f
  5. Thanks Jeff, truth is EMI, hot rocks and trash aside it’s just nice being out there, the little bits reward enough to forget the aches, pains and the persistent pebble in my boot.
  6. Thanks everyone, these didn’t come easy of course none of them do, this represents about 7 days out there starting early in the morning and detecting until the light fades, the last couple hours at the end of the day I try to be someplace detecting close to my Jeep on roads I know so I can find my way out in the dark. GB’s an easy 2 hour drive from home and I’m getting to know my way around a little, but it’s getting time to hit a few new areas.
  7. Made a couple runs out to Gold Basin recently and found some bits and pieces some with quartz, the larger specimen has a total weight of 19.8g and has somewhere around 1.5g of gold contained inside the small piece with quartz weighs in at .3g and the larger nugget is just under a gram.
  8. OK, thanks everyone for taking a look and taking the time to comment. My initial inclination was to Chuck-it the fractures in the desert varnish were the thing that was confusing so I appreciate the more experienced eye on this rock. I’ve been finding little typical Gold Basin specimens regularly they are fairly easy to distinguish from the surrounding earthly neighbors because of the free visible metal visible creating a window, these are a few recent finds.
  9. I spent a few days poking around the desert with the 7000 dodging a plague of hot rocks and hit a sweet signal on a hill top uncovering what I figured to be another chunk of desert varnished basalt on first impression? Dusting it off a little I wasn’t really sure just what it was so stuck it in my back pocket for a closer look later for if nothing else to better understand for next time. cleaning it up and looking closer, I’m really not sure? It’s about the size of a brownie and much too heavy for my 100g scale, it’s mildly magnetic, hard, dense, heavy, has no streak, easily takes a
  10. My wife is over in Shanghai so I sent a couple of the OP’s pictures to her for an opinion, she’s very familiar with the This limestone and she thought it was indeed Taihu Limestone too. A few years back a small piece like that would have fetched a couple hundred dollars or more, since the pandemic prices have dropped. If it is legit, best if the OP’s not chipping off anymore pieces.
  11. Bob, I’m sorry I was just suggesting the OP’s specimen might be limestone, possibly old.
  12. Bob, are you saying no to similar formations collected in China, or just that it’s not a meteorite? The lake rocks are terrestrial the ones in museums and around the forbidden city being highly prized in China they would also be collected elsewhere in the Middle East as well as copies.
  13. I’ve seen rocks in shops and museums in China that look very similar to the one you posted, the color varies by the type of mineral and location of the deposit and some can be very valuable. Of course it’s difficult to tell from a photo and I’m not familiar beyond seeing these a few times but could this be something similar?
  14. Mmm... let me share, my first post here a meteorite I found metal detecting an iron nickel, perfect to my eye I could see obviously the melt pattern developed hurling through the atmosphere...no doubt about it. proudly posting here to find its secrets I asked the question, is this... Mike was first to respond, sorry looks nothing like a meteorite, in disbelief I took my prize in to a shop and had it XRF tested... exact match for metal used in the manufacture for military explosives, no doubt terrestrial. He’s right and if you read enough of the threads he’s right a lot. Take the good ad
  15. nicootje, different locations favor different host rock and starting out everything can look the same, focus on known placer gold locations is a good way to begin. Download/buy placer deposits of...(location you want to hunt). This will outline the history of the deposit, give you information on the type of deposit and production and tell you something about your questions on host rock. Joining a prospecting club will put you on ground that while heavily hunted with persistence still produce and hunting an identified gold placer you can begin to get a feel for likely indicators, one of the eas
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