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  1. Andyy

    Hard Lesson Learned For A Little Nugget

    This is exactly why I have held off on purchasing a Spot X. My hope is that they fix the problems, because this is definitely a need for most of us who work well out of cell phone reception. Nice gold, Martin!! Glad you made it out safe.
  2. Andyy

    First nugget!

    Nice job, Kyle. That is a beautiful piece. And I prefer the hillside gold as you might be able to pin down the source. As for gold fever ... yes, unfortunately you are a man marked forever like a werewolf or vampire. There really is no cure. I am SO sorry about that. Now, whether light or dark, cold or hot, young or old, you will inevitably be drawn to the nearest of gold fields and beyond. Always on the trail for the smell and taste of this earth's wonder. Other colors of the rainbow now cease to exist. Gold is all you see. And your general family travels will never be the same as you will be drawn to every color change of the moving country side, hoping to spy a contact zone that will rip at your soul until you scour every square inch of it. And all while your significant other shakes her head in fear of the person you have become... . A prospector ..... I am SO SO SORRY
  3. Andyy


    Oh man. Boulder Dash is giving lessons ... Where do I sign up? Oh wait, BD is not human. His work would kill us mere mortals.
  4. Andyy


    Way to stick with it, Tammy! Nice find. And good luck to you in the new year!!
  5. Andyy

    LA PAZ

    Now that's what I always remember about La Paz. You don't want to detect around there, you'll get a bow and arrow in your booty. Good luck out there at Middle Camp, Bill.
  6. Andyy

    Best day ever !!

    Very nice, Luke! Those are some awesome finds. The new places are the bomb. Now that's the way you do it!!!
  7. Andyy

    Denim Gold

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing! I always find the what is left of the buttons. But no Levis left ...
  8. Andyy


    For once, you have me speechless, Luke.
  9. Andyy

    New to detectoring

    Nope. That would go in the Rock Fossil Art Painting Stone Forum. We only care about gold, here....
  10. Andyy

    detecting boots

    Yep, I have to wear my gators during snake season. But usually the snake goes for the toes or ankle, is what I have seen on videos.
  11. Andyy

    New to detectoring

    I agree with the recommendations above. Stick to a detector that can sense the small gold. There is more of it out there. (and they will still go off on big gold in many cases) As far as the Xterra 705. I started out with this machine. I personally think this detector is a piece of junk (unless you are relic hunting) Even though Minelab markets this as a gold detector, there are waaaay better options out there.
  12. Andyy

    detecting boots

    If these are being used during snake season, I would get thicker leather boots. I use Avenger 6 boots from workbootsusa. They are about $95 and have a composite toe. They have NO METAL and they take a beating when you are kicking rocks. You can walk through cholla without puncturing them. And if your current boots can't do this, then they may not stop a snake bite. They are a bit heavier, but you are a prospector. You are probably used to a little pain and agony. These boots shouldn't bother you.
  13. Andyy


    Way cool, Gary. I like it when that digging works out!
  14. Andyy

    Whats in your break down bag

    I've had to carry around spare batteries before. Now I prefer to carry these smaller chargers. They will jump a vehicle in a snap. They will charge plenty of other things as well.
  15. Andyy

    Critter Hole Nugget

    Sweet, Dave. I had a very similar to story with staples. Now I look at them as good luck. I bet you do, now, too. That is one beautiful hunk you found there!!