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  1. Good luck out there Bill !! Hope you hook a lunker.... looking forward to the post-trip post Luke
  2. Nice piece of gold you got there.... Way to go !!
  3. It really shows the strength of one's character to admit when they were wrong. I believe that's the definition of integrity.... The chili-verde was excellent !! Thanks
  4. Had a really great time in Gold Basin. Never been out that way before, looking forward to going back. Wish I could say I found a nugget, but I ended up with a Minelab Go-Find 60 instead !! Thank you Bill, Doc, and Minelab for the detector. Up until that point, I hadn't ever won anything significant in a raffle. Especially one that was free.... Thank you My kids are already learning how to use it and my 3 year old daughter doesn't want to give her big brother a turn... I was also given a nice new Minelab backpack that was full of various other promotional items. Lydia seemed to th
  5. Way to go Andy Hoping to get the skunk off my back here soon....
  6. Couple of chunksters you got there.... That's some nice gold !!
  7. Way to go Tom !! I'd be happy with that anytime
  8. Big or small, each one is unique. Nice nugget Tom !!
  9. I'll make some coleslaw.... and I'll bring some firewood too
  10. I use GPSmap 62s. There may be better ones out there, but not sure what I'm missing. It does what I need and I always find my way to and from the destination without issue. Garmin Basecamp is also pretty useful and integrates nicely. Only negative I can think of, I didn't get the more expensive model that has a built in camera. Didn't see the need before, but now I have seen how useful it would have been... Luke
  11. So I figure with all the guys who frequent this forum, there will probably be several people sending their gold to 'Sandy". I would like to volunteer as a middle man of sorts. You guys can send your gold to me and then I will coordinate from there. Thanks, Luke
  12. Totally awesome dude !! Really, nice work Tom.
  13. I was thinking the same thing....
  14. Wowsers !! That's an impressive find Way to go, Mitchell
  15. That's some nice gold boulder dash !!
  16. The way I'm looking at it: You got another free knife.... ....and you didn't have to dig up those hooks and sinkers, one by one ! Cool find. Keeping it interesting when the skunk is hanging out.... Good job fellas Luke
  17. Hey Jim Straight !! Haven't heard from you in awhile.... Hope this message finds you in good health and good spirits Luke
  18. I'd say it's some of that Unobtainium.... Maybe one day, someone will change the name. It's truly remarkable that we can see these photos and speculate at all. Especially for those who watched the moon landing on TV. USA !!
  19. "...it's something else, it scratches too many different itches..." great video Thanks, Luke
  20. getting deep Mark.... Looking forward to the interesting conversations around the fire at the November outing !! ...and I agree with Bill, this thread is highly educational. Thanks to all the contributors
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