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  1. No doubt the overall cost was much higher. Thanks for posting the link Dave. “… it was the intention of these outlaws to waste our wheat fields, in order, if possible, to starve the people into submission to the hated and detested government of Abe Lincoln. Who but savages, yes, worse than savages, resort to such a mode of warfare? The history of the world does not contain an instance when it has been done.” Evil comes in all shapes and forms.
  2. Here's an interesting article.... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/last-person-to-receive-a-civil-war-era-pension-dies/ar-BB14WxEa?ocid=edgsp Let's keep it Civil please.
  3. No. I just thought I'd repeat a term that has been popularized these last few years. It doesn't matter how true a statement might be, once 'Fake news' has been proclaimed. It's the flip side of the coin. Why would you post anything you weren't sure was true?
  4. Yeah, but that backs up what I was saying about coming up with a plan to help get some of these people out of a rut.
  5. I brought up Germany to point out their education and healthcare systems. In order to back up what Bob was trying to say. I don't think Slim wants us turning this into an immigration debate.
  6. You mean this immigration issue? Germany is the second most popular migration destination in the world, after the United States of America.[3] By UN estimates, as of 2017, 12,165,083 people living in Germany are immigrants, or about 14.8% of the German population.[4] The majority of immigrants in Germany are from Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Middle East. The German Government has been keen to encourage immigration over the past 50 years, to address the low birth rate in the country.[5] On 1 January 2005, a new immigration law came into effect. The political background to t
  7. After years of 'record breaking' profits. When will corporations take 'personal responsibility' and save some of their own money for a rainy day? The economy is consumers. If people don't have money, they can't consume.
  8. I think they've put that largely behind them. Which could be why they seem to be doing better than us these days.
  9. There's no need to start another topic. My posts are on point.
  10. That's because this problem is bigger and more complicated than the death of one man.
  11. You know much of what Bob described sounds like Germany. Especially the education and healthcare. They seem to be doing pretty good these days.
  12. I do not disagree. However, they are still Americans and 'our problem'. Are we just going to try to pretend they don't exist? That doesn't seem to be going well. I think education and integration would help. Integration in the sense that as they become 'owners', their level of maturity and responsibility would increase naturally. Not getting pulled out of the car and thrown on the ground during a traffic stop would probably help as well. You'd make poor decisions too if your flight or fight response was always activated. I've seen some of those videos where the cop
  13. But nothing 'we do' for them will change the way some people view the color of their skin. That's part of the greater issue here. In addition, if those programs were properly funded and the money used in an intelligent, logical, modern fashion. Positive results could be amplified. Based on what I know about the job situation here in America, and not just since Covid19. I don't believe there's an abundance of jobs that pay living wages that are going unfilled. If there are, they most likely require some education and possibly relocation. There's got to be a few 'in the hood' who
  14. Maybe he upgraded to a Sig?
  15. With that attitude, you're right. No doubt there should be consequences for looting. But why should we be so quick to toss a man in prison? It costs roughly $30k a year to keep someone incarcerated. While locked up, that person provides nothing to society. I think the money would be better 'spent' (if we're going to spend it at all) over a longer period, while being used to 'give someone a hand up, not a hand out'. Maybe somethings as simple as tax cuts, or education and job training. Of course there'd have to be a number of good paying jobs, but that's different s
  16. My mindset would be different if my kids were hungry.
  17. Lots of good pictures Terry. I appreciate the 'tempo' of the video. It let's one see what you're trying to show, and then on to the next.
  18. I wonder what this guy has planned?
  19. I'd be willing to bet that my circumstance is vastly different than a man's who would loot a store for cereal and dry milk.
  20. Well can't you see Toucan Sam there on the box? I have kids and I do most of the grocery shopping around here.
  21. They have been subversively undermining us for a long time now.
  22. Well didn't you know there was a curfew last night?
  23. I believe that's what they are finding all over the nation. The people who are causing the chaos and anarchy don't even live in the communities they are attacking. Organized crime, gangs, possible foreign organizations..... They all have something to gain.
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