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  1. I believe this also works if you recite, "Woman, man, camera, person, TV" out loud a few times.
  2. Well at least someone's been productive in 'quarantine'. Congrats Mitchel !!
  3. Hopefully he is found and in good condition.
  4. I believe that's the definition of inflation. Wouldn't it be great if you were making $2000 an hour?
  5. It's interesting when you think about how some are looking to 'cash out', while it seems a much larger group is 'buying in'. I wonder if this has anything to do with it?
  6. I believe the price of gold is related to demand. Of course there's some other factors too. As I understand it, the Chinese people with their 'new found wealth', are being encouraged by their government to buy gold. I won't get into what this means, but I imagine someone will.
  7. Tiny gold nuggets should read the same as tiny lead birdshot. 1 or 2 If the nugget is larger, it could be 13. Which is the same as a nickel. Anything between those numbers should be dug up. But if you're looking for gold, you should really dig everything anyways. Trash and/or mineralized rocks can mask or change a signal. If you want to be successful, you have to verify your targets. Sometimes the gold is under the trash. If you walk away on a trash signal, you'll miss the gold. If you're getting a lot of -8 or -9, and lots of 98 and 99.... Then the machine is st
  8. Based on my roughly 10 hours of time with the 800, I would say you've got the gain too high and are not ground balanced properly. In mineralized ground, you'll need to slow your swing to allow the 'electronic gizmos' to keep up. At least that was my experience. Gold 1 or 2 shouldn't matter and you should hunt in all-metal as much as possible.
  9. I do see some spots that look 'golden'. You'll probably have to crush one up and pan it out to be sure. Trying to scratch the golden spots with a needle may be helpful. If the material is brittle or crumbly, it's not gold. Is there a chance you didn't have the Nox ground balanced properly? Swinging too fast? It's just an odd story where your metal detector couldn't find the gold, but then you shut it off and went on to find more gold than many people ever do. Hopefully, it does turn out to be gold.
  10. I'm not seeing 'the gold' you are talking about. Could it be pyrite/mica you are looking at? Man, 30 rocks with gold showing, just laying there to be found by eye. Sounds like a really good area.
  11. So sorry to hear this. Reg helped me personally through a long string of emails and phone calls when I was interested in coil building. He also shared his knowledge directly which enabled me to modify my White's SPP. RIP Reg. Thanks for everything. Luke
  12. Here's one I've watched a couple times. These guys have been moderately successful over the years.
  13. Sounds like you need to watch more YouTube videos.
  14. Hey Gary. Glad you're still out and about. Nice gold.
  15. Yeah.... That's quite a nugget Mike !! Congratulations!!
  16. Hopefully some of you other guys have been doing better than myself. Perhaps, this can be a thread where all are welcome to post their gold found since the world changed. Seriously, anyone who found some nuggets since April, post em up. Let's see them !!
  17. Yep, been hearing and seeing them every year since ever since. Back in the 80's, used to have a cat that would go out under the street light all night and hunt the cicadas. If I got ahold of one, I could call him over and he'd eat it out of my hand. I sure would love to go back to those simpler times. Thanks for the reminder.
  18. Interesting bunch of videos. That environment you live in is very scenic. On a side note: That 'quote' from Benjamin Franklin is a misquote. He didn't actually say that. "The closest Franklin comes to expressing this sentiment is where he writes in a 1773 letter, “There is Truth in the Old Saying, That if you make yourself a Sheep, the Wolves will eat you.”" https://checkyourfact.com/2019/05/29/fact-check-democracy-jefferson-adams-franklin-hamilton/ Here's a few more from the original American. "Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no
  19. Maybe some sort of concrete cure?
  20. Congrats on 50 years Doc !!
  21. Happy 4th of July !! Hopefully your 'loved ones' aren't afraid of loud noises.
  22. The thing that creeps me out the most about scorpions is how fast they move. Do you think the flies were attracted to the black light? Or just a lot of flies that night? Cool video Bob.
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