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  1. This has turned into quite the informative thread... Awesome Gold Uncle Ron !!
  2. Looks like one heck of a fun day !! Nice nugs
  3. Nice trio you got there !!
  4. Thank you everybody. It's kinda funny it worked out that way, Shay. I did notice that we posted within minutes of each other. Congrats on your nugget, it's one of a kind. When I attended the Gold Basin outing in November, I was just getting started with the coil winding. I had been doing various shapes and sizes of mono coils and learning to make a 'fast coil' that my White's SPP would like. Fortunately, the White's TDI family of detectors are somewhat forgiving in their design and the electrical specs are not as strict as a coil for a Minelab would be. There is a great forum for ner
  5. That's a nice nuggy you got there. Some character to it... Way to keep the streak alive !! Luke
  6. ...was the time it finally happened, again. Hey everyone !! AzMark and I took a drive out to the LSD region this morning. It was a little chilly so we hung around the truck for a bit until the sun came up over the ridge. For whatever reason, we didn't seem to be in any particular hurry today and the pace was casual. After discussing our plans for the day and who was headed in which direction we set out from the truck. My plan was to walk down to a little gulch and then cross to the other side and detect up to the ridgeline and hopefully meet up with Mark in a couple hours. We had been to t
  7. Glad you guys got out yesterday !! Cool finds.... We took the kids to play in the snow... Awesome weather yesterday.... Enjoy it while it lasts !!
  8. Welcome aboard Matt !! See ya when you get here. Safe travels.... Luke
  9. Thanks for the encouragement guys... No, that's not a petrified pork bone. It's half of a horseshoe I believe. The luck is probably long gone though... Good luck to all of you in your adventures !! Luke
  10. I'll second what Dan said... Nice nugget !! Congrats Luke
  11. I will take a few if you can spare them... Thanks Shay !! I'll bring firewood to the outing as well. Looking forward to it
  12. That's awesome !! Looks like you're on to something good there. Bet you can't wait to get out there again... Luke
  13. Hey everyone... AzMark and I went out to the LSD region on Saturday to hunt for those elusive nuggets we all cherish. First off, we went out to a location in the neighborhood of a spot The Toms took me to the previous weekend. We hiked all the way up to the start of the drainage system and then got up on the ridges and worked our way back to the truck. We know that good gold has been taken out of this area in the past, but didn't find any for ourselves. On the plus side, we both dug much less trash than usual. With that being said, we were still in good spirits when we met up at the truck
  14. Happy Birthday OldTom !! Here's to many more revolutions around the sun.... Luke
  15. WOW !! Now that's what I'm talking about... Old patch or New ? That 7000 seems to be working fine. WTG Bill !!
  16. That's some nice looking gold. Good thing you warmed up...
  17. Had a great day out with The Toms !! First off, I found all of the usual suspects. Ended up getting skunked when it was all said and done... Other than that, I had a good time and learned a few new things. One, as simple as driving farther out.... Thank you to TomH and OldTom for taking me to see some stuff I had yet to see. Also, being on location when TomH found his nugget was enlightening. He's got some good Karma too... Helps to restore some hope for a future nugget (#2) with my name on it !! Thanks again, Luke
  18. Killing it as always... Nice job fellas !!
  19. Looks like you guys had a really great time out there... Awesome finds too..... Luke
  20. Looks good to me !! You're on a roll... Luke
  21. seems to be a trend out in the LSD.... couple large nuggets have popped up in the last few days... maybe I should hurry and get out there ! Nice nugget Mike !! Luke
  22. Excellent find made that much sweeter with your son as a witness. Way to go !!
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