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  1. There's 96 pieces of trash you'll never have to dig again! Thanks for making it a bit easier for the next guy....
  2. Sorry to hear this Dave. That is a real tough thing to deal with. RIP Kermit
  3. I'll be there. Looking forward to it!
  4. Screeming yellow zonker!!! Makes it all worthwhile.... I was out that way today.... Had a few screaming zonkers myself.....none like that though!!! Awesome job guys!!!
  5. Cool Specie.... Was that found with the Gold Bug?
  6. Good Luck out there! Looking forward to seeing the results....
  7. Thanks Guys. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out... Dave, I think the mod you are referring to is the one that lowers the pulse timing to 8 micro sec. There is a fairly current discussion about that on the TDI forum. I've been looking at those 'folded' coils as well...
  8. Here are the pics... I'll try to put something more detailed together in the near future. I got info on how to build a Li-ion balanced pack on Google. There are pictures of wiring diagrams. Once you get an understanding of the wiring, it's actually quite simple. Then I just removed some plastic 'webbing' from inside the battery box until my pack would fit. It's snug, but it fits. You can get an 'extra box' to play with on Ebay for like $15. I use an Imax B6 charger, that was like $30 on Amazon. Luke
  9. Jim, I recently acquired a White's SPP. Which is a simplified version of your SL. There is a TDI Tech forum and a fellow by the name of Reg frequents that site. There are several long winded discussions about batteries for the TDI series detectors on there... I first, did the 9-cell mod. Which basically adds one more AA battery to the 8 cell pack. Keeps the voltage in the favorable range for a longer period. Also makes it heavier. After a lot of reading, I bought the parts I needed and constructed a 4 cell Lithium-ion battery that fits in the modified battery box. I have a balance charger
  10. I love reading your reports. I learn a little something every time. That's a lot of hard work there, but at least you don't come up empty handed.... Awesome Gold! Good job guys!!
  11. that's what it's about.... Great job! ( please, leave some for the rest of us...)
  12. Well Done! That's quite a haul.... You are top notch detectorist when you can find medical cannabis with a metal detector!
  13. Better tie them quick! Looks like a bear is sneaking up on you in the brush to the right....
  14. Rick, I'm at a loss for words. That's got to be the worst thing ever... So sorry for your loss. Luke
  15. Four months ago, I 'ran' into Kevin on a GPAA claim in Poland Junction. I was really shocked. I guess these claims aren't all picked over, if he's here. He was teaching another fellow how to detect for gold. SUPER nice guy. Talked for a bit, and he pointed me towards a spot he had done well in the past. Later on, around sunset, he stopped back by and talked to us for over an hour. Anything we could think to ask, and he would let the information flow. Later on he told me that one of his favorite claims to hunt is in the LSD area. It was one I had hunted before. It helped me to know t
  16. Nice character. Looks kinda chunky. Based on recent knowledge I'd say it's on the plus side of a gram.....? Well done!
  17. I'm new at this....but maybe you could taper and/or turn down the end of an axe handle. Would that be too short? or heavy....
  18. Good job Fellas! You guys are so consistent. If I were to call you the Dynamic Duo..... Which one is Robin? LOL! Good Gold, Good Times!
  19. Looks like you guys had a great time. The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect. I guess this was the cool down I was asking for....Tom Good Gold, Good times!
  20. Thanks everyone, it's raining and it's a great day! I think I'm going to keep on trying to dress-up FDR with golden adornments. Until I get one that covers the whole dime! The first one is the best and hopefully the start to a nice collection! Weighed in just under a gram at .98g. No complaints. I figured the first one would be 1/4 that size. I'll take it either way.... I found it with.... I could have found it with my V/sat, GMT, or even the Falcon (talk about tedious). It was right in the top 1 inch of soil and just needed someone to swing the coil over it. It was easy when it came
  21. Patience and Perseverance. Low and Slow. Dig all targets. Ground balance and tune to the test nugget. Drove out to the LSD this morning. Did some research and found some open BLM land at the end of a road. Got there at 7am and hiked over a ridge to a 'likely spot'. Right out the gate, bullets, tacks, little bits of wire. Spent several hours trying to stay focused and methodical. With an hour left to hunt, decided to walk back to the truck and put on the small coil. Re-ground balance and tune to test nugget. Walked 20 feet to a little gully and started scanning the bedrock and little b
  22. I saw this machine being used on Gold Trails, the GPAA show with Kevin Hoagland. I believe it was episode 9, this last Saturday. The people using it seemed pretty happy about it. However, it is a tv show. I figured it would cost more, based on the internals of the machine as described on the show. I wouldn't mind shoveling some dirt into one...
  23. Speaking of which..... I received my copy of Advanced Prospecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold in the mail today. Purchased one from Bill. This little book is jam packed with so much valuable information, and I'm sure I've just barely scratched the surface. Great book Mr. Straight!
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