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  1. Sometime this last December, in the LSD area, I noticed a few of these Praying Mantis egg sacks as I went along. I decided to borrow one and relocate it to my backyard. I don't believe in spraying poison all around my house, with the kids and the dogs roaming around. So these voracious little predators are certainly welcome to help keep the nuisance pest population in check. I'd been keeping my eye on this egg sack and when I took a look today they were already hatching. I counted at least 20 and I'm sure there's another 20 I didn't see. I really 'dig' stuff like this.
  2. Thanks Fred! I look forward to eventually putting your 'methods' into practice.
  3. I think you have to learn to find the gold before you should concern yourself with profits. Profitable may never happen.... Not trying to discourage, just being real. Educate yourself as much as possible and maybe you'll get lucky too. The best claims, are not the ones for sale, I'd assume. This is a great hobby/pastime and you can meet some real cool people along the way. Good luck to you!
  4. You know it's BS after reading the first sentence: "Over the weekend past boulder dash and I were sitting down of an evening discussing what little gold we had found that day"
  5. You guys are something else! Lucky, doesn't even begin to describe it....
  6. Nice character on those nuggets. I knew there were a few more out there. Hope I can get one before they're all gone! I did some community service and picked up a heaping handful of metallic garbage in the forest yesterday. Good times Beautiful day though... Way to go Tom! you too ArcticDave!
  7. Weekend is not over... Never know what could happen! Nice job Tom
  8. Almost forgot, Thank you for the buckets Shay!
  9. It was great to meet: Bill S. , Mike, TomH, Old Tom, Justin, Mitchel, Adam, Boulderdash, Gary, TempeDave, Arctic Dave, and AJ. There may have been a few others I can't remember at the moment. I had an excellent time and everyone was very friendly. The food was delicious and plentiful. There were several others I didn't take the opportunity to introduce myself, so looking forward to next time! Thank you everyone for the hospitality. Luke
  10. Much knowledge floating around here in this forum. I think that the simple point of it all is: If there is a mineral claim of any kind, and you don't have permission from the claim owner, you could get in trouble if caught there with your detector. Regardless of what you are searching for. The idea that anyone would dig a nugget while searching for meteorites, and then put the nugget back in the hole. Absurd. Get the claim owners permission or don't go there.
  11. Maybe the coyote will come back and take the bunny off your hands...
  12. ...with that being said, I wish that was my living room floor in the picture! Can't wait to see the gold pics!!!
  13. I have to laugh a bit. When I see the box the GPZ7000 comes in, it looks like a toy. For that price, and detector capability, it should come in a leather briefcase or something like that. Even a pirate treasure chest would be better. It is the best, newest, latest, greatest,.... right?
  14. Looks like you guys had a great time!
  15. You are one talented individual. Perhaps a bit lucky too! Awesome stories and pictures, AzNuggetBob.
  16. AzNuggetBob, Thanks for the reply. I've seen some of those pics. Looking forward to using my Goldmaster to dig one of those babies up. Could be this weekend? Fingers crossed !! mn90403, I've seen several deals like those you describe. I'm just a ways off from having that kind of coin to throw out on a detector. I will have one someday. I gotta find some nuggets first. Then I may be able to convince my wife. I took a nice drive up to Congress this afternoon and met a nice gentleman by the name of Dave Lester. He gave me a good deal on a Sierra Gold Max coil. It's a little heavy but
  17. Andyy,.... I know nothing about your specific detector. If it is a VLF and you are having trouble with the highly mineralized ground, I would suggest to turn down the gain/sensitivity and see if it will smooth out a bit for you. Possibly getting the smallest coil available for your detector will help. Of course you will lose some depth. It seems there is always a trade-off. That is a tough area to search for sure.
  18. I have to say I'm a bit overwhelmed. I did not expect the number of replies and all the kind words of encouragement. If I had a regret, it would probably be that I didn't speak up earlier. Things happen for a reason I guess..... Thank you all. Boulder dash..... Keith Stone!! That guy rocks!!!
  19. You guys are awesome! Looking forward to putting some names to faces. It feels pretty good to read your replies and know that I've thought the same things. Every time I go out there is so much excitement and anticipation. Then three hours in, I start to wonder if someone ran their coil over the same places I am searching. Either last month or three years ago. When I start finding the small lead I think that any "pro" would have picked that stuff up. So there still could be a nugget in that area. I know it's just a matter of time. I will go back to some of those spots and search a lit
  20. Thank you guys for the greetings. Nugget108, attached is a picture of what I've found the last two times out. I throw away all the iron, nails and such when I get home and hold onto the lead, brass, etc. I'm not going to give up. It actually felt pretty good just to compose that post and publish it here. Adam, my friend and I have discussed taking the time to move an area of overburden in the wash and we probably will at some point. If I'm not mistaken, you and boulder dash have some videos on YouTube...? I'm a big fan. Azblackbird, gold or not, I still enjoy getting out for the expe
  21. Hello everyone! This is the first gold prospecting forum I have joined and this will be my first post. Entitled: Download and decompress.... My name is Luke. I live in Phoenix, and a 39 year 'native' of Arizona. I've spent countless hours reading the posts here and anywhere else where people with valuable experience so generously share their hard won wisdom. Thank you for that. A few years back I bought a Goldmaster V/sat on Craigslist for $325 and it came with a sluice and old version of the Fox gold spiral. Pretty good deal... I went up to the Cow Creek area a few times. Found garba
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