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  1. nooo not cermic and not marble or granite
  2. now i need your opinion people so what thats again
  3. finaly i crush one of them i heated the ball with wildeng fire 10 min than i beat that with a large hummar
  4. where i can found acid and whats the name of acid
  5. thanks for your reply the size of ball 1cm to 2 cm diameter approxamtly ,, i try to crush 1 by hummar becasue i have extra two ball ,, and i thank thats mix from many matirals and im waiting your experiance to help me
  6. the country im living on it, not allowed to sell or buy archeological pices so thats why im looking to your form can i ask this type of pices allow to trade it in yours country
  7. hahahah the size of all simple is just 2mm x 2mm x2mm ,,, thats not make spoon and i have 15 gram only
  8. thanks admin actually i serarch and i found lunar dust it is looking like this phto
  9. i found it in very secrate place, which mean thats have high value so thats why im asking you ,, and i dont know thats for who
  10. yes brother i try many method but noo benfits ,, also i try steel cuter , becuse steel tools not do any things,,, i think the hardness is equal to diamond or it is Boron Carbide so im confuse becuse this is the first time i see like this matirals ,,, and like this shape so im asking here if any body did see like this before or what thats contain so i need your help to identify
  11. my friend find this old ball in midle east , in very old tomb but , this ball cant crush , i try many tools but no benfits , last time i try mrble cutter no benfits so any body can i dentfiy what the matirals thats made from or it is coming like this from natural 4.bmp 5.bmp
  12. hello i got some rocks but i dont know what it is i think there is glass or quratz in it i think it is from lunar i need yours help plz ?
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