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  1. Great gold Gary. It's too bad you weren't able to dig those two big ones on video. Maybe next time... Take it easy out there, it's getting warm.
  2. A near miss.... https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/nevada-dodged-a-bullet-when-65-earthquake-struck-in-a-remote-area-seismologist-says/ar-BB14aWo0?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=edgsp
  3. I don't know why you think we are 'sparring'. I'm not sure if you are implying that I 'found' the nugget at the tradingpost or in the area? I found this nugget almost 3 years ago on a popular GPAA claim in Arizona.
  4. I guess I just didn't recognize you in your 'disguised form'. Thanks for clearing that up.
  5. Yeah, those are what I was referring to. Hopefully we don't have any major events to coincide with the thing we are already dealing with.
  6. I was just wondering what happened to your otherwise good spelling and grammar. No worries. Don't feel the need to respond. Have a nice day.
  7. It wasn't a rhetorical question.
  8. Thanks Mac. I think I like the way it looks too. By the way.... Any chance you've been hanging out in Flint, Michigan drinking the tap water lately? Just curious.
  9. I imagine in a couple months, we'll know.
  10. I went ahead and let this specimen soak in Whink for about 9 days. It's a first time for me to alter any of the nuggets I've found. I 'lost' .12 grams of rock and now this nugget weighs .46g. I realize my pictures aren't the best. Still getting by with the phone camera. What do you guys think? Did I 'ruin' it?
  11. That's a lot of earthquakes in a short span of time.
  12. Four dinks is better than no dinks. WTG. Yep, I remember seeing those beetles last year. Their color alone says "don't touch". Glad you made it out.... and back safely.
  13. Yeah, really.... Uranus' planetary atmosphere, with a minimum temperature of 49K (-224.2 degrees Celsius) makes it even colder than Neptune in some places. https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/uranus/in-depth/
  14. If it was from Uranus, he probably wouldn't have picked it up.
  15. Good stuff Tom. Here's my 'coolest' find from the last several months. It was just laying there in the sand... Found the nuggets on the same day. Good times.
  16. Don't you know Nixon was a..... Haha, just kidding.
  17. Someone should call him. He's probably doing nothing like the rest of us.
  18. It seems that a lack of basic reading comprehension has emerged as the biggest problem in America. Much more dangerous than Covid19.
  19. You know Slim.... I fully expected you to take this thread in that direction. Your argument has no substance unless you can include your politics. It's obvious that you are trying to get this thread locked. Maybe it's time to raise your flag?
  20. I don't believe I've been anything but nice to you so, Thanks. I'm glad you have a job. Obviously many are not so fortunate. Are you self employed? I worked at least 80 hours a week when I was. You know, the weird thing is.... When someone pays payroll taxes, some of that money is for times like this. People who had to file for unemployment are actually getting some of their tax money back. Except the government didn't save that money and had to borrow some. What made you think I don't support bringing American jobs back? Did you read the article to the end?
  21. I enjoy a good 'Frontline' episode from time to time if that's what you're referring to. BBC, DW.... Who else?
  22. Thanks for participating Weaver ! With those names you listed, I'm just going to say 'Fox News' for you. While I don't listen to any liberal/progressive broadcasters, I'm going to guess their lack of presence on the AM waves is due to evolution.
  23. I'd like to hear from anyone else who hasn't already made their bias clear. Just looking for honest feedback.
  24. Still.... Cable 'news'. You're paying to be lied to. It's laughable that you are more concerned with 'ratings' than content. I guess as long as they keep saying what you already think then it's all good.
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