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  1. Can't beat that... Makes the effort to get out in the heat totally worth it !! Great Job Tom !!!
  2. Indeed..... EPIC !! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to show my wife what I have planned for my kids in a few years. Looking forward to the next report.....
  3. That's a great looking bunch of nuggets !! Not to take anything away from the 5000... but when I see something like this I often wonder how many could have been found with other detectors.... with everything else being the same I know the 5000 is a great machine, but it seems you also have a great spot Congrats
  4. Looking forward to it Bob. Thank you for the kind words. You're right, The Toms are quite a pair. I feel quite privileged to be able to observe them in their natural habitat
  5. Well you know Tom... what do they say about items of antiquity? You wouldn't want to clean it much and definitely don't remove the patina, or it could lose value. Plus, every time you go out detecting and successfully make it back to the truck, skunk or not, you can say you found a relic!!!
  6. That is the best thing ever! What a great experience for you to share with her. Awesome!
  7. AzNuggetBob, The gold/mercury amalgam is what I'm hoping for at this point. Problem is, I can't get it out of the vial. Either the lid expanded once inside the green jar, or someone pushed it in there with some force. Maybe that's why it was lost? I have tried several 'procedures' to get the inner vial out without damaging the outer green vial. My last attempt was to super glue a bamboo chopstick to the lid and pull it out. No dice. The super glue eventually broke and took some of the lid with it. I'm thinking about drilling a small hole in the plastic lid to remove the mercury as my n
  8. After digging several pieces of barbed wire, one after the other. My heart did a double beat when I heard the next target. It sounded different and the GMT only showed three bars on the display. Whatever it was, I knew it was not a dink. It didn't whisper, more of a shout. I immediately thought of Tom's hefty nugget (dredged in '86) from the same area. Unfortunately, one too many protons. But hey, I'll take a vial of mercury instead of another bullet. I imagine I'll make use of it in the future... Like Tom already mentioned, the weather was fantastic. I kept forgetting it was J
  9. I'd say it was worth the drive. Well done guys!
  10. Welp.... ( sorry, couldn't help it.... ) Got out in the hills today with TomH, OldTom, and AZMark for a bit of prospecting. We ended up in the Poland Junction area. It was a bit cooler up there with the high at 95F. I guess that's a funny thing about living in Phoenix, and then saying it was cooler at 95F. We were in a well known mining area and there was lots of evidence of past activities. Did some detecting and quickly discovered the time would be better spent poking around in the cracks of the bedrock. Didn't find any nuggets, but got some color in the pan.... We had a
  11. Looking forward to the outing.... .... and some November weather
  12. Mitchel, I'm planning on attending the Gold Basin nuggetshooter outing the first week of November. Won't be able to make the second outing.... I have tried to view the Perseids meteor shower several times and usually the monsoon clouds make it rather difficult. Maybe this year will be the exception... Luke
  13. I'm interested, but I'm not an expert.... I've just been waiting for a few people to set a date and then I can see how it fits in the family schedule. I'll continue to watch this thread for updates. Thanks!
  14. Definitely looking forward to when my kids are old enough to turn loose with a detector! Awesome family time and memories that will last.... Good Times!
  15. Happy for ya Dan! That looks awesome!!!
  16. Looks interesting... Might want to see a doctor about that !!
  17. Can't ask for much more than that! Awesome job guys!!!
  18. It was great seeing you guys up there! Wish we could have stayed longer... Weather was pretty nice. I had a nice hike around the area. Found all the usual suspects, brought home the skunk. Looking forward to the next time...
  19. Bill, I really appreciate your honest accounts of your time with the GPZ7000. It helps to put things in perspective... Awesome gold!!! Can't wait to see that whopper! Luke
  20. ARFLYBOY, There is much to learn here.... bunch of good guys/gals too. Welcome! If you are ever in central Arizona, flying in a helicopter... I've got some spots I want to check out! Could be good gold.... let me know!
  21. There's a fellow on Craigslist, in Surprise, Az who is selling a GPZ 7000 for $8900.....
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