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  1. Even a cop kneeling on another man's neck in broad daylight like it's no big deal.
  2. But not equal treatment under the law.
  3. So if you have 'bad parents' or live in a 'bad neighborhood' tough luck? You don't think many of these people would love to be able to go somewhere safer and more fruitful? Everyone is free to make choices, more or less. Some people have much fewer choices presented to them based on their circumstances through no fault of their own.
  4. So you're placing your feelings about a song and a piece of cloth over the rights of other Americans? You don't like the forum he chose so 'you' won't entertain a discussion or even admit that it has merit. "He disrespected the flag...." "We can't have that....." There's no law that says that anyone has to do anything when the flag or anthem are presented. It is done out of respect, but not a requirement. Kneeling is another gesture that is done out of respect. Or at least it was before Kaep did it. Service members who fought and died in defense for our country didn't
  5. I hear what you're trying to say. The United States is a diverse place with many different communities. Arizona and Nevada are most likely on one end of the spectrum. While our country is not 'full of inequality', in some communities it still does exist.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/protestors-knock-down-white-house-securitys-barricade-as-tensions-mount-over-floyds-death/ar-BB14ORuY?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=edgsp Here's something I don't agree with. The protesters have every right to say what needs to be said. But when damage is done, and other Americans are put in a dangerous position, it's wrong.
  7. Let me be clear and say that just because I brought up Kaepernick, that doesn't mean I'm advocating for everything he's done or said. I do understand why he chose to do what he did. I'd think if 'people' had engaged in a meaningful discussion about what could be done to curb police brutality, he would have stood again. The discussion never took place, the thing was politicized and people were expected to choose sides. Advocating for people, who's rights are trampled on, does not make one a 'non-patriot'.
  8. Then your two statements seem to be in conflict.
  9. So then you agree with Colin Kaepernick? His peaceful protest was supposed to bring attention to this very subject. Until it was politicized, and every 'patriot' made it about something else.
  10. Here's a couple pictures of good citizens standing up and protecting a police officer who was separated from the rest of the squad. Not everyone who protests police brutality is there to hurt people and destroy things. Property is replaceable, People are not. They are not equal, nor should they be viewed that way.
  11. The cooler came with the rolling stand. After the slab was cured I was able to roll that thing by myself on a runway of plywood strips. It mates up to the 20"x20" hole I cut in the side of my shop. I purchased some rubber isolator machine pads and cut some all-thread so I could adjust the height. Once it's positioned, I just lift it up on the feet and off of the wheels. It stands alone and isn't mounted or attached to the wall in any way. There is less than a 1mm gap around, but minimal losses since it just blows through. Any vibration from an unbalanced fan doesn't vibrate my stucco wa
  12. Have you considered adding a small wind turbine so you can charge the batteries at night?
  13. At the risk of being too personal and possibly biased. ( I'm a dog person.) Here's my mutts enjoying their swamp cooler. From the top, my 15 year old Aussie mix. In the middle, our 14 year old dachshund mix. The last, is our 'new' dog, a 3 year old chow mix. Last year I bought this Mastercool unit on Craigslist for $500. Cleaned out the insides and put a new pump. Works great. Currently blowing 70 degree air. I had to pour the slab it sits on, which is 55"x55". I went a little crazy while preparing the 'hole' for the concrete and removed a couple wheelbarrows fu
  14. Mastercool is the only way to go. Is that a 12" pad on your cooler Bob?
  15. Great gold Gary. It's too bad you weren't able to dig those two big ones on video. Maybe next time... Take it easy out there, it's getting warm.
  16. A near miss.... https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/nevada-dodged-a-bullet-when-65-earthquake-struck-in-a-remote-area-seismologist-says/ar-BB14aWo0?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=edgsp
  17. I don't know why you think we are 'sparring'. I'm not sure if you are implying that I 'found' the nugget at the tradingpost or in the area? I found this nugget almost 3 years ago on a popular GPAA claim in Arizona.
  18. I guess I just didn't recognize you in your 'disguised form'. Thanks for clearing that up.
  19. Yeah, those are what I was referring to. Hopefully we don't have any major events to coincide with the thing we are already dealing with.
  20. I was just wondering what happened to your otherwise good spelling and grammar. No worries. Don't feel the need to respond. Have a nice day.
  21. It wasn't a rhetorical question.
  22. Thanks Mac. I think I like the way it looks too. By the way.... Any chance you've been hanging out in Flint, Michigan drinking the tap water lately? Just curious.
  23. I imagine in a couple months, we'll know.
  24. I went ahead and let this specimen soak in Whink for about 9 days. It's a first time for me to alter any of the nuggets I've found. I 'lost' .12 grams of rock and now this nugget weighs .46g. I realize my pictures aren't the best. Still getting by with the phone camera. What do you guys think? Did I 'ruin' it?
  25. That's a lot of earthquakes in a short span of time.
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