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    I'm retired, my wife is from Shanghai and we have homes in both China and the USA. My family came to California in the late 1840's from Europe, Ireland, Italy, Croatia. One side took up dairy farming on the coast, my great grandfather on the other was a gold minor and inn keeper in Jackson, CA.
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  1. GPZ gets 40% more opal, I wish. One of the terrific members in my club donated that beauty for our veterans raffle and I had the lucky ticket:-)
  2. Azdigger, I can't help you much as I'm very new to this game as well and also ask myself what the heck am I looking for everytime I'm out. Red dirt in some areas and white patches in others. Differences and junctions of the soil colors, signs of fractures...streams appearing or slipping underground indicators of fault lines and the almighty quartz float and serpentine zones, gets my head spinning. I'm looking for them all and they seem to be everywhere, fortunately (depending on how you look at it) a lot or most of the gold proudicing ones I think have been discovered and some trace of their location marked by previous activity and in saying this know I'm not saying anything you and most everyone already knows, this is question as much as statement... in saying this all of my nuggets have been found by confidence. All have been found in heavily pounded ground and only after forcing myself to pick an area and slow down searching inch by inch for the remaining spread out nuggets in worked ground. I just got back from rye patch and 4 full days of hunting reallly good looking ground and on the third day hit one .7g nugget for the trip and I'm happy as hell, my last two trips were skunks. The shiny flat gold, coins and Opel were from the club rye patch outing, the one covered in calcite is the .7g after a bath in CLR I found. The jeep tire was just another part of the adventure and a chance to make a new friend at big-o-tires in winnemucca, also stopped in to see Peg Leg John on the way back to rye patch, john's always a friendly face and a few good stories. Anyway I diverge, again all my nuggets I've found going slow, really slow and in spots I've cornered before that I missed more than once on previous trips. Another half of those in tight spots, under obstructions that make it tough for good coil swings and thus more likely missed. I'm new, this my disclaimer if I lead you astray... hunt worked areas, I look for old and new dug ground and I follow any tracks I find and go slow. Not saying that this isn't what you are doing now, probably you are, really most all my time is enjoying the hunt with scarce seconds of euphoria...great isn't it. Best of luck, clark
  3. For the first year, year and a half with the 7000 I never used my pinpointer, then after trying it and seeing no problem interfering with the gpz it saves me recovery time. mostly with shallow trash I can pop the target quickly without any digging and chasing small targets in a large 7000 dig hole is usually much improved, at least for me anyway.
  4. I have the trx and use it with the gpz, good depth, one touch gb, plays well with the gpz it doesn't interfere although the 7000 needs to be as far away from the trx when pinpointing as the zed lights up the ground and affects the trx causing it to false. I run my trx fairly hot, so that contributes to the false signals a bit too. I also have the new Deus pinpointer, but have not tried it with the gpz.
  5. his add is back up today, now the name is Kurt... could also just be a phone/email scammer trying to collect data to sell. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/for/5317159503.html
  6. posted today on sf bay area crags list, don't know anything about this listing just an fyi; GPX 5000 metal detector - $1 Have a metal detector for sale. Need the money ASAP. Contact me by phone only. Shoot me a price and we can talk about it. 916-561-9396 my name is Logan. Call anytime.
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