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  1. yeah, I missed you guys....
  2. I wish I could offer some advice, other than send it back to the manufacturer. One thing I've never understood, is the idea that .223 cal and 5.56 are supposed to be interchangable. ????? .223 cal is .223" and 5.56mm = .219" Now some of you may say: Oh, what's four thousandths ??? That's just the width of a hair. It's also the difference in your firearm functioning properly... Good Luck with that Mike !! Please let us know the solution when you find it... Thanks Luke
  3. What everyone else said... !!! Congratulations Steve !!
  4. Looks like a good reward for the effort... You guys are rock stars !!
  5. Couple of really nice nuggets you got there... Keep it up, there's more out there !! Luke
  6. Now see that !! Perserverence pays !! Right on Andy... That's one heck of a nugget
  7. Looks like fun It's always a good feeling to see some color in the pan... I was in the neighborhood... Just a few miles to the southwest. That water is COLD. Didn't do any prospecting though... We did however do the 50+ mile loop down 82 to Wagoner and then back around through Minnehaha. It was a long day... My buddy's been dying to ride his ATV and has no one else to roll with him. So I took him to a road I wanted to explore and followed him for the day. His odometer said 70 miles when we got back to his truck. Although we did have a ten mile or so "oopsie" and had to back track
  8. I imagine there will be more used 5000s for sale soon...
  9. Righteous gold Dan !! Sharing those times with your kids it what it's all about... WTG Nice nickel too. Luke
  10. I'd be quite happy with those 'one of a kind' originals... Sure beats rusty sheet metal and .22LR brass. WTG ​Toms !! That next nugget is just around the corner.... on that ledge, under that branch Luke ​
  11. I mentioned it to the wife.... she's okay with having a new gold nugget pendant.
  12. Thanks guys.... I've been getting pretty lucky lately. Hope it keeps up You know, I did adjust my detector after that experience, but soon adjusted it back to where I was running it before. Pushing up the gain just made things more unstable. The ground there is fairly mineralized and I had to run the GB a bit higher than normal. That first nugget Matt found that day had the shape of a 'boomerang triangle' (to my recollection) and was 'flattish'. I'm just guessing at the weight of .3g. Maybe he'll chime in and show you guys and give us the actual weight. The hole he dug it out of an
  13. Nice nuggets guys. You two always manage to squeak out a couple nuggets. (at the very least) Way to go !! Luke
  14. ....and a couple of them were GOLD !! Went out to a spot in the mountains and met up with a very generous friend this morning. He showed me a spot that he had done pretty good recently and since I can keep a secret.... So anyways, the morning was rather uneventful. Lots of bullets and shell casings. After lunch, we went back to detecting and that's when things got interesting. MattS picked up a nice little nugget in an area that I had searched earlier that morning. When I went over to check it out, he threw the nugget back in the hole and I attempted to detect it. Best I could do was
  15. Andy, I think the article you posted ultimately contains the answer you are looking for... Try not to over think it. Often times, simplicity is the key, coupled with hard work. Which I guess is why there is still gold to be found and like they say: "No one gets it all". Good Luck out there !!
  16. the way I look at it... The longer the skunk streak goes, the better the odds on the next time out !! The last one you got, wasn't the last. The next one was just destined farther out than you were hoping for... or something like that Glad you guys made it out for this, a little too warm for February, weather. Better luck next time !!
  17. Looks like it will be a busy weekend out at LSD for the NuggetShooter outing.... The GPAP will be having an outing at the Golden Dreams claim on the 19th. As well as a Roadrunners dig on the same day on the Carrie claims. Hopefully there will be enough spaces for you guys with the RVs.
  18. Yeah, Hang in there Swamp... ( side note: I appreciate the precision of your writing. ) Luke ​
  19. I second that notion.... Making it look easy, once again. Luke
  20. Looks good !! ....when I tilt my head to the side Nice work Adam Luke
  21. Cool nugget !! There are more out there...
  22. Personally, I don't mind the 'self promotion'. If you work hard for something, you should be able to talk about it. You guys tell it like it is... and I appreciate that. Thanks for the report and way to go on that hard earned gold. Luke
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