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  1. I think we can let it slide. But you'll have to tell us where they were found. Luke
  2. I've cut many thousands of both of those metric sizes in 15 years of running a lathe. I can't remember one time when I cut a 'special' metric thread. I know they exist, but that's why I thought it would be highly unlikely.
  3. That thread is either 5 x .8mm or 6 x 1mm. Best thing would be to go to the hardware store and get a couple nuts to verify which one it is for sure. It's very unlikely that it is a 'special' thread.
  4. Expensive smoke.... That stuff about the resistance requirements was another one of those things Reg warned me about. I can't take credit for anything, just trying to pass good information along to the next guy.
  5. Well hold on now.... You can use a Minelab coil on a TDI, but not the other way around. The TDI doesn't put as much current through the coil as the Minelab does. The TDI coils have greater than .5 ohm resistance. The Minelabs require .5 ohm or less if I remember correctly. Please verify for yourself before you decide to plug a TDI coil into a Minelab detector. Other than that, we're 'on the same page', Homefire. Luke
  6. WOW !! You really covered a lot of ground there Homefire. I can completely understand needing to stick to a budget and quite frankly, it's so much 'cooler' when you make something highly functional from 'trash'. You've got some nice creations there. I started making coils for my White's SPP detector after buying a couple Miner John's coils and wondering if I could build a decent coil myself. Probably the best resource available on this subject and relating to the TDI series of detectors is a gentleman by the name of Reg Sniff. He was gracious enough to answer my requests and provi
  7. Yes indeed, nice work Homefire. I was tempted to show some more pics of coil windings, or get into a discussion of why you chose solid wire and how you plan to shield your coil. (Maybe in another thread) But then I realized I just want to see more Arizona gold. Come on Arizona guys (and gals) !! There has to be more than a few of us that has found gold with a detector? Don't make me mention you by name..... Let's see it !! Luke
  8. One of the great things I remember about the first NuggetShooter outing I attended, was meeting Mitchel and getting the opportunity to hold 'The Goose Egg'. I haven't been nugget shooting as long as some of these other guys, but I'm still proud to show my biggest nugget find to date. It was found in central Arizona, on a hillside patch I was invited to by a friend of mine. It was the fourth nugget I had ever found and now my wife wears it on a chain. I was using my modified White's SPP ( TDI variant ) with a 7" homemade basket weave coil. The nugget was 4 to 5 inches deep an
  9. I would think that the dual carb route would give you more problems in the long run. More adjustments, fine tuning...etc.
  10. Yes, I believe the blue is the State Trust land. No prospecting. The yellow is BLM, but like I stated earlier, most of it in the surrounding areas north of the camp spot is claimed up. I like BLM-ing too, but knowing where you can and can't be in an area where there are several dozen claims is important. That's why I ended up with the FootPrints. I'm sure there's other ways to verify, but that way works for me.
  11. If you are a GPAA or RRPC member, you'll have plenty of land to explore. I'm sure there are some other club claims in the area as well. I believe Uncle Ron has a map of the LSD area. Footprints is a good way to go. That's what I use. If you have a Garmin GPS and use Basecamp, you should be able to see the BLM land and State Trust land boundaries. Keep in mind that most of the land 'open' for detecting near the camping area is claimed.
  12. Yeah, that's one heck of a nice job there Tom. The pics really tell the story of the knowledge and skills it takes to do something like that. Luke
  13. Answer #2 I'd think that the more you pull out of the spot, the 'obvious stuff', the more difficult it would be for the next guy to even make a discovery. Not everyone is a 'pro'. (Whatever that means) Of course you'd have to obscure things before you leave for the day. Throw dirt back if necessary. Maybe go at 'odd' times. If it's a really rich discovery, and the pocket goes down past 'pick and shovel' depths. Then file the claim and get some equipment. All I know... if I had found what you described... I would be taking it out of there... One Tacoma shor
  14. I agree with Bill. Very informative.... Thanks guys
  15. Why don't you show up at his house with some of your work buddies. I hope you find a solution. Unfortunately, it might be that last sentence you typed. Good luck out there. Let me know when you need someone to look out of the right side of the plane. Luke
  16. Thanks guys... Yep !! More than a few times now, I've found gold in a hole that trash came out of first. Always recheck the hole !!
  17. Hey all... I made it out the other day for a quick hunt before the sun burned off the clouds. I returned to an area I'd been before, and decided to hunt a hillside near "My First Dink Patch". This area has been hunted by many detectors over the years and it took over an hour before I found my first trash target. A little bit later, I found a target signal behind the trunk of a little bush. After some digging and some screwdriver/bedrock action, the target was out. Another little scrap of rusty metal. But wait, there's another target in the hole. Some more bedrock loosened up an
  18. I don't know about "World's best" but when I make it, the jerky doesn't last a week around here. I have three recipes. The 'original' was swiped from somewhere online, and then modified to my taste. Regular Flavor: 1 1/2 to 2 pounds flank steak 2/3 cup Worcestershire sauce 1/2 cup Golden Mountain seasoning sauce (Asian market) 1/4 cup water 1/8 cup honey 2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper 2 teaspoons onion powder/garlic powder mix 1 teaspoon liquid smoke 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flake/ground red pepper mix 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  19. Could the pulleys be painted with some kind of UV reflective paint? Maybe you could knit some covers for the pulleys when you have it parked? Luke
  20. Yeah... Those pulleys are very unlikely to have any issues over the course of their time in service. Especially since they won't have much actual load applied. The cable is more likely to break..... Luke
  21. Not sure about the likelihood of a crack forming at the bottom of the V groove, but a radius, instead of a sharp point on your 'lathe' tool would reduce the odds even further. Just nit pickin'
  22. Homemade..... Even the 'machine tools'. Nice work Dave !!
  23. Yeah.... so now I've got to build myself one too. For the most part, I've been 'okay' with not flying for the last 15 years. Then I see this... Luke
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