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  1. I wonder what this guy has planned?
  2. I'd be willing to bet that my circumstance is vastly different than a man's who would loot a store for cereal and dry milk.
  3. Well can't you see Toucan Sam there on the box? I have kids and I do most of the grocery shopping around here.
  4. They have been subversively undermining us for a long time now.
  5. Well didn't you know there was a curfew last night?
  6. I believe that's what they are finding all over the nation. The people who are causing the chaos and anarchy don't even live in the communities they are attacking. Organized crime, gangs, possible foreign organizations..... They all have something to gain.
  7. I found this statement to be interesting: See his Twitter feed of January 2018, when he posed for a selfie at a bookstore holding “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” and wrote: “I just found the book that strikes fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump.” I'm not going to defend antifa, or any extremist group for that matter. But if you understand a little about 'why' they exist then some things become clearer. Their 'whole purpose' is to meet fascist ideology head on, with a direct counter. They claim that if fascist elements didn't exist, then they would have no pur
  8. Well now, since we've got that covered. What's left to talk about? That other guy in the photo looks to be in a hurry to get some laundry done.
  9. The way I see it, it's the small percentage of people in the crowd who are there to cause chaos and anarchy. Not the majority. I'm sure that guy in the picture above is a hardened criminal. The one with the Fruit Loops and the baby formula. Stealing is wrong, but maybe his kids are hungry and he no longer has a job.
  10. You better put those valuables away..... Congrats once again. Man, low 70's..... you're killin' me.
  11. It's also too bad that you didn't say something smart like this yesterday. We could've had a different conversation. Maybe next time.
  12. I will concede on this point. Since I have not actually laid in a foxhole while my buddy died next to me, I can't know exactly what causes a man to put himself in that situation. My apologies to any Vets who were offended by my overstep. Luke
  13. Amen to that lady. Maybe some day we'll have a President like that.
  14. Maybe they don't need bombs? They could just cause a situation where people would willingly go outside and congregate and continue to spread the virus around.
  15. And my Queensryche tribute wouldn't be complete without this gem.
  16. This one came out in 1990.... If you don't like the music, turn it down and read the lyrics.
  17. They live in Minneapolis. They didn't have to do anything to bring the cops to their neighborhood. I get what you're trying to say, but if you look again, you'll see normal people. The one lady was even wearing a white mask. Remember when out biggest problem was Covid? Why can't they just be concerned citizens who are worried?
  18. So you're saying that since I don't have combat experience, my words carry less weight than yours? That only combat veterans are enlightened enough to know 'the real truths'? Did you serve for the flag and the song? Or was it for what they represent? Do I have to be deployed in order to possess that insight? Are the symbols more important than the values they are supposed to represent? When you can't produce an effective counter, you call me an arrogant kid. This country was founded on idealism.
  19. Can we all agree that not all protestors are lawbreakers? Same as, not all cops are bad cops.
  20. So you're still talking down to me? At what age will my opinion matter? Due to your age, I've given you the respect you 'deserve' as an elder. Just because you are 'not young' are you done learning? Do you want to flash your 'Veteran's card' again? I can think of someone else who didn't serve. He actually put in some effort to avoid his duty. You sure seem to think his opinion is worth consideration.
  21. I'm not your son. I fully expected you to react that way to me. I realize that because I didn't serve, my 'patriotism' is not as grand as yours. If you think that you have some sort of say on who is a 'good American' or not, you've missed the whole point of this country. I humbly salute all past and present service members. Those who fought for the true values of this country. Not some deluded version of Us vs. Them.
  22. Yeah, I know. But time and time again, that's not how it turns out. If there was 'no race' and all humans were 'the same color', would the police brutality issue be more important to everyone? If they were killing people that looked like 'us', would we still be more concerned with the looting and arson?
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