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  1. yeah those gullies keep on giving. Those chips of rusted metal can really drive me nuts and make me walk on. I just try to cut down the trash time with the magnet as much as possible. Glad you scraped up some more. Now you might have to go back again … you know there are some little buddies hiding in the cracks.
  2. Wow, Dan. Great finds all around. Relics and gold. You've got it all. Good to hear from you. Keep the finds coming. Andyy
  3. Cool Luke. Now why couldn't we find all those last time we were out? LOL. Glad to see the only virus you are still fighting is the gold fever.
  4. I like the topography but you need to make sure the geology is conducive to placer gold. Soil looks to light to me but that may just be this picture. Are there placer claims in the area? Do you see any test pushes from dozers? How far is the nearest lode mine? There are so many signs that might make you a little more confident before you ever set boots on the ground. As for someone being there, they could be animal hunting or something else. You just never know. It seems like we all have to assume at least 50 prospectors have been through the gullies before us. So I don't let it bother me if I know people have been there recently. It all depends on what you know and what they don't. And... always have a backup plan (another place to check out) in case this area just doesn't look right when you get there. Good luck to you!!
  5. Man, I am happy for you!! Remember that feeling when you found it. It'll drive your future hunts like a bulldozer!! Andyy
  6. Yeah, I love the little Midget Coil. But it is going to take a looooot of these kind of trips to pay it off. Gary, you aren't kidding about the Burros. I could hear them over the hill laughing at me. (seriously) They are all over that area.
  7. Well, I tried a new way to get out to this new gold area I found. The gold seemed fairly small, but I had to hike in at least 3 miles to get there. So I tried to drive in another way in hopes of only having to hike in a mile. Of course Google Earth made things seem better than they were (almost like I could drive right there), but in the end I only cut about a mile off the hike (one way). So now I had a decision to make … take my GPZ 14" coil, the GM1000, or what I call my Midget Coil (10" Xcoil). GPZ 14" about killed me getting out there last time so that was out. I love the GM1000 on bedrock, but some of the bedrock here was very hot. Usually in those cases, I will go to my GPZ 10" Xcoil, which I venture to say is at least on par with the SDC 2300 (with the exception of being a little bigger). And the Xcoil is still a pleasure to hike with. So off I went. I started out hitting the areas I had been to before and got some good signals. First piece was only about .1g. Then I started finding slightly bigger .2g pieces. Most of these seemed to be what I call runners. Those are the ones in washes that I find on the sides of the wash, trying to run away when they see me coming. The larger coils tend to lose a bit of depth when checking the sides and depressions. The 10" Xcoil, however, does very well getting in there. Overall, 5 pieces were found (total .75g). Not a lot, but at least half of these finds were detected very carefully with the 14" coil and were missed. The Xcoil was very clear on all but a 1 grainer piece that was about 2" deep on it's side. All in all, it was just a fun day crumb chasing.
  8. Good video. That claim has some nasty hot rocks but also some good gold, as you have seen. Gotta love that gold monster. I never remove the small coil from it. I typically use the GPZ but when I come up to a lot of exposed bedrock, I remove the GM1000 from my pack. It is just lighter and smaller for getting in those tight spots that the larger coils cannot.
  9. Good job, Gary. I like that you are trying to help newbies. I don't have much of a video face, so I stick to forums. LOL. But I wish you well with your videos! Andyy
  10. Hey Hey, nice one Mike. And a happy birthday to you, too! Thanks for the story.
  11. That was a sweet find, CK. Nice work!!
  12. I've been there, too, on the one way signal. Usually they are hot rocks or hot ground but, like you, I have found some are gold. Same with those darn low high signals (in HY setting). You'd think they are garbage but end up being gold. Love the gold. I am glad I don't have to chip away bedrock too often.
  13. Nice work, CK! I know you are being modest and your other hand is full of gold, too.
  14. Good topic, Tom. I'll have to review some of the suggestions. I can tell you that most commercial Motorola phones won't go much over 1/4 mile. I can also tell you that the small GPS tracking units will affect the gpz. Not sure about gpx units. Nice thing about these, though, is that if you have a phone signal then you can see where your partner has gone. But then you might as well use a phone. I keep this in my truck for my wife to track me down as a last resort. Another option is to just give Luke or Old Tom a rape whistle. I'm sure you will eventually find one of them..... after you stop laughing, that is.
  15. Very nice, Adam! Yeah, Quartzsite would be cool.
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