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  1. Andyy

    Ugly Ground but Beautiful Gold

    I get a lot of messages and had to clear a bunch out. If you don't do this, Bill hunts you down and starts beating you with one of his many detectors. I try not to anger Wild Bill It should be good, now.
  2. Andyy

    Gold Monster 1000!!!!

    Sweet Uncle Ron!! Glad to hear you are feeling better. One of the things that really got me going when I was starting out, were your stories of gold hunting. You taught me a lot. So with this brand new detector … what have you told Baboo Anyways, that Gold Monster is a bedrock beast. Cheers … P.S. and keep Baboo away from my patches ...LOL
  3. Andyy

    Gold Basin

    you know what I love about Gold Basin, aside from the splendidly large gold? The lack of trees that I have to landscape to clear out the gold. It's a breeze out there. Enjoy! Andyy
  4. Andyy

    Going Micro with the Falcon

    yow za! That is a nice take. Great job listening to the voice in your head! I wasn't aware the Falcon MD was that useful. Good to know!
  5. Andyy

    Ugly Ground but Beautiful Gold

    I don't know what you're talking about?
  6. Andyy

    Ugly Ground but Beautiful Gold

    Yes, you can bet your bottom dollar I am at least going to track it to see if it continues over the hillsides. If the gold monster senses anything in the quartz, I will be crushing some rock. I have found a lot of gold within 10 feet of quartz stringers that cross small washes. Sometimes they are on the upstream side and other times the downstream. Strangely enough, mostly upstream. (and it held for this case as well-as this quartz, though parallel with the wash, only first protruded the wash downstream of all of the gold)
  7. Andyy

    Ugly Ground but Beautiful Gold

    Yeppers, Gary. I also was thinking a little more dirt is going to need a mov'n. The nice thing about this location is I found only two pieces of trash. Both bird shot. Trying to track down one of the pieces of bird shot actually caused me to angle the coil towards the bank, where I consequently found the piece that looks like a big frosted flake.
  8. Andyy

    Ugly Ground but Beautiful Gold

    All - thank you for the kind words. Swamp - I was thinking I would try to work my way up to a dollar bill . Well one can dream I guess. We need to get you back out here for the outing.
  9. I enjoy trying to find new ground and get fairly lucky from time to time. Of course, that can mean you get a few skunks in between. Heck, sometimes more than a few. But this trip is what makes up for those times. The day started out normal enough. Way out in the desert away from the city. Away from the stress, away from the noise. Just me and my truck scrambling to get to a place I had just detected a couple weeks earlier. On a previous trip, I had found a couple dinks in this shallow wash. It was a little strange because there were no rocks thrown out of the wash or hand stacks or dry wash tailings. It just looked good to me. Basically, earlier prospectors either missed the area or it just didn’t show worth it in their gold pan. And it had already given up two small pieces of gold to me, which did not even add up to a gram. And after finding these pieces I had continued a couple hundred feet up the wash and the ground just got ugly. Me, being the expert geologist (sarcasm) I decided to jump to the next wash and search there instead of finishing the entire wash Of course nothing else was found in this second wash. But on this trip, I wanted to finish that wash. Simply because it was the right thing to do … and as my friends always say … Beep It All!! And so I did. Only 50 feet or so where I left the wash previously, I hit nugget after nugget after nugget, until I had reached a new GPZ record of 11 pcs. Even with my GM1000, my record was only 10pcs. So this turned out to be a great day. The largest piece was 5.5 grams. Most of the others pieces were over a gram but a couple were smaller. Total weight was ½ ounce. Here is the quartz stringer I believe most of the gold likely eroded from. It was in the bottom of the wash and ran right down the center. Note the red hematite along with it. And here are a couple gold pics It's still out there!
  10. Andyy

    Halloween Nuggets: Trick Or Treat?

    Very nice! People knock the GPZ, but it still has the widest nugget detecting range of any detector on the market. By range I mean sub grain to deep monster nuggets.
  11. Andyy

    NO WORDS! From across the World........

    Just imagine how many stars had to align for that to happen (depth, temperature, geology, magic).... Andy
  12. Andyy

    I haven't Laughed this Hard in Years!

    Man, Garrett must have paid him some bucks. While he is not even on Gold Rush anymore. He *is* still the face of Gold Rush.
  13. Andyy

    Two for Today ...

    Wow, I really love those rough ones. So cool!
  14. Andyy


    Sweet, Gary. What sucks is when I go through all that work and there's nothing there. It's always a gamble. Glad it paid off for you!!
  15. Andyy

    Stupid is As Stupid Does

    Yep, what others have said. But I would bet we could all fill this with our own stories of Stupid is as Stupid Does. Yeah maybe that will be a good topic for fireside stories.