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  1. Speaking of Tesla.... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-tesla-nickel/please-mine-more-nickel-musk-urges-as-tesla-boosts-production-idUSKCN24O0RV
  2. Some day you might realize he was only in it for himself. Or maybe you won't..... We can protect the environment while still extracting resources.
  3. I'd say you are pushing the limits of depth on a target that size. But then there's the '+40%' factor of the GPZ, so it's tough to say. Excellent finds regardless. It's awesome to dig a deep hole that has gold at the bottom. Congrats !!
  4. I never said there wouldn't be a 1%. It's also mathematically impossible for there not to be. Is it none of your business? It seems like you have so much to say about everything else. I find it astonishing that 'people' repeat their programmed responses over and over again, even when there are other possible alternatives.
  5. http://nbr.com/2019/12/16/these-91-companies-paid-no-federal-taxes-in-2018/ I mean take a look at this list. How much tax revenue could be generated by imposing a minimal tax rate? Are these companies doing us such a huge favor by supplying jobs that it's up to the worker/tax payer to prop up the system so they can do us the favor? I think anyone who makes 15 million a year would do just fine with 14 million a year. Wealthy people could still be rich compared to the rest of us. We don't have to confiscate the wealth in order to make things more equitable. People coul
  6. You know Slim? I really don't disagree with you. Middle class and lower tax payers shouldn't have their taxes raised and they should be lowered. One possible way to do this would be to make companies pay their fair share for the right to do business in America. In no other country can you have the business opportunities that can be had here. But it should be pay to play and not use and exploit. There's got to be a middle ground where the 1% would make slightly less and leave more for the rest of us. And no, I'm not suggesting socialism.
  7. How about we take domestic mining companies 'off the table'. Let them get a 'free pass'. Isn't demanding royalties from foreign mining companies still a good idea? What right to they have to our minerals?
  8. I get your point, that's why I used a low ball number for the tax rate. Based on the numbers provided yesterday which amounted to a 39.5% profit margin I can adjust my example accordingly. 6.4 Billion profit taxed at 2.6% is 164 million. The tax rate doesn't have to be huge for the result to be a substantial amount of money.
  9. The first thing that comes to my mind when this subject comes up is that water is a product of combustion.
  10. https://ktar.com/story/2080673/freeport-mcmoran-boss-was-top-paid-ceo-in-arizona-in-2017/#:~:text=PHOENIX — The head of a,company Freeport-McMoRan in 2017. PHOENIX — The head of a Phoenix-based Fortune 500 company was the top-paid CEO in Arizona in 2017, according to an Associated Press analysis. Richard C. Adkerson was paid $16.2 million to run energy company Freeport-McMoRan in 2017. Freeport-McMoRan has been in the Fortune 500 for 13 years and has more than 25,000 employees globally. The company, which mines copper, gold and molybdenum, reported $16.4 billion in revenue
  11. Part of the issue is the tendency to take everything to the extreme. Nobody wants what you are suggesting, nor would it even be possible. Companies whose profits are in the millions should be paying something for the minerals. No one thinks twice about having to buy a tag to hunt deer. Even when there's no guarantee you'll get drawn or succeed in the hunt. We can be reasonable. Non-Democrat, Lincoln Project supporting, Machinist Luke
  12. Here's a list of companies that didn't pay Federal Income Taxes in 2018. http://nbr.com/2019/12/16/these-91-companies-paid-no-federal-taxes-in-2018/ Freeport McMoRan is on the list.
  13. Well I'm sorry I don't keep up on whether 'you guys' find my sources acceptable. I'd still like to see what information you believe was left out of my 'liberal' source. Please provide anything, if you can.
  14. What's wrong with today's world is the idea that there are only two sides. That anyone who disagrees with you, is against everything you stand for. This country was greatest when we were united. As long as the Us vs.Them attitude is the popular choice, then nothing will change. Our adversaries are laughing at us while they gain global control. But oh sure.... It's all the Democrats fault.
  15. It's funny miners and machinists..... kinda like the chicken and the egg. I need your mined metals to make the tools you use to do your job. Unless you want to dig with your hands and walk everywhere. We aren't as different as you want us to be.
  16. How about a guy who claims to not be a politician but uses all the dirtiest tricks in the book. Is he honest enough for you? Why would I become a miner? I'd have to move away from my hometown and make all new friends. Plus, I'd rather stick with turning the metal you mine into useful objects that enable every industry on the planet. Thanks. Machinist Luke
  17. If you looked at the list and found anything that was questionable, I'd be more than happy to see your contrary evidence. I keep asking for evidence to back up what people are so emotional about and it's crickets. Why do I carry the burden of proof? If you are so confident in your beliefs, tell me why and provide the facts. But do your due diligence and be prepared to stand behind your statements. If you understood me in our PM a few months ago, you would know I'm not a 'liberal'. It just seems that way when I dare to disagree with certain members of this forum. Sure, I'm not as con
  18. People do funny things in times of desperation.
  19. I have to thank you Slim for posting this video. I sure miss having someone who can speak in complete sentences and stay on subject. Notice how he was honest, even when his answer was difficult for the worker to hear. That's called integrity. I thought it was interesting how the gentleman who asked the question worked at the Carrier plant. It seems that particular plant had a little to do with the last election. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/carrier-plant-in-indiana-that-played-role-in-trump-election-sheds-another-200-workers-2018-01-11
  20. The GOP can splice together all the clips they want. The record speaks for itself. Who was president before Obama? It takes time to turn things around which is something our current president doesn't understand. Most likely because he didn't create the economy that has now been wrecked. Unless you're in California, there's probably some more straws around here if you want to keep grasping.
  21. Did you look at the list? Did you find anything that doesn't go with 'conservative thinking'? Are 'conservative sources' the only valid sources?
  22. Oh, I thought you were serious about your assertions yesterday in your Biden/Harris mining topic. When you said this: "In fact, Obama was a disaster for mining as well as manufacturing." I am always willing to learn, so I thought you'd be able to provide some proof to your claim.
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