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  1. Good topic, Tom. I'll have to review some of the suggestions. I can tell you that most commercial Motorola phones won't go much over 1/4 mile. I can also tell you that the small GPS tracking units will affect the gpz. Not sure about gpx units. Nice thing about these, though, is that if you have a phone signal then you can see where your partner has gone. But then you might as well use a phone. I keep this in my truck for my wife to track me down as a last resort. Another option is to just give Luke or Old Tom a rape whistle. I'm sure you will eventually find one of them..... after you stop laughing, that is.
  2. Very nice, Adam! Yeah, Quartzsite would be cool.
  3. Great perserverence! I had a buddy go 4 years with a skunk, as well. For him, it was being able to cover more ground with a nerve surgery he had, that allowed him to break the skunk. Suddenly he was able to hike around more and focus more on the ground. Sometimes a new machine does that too.
  4. Sonny , awesome piece of gold you got there. I would take note of all of the indicators for when you are hunting other areas. (minerals, topography, intrusions, ground color ... etc) These clues will help you in new gold areas. If the wash is not too deep, I would take off some more overburden to get to the bedrock and then run a VLF over it. There is still more there. There always is. Good luck out there!
  5. Good to hear this is still moving along. I was starting to think I was going to have to send my cousing Vinny to talk to you.
  6. All gold is worth it bud. All gold is worth it. If you had Bill's collection you could melt them into a bar. That's what I'll do when my jar gets too full of dinks. Then start all over again.
  7. Looks good, Gary. Now see if you can make it an ugly duckling patch
  8. The 5000 is an awesome machine when it is in the right hands. Nice work as usual, Tom!!
  9. Very nice work, guys! Funny how much gold is right off the road. Makes me wonder how much we drive over.
  10. Nice work, Mike. You found some nice ones. I'm with Adam. I need all of the time I can get to find gold. No hibernation allowed. What gold fever?
  11. Yeah, I only recently got into hillside hunting. For years I had overlooked this side of hunting, just because those patches are harder to find. But time teaches you more about hillside clues.
  12. Ah, nice one Uncle Ron. I learn something new every day. Snakes have never been an issue for me at night, at least in the areas I hunt. (also I use snake gators) I find them much more common in wet areas. In drier areas, I see more during the day (usually early morning). But I understand other people don't have the good snake karma that I do
  13. ok, I have to ask. Is joenoshoulders the blonde's boyfriend or are you referring to the occasional mtn. lion I have to throw rocks at to scare away? .
  14. Thanks all! It's a lot of fun when you actually find a new area. I dont mind getting skunked a time or two since it usually balances out in a few trips if I'm lucky.
  15. Well, it's that time of year, again. It's starting to get nice out during the day, but I thought I would get in one more nighttime hunt. And this last night hunt treated me well. I explored a new area about a mile from where I had found gold before. The rain really has changed the roads and washes in this area. Many areas were nearly unpassable. But I managed to get there with my trusty 4x4 and went out into the night feeling a little crazy (by myself) as I am many times. And the only thing that makes that crazy feeling fade away, is when you find that first piece of gold. And then the stars align and everything seems normal, again. Friday night's total came out to 7.25 grams. Some pictures didn't come out so well. Photography just doesn't work too well at night.
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