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  1. I've been watching BBC and DW for years. Perhaps that's why my viewpoint sounds so foreign to some. I've got no time for the 'big three' you listed. Unless I want to watch a comedy show. I'm curious to know what other 'channels' some of you guys consume. Especially those who continually demonize the MSM. BTW, Nice gold Matt !! Do you keep all of that at your house? Where do you live? Take care everyone. Luke
  2. Thanks Capt. Obvious. Nice pieces Adam and Boulderdash
  3. Yes I remember. The thing that always made me chuckle about this 'controversy', was that people acted like he had somehow 'stolen' that land. It's still there, protected. To be possibly used in the future if necessary. But, protected in the meantime as 'buffer' against our human impact on the planet. It's a beautiful place. If too much commercial activity is allowed, you may not be able to see through the dust and haze. About your other links.... The first one, I'm in complete agreement. Public lands should be opened up for public use. Within reason. The second link I wa
  4. You know Slim.... I'd hate to be 'that guy'. You know it's against the rules to mention 'the administration'. Don't you? I was wondering if you could tell me what other public lands have been opened up besides BLM and USFS lands? Thanks !
  5. Pointing out your behavioral tendencies is not an attack. More like a critique. There's a difference.
  6. Recently, I was able to escape the lockdown and meet up with a couple buddies for some nuggetshooting. We all had to drive separate vehicles and make sure we didn't shake hands. We walked for a short distance. A couple guys found a few and one guy just wasn't as lucky. There were stories of how life had changed so much lately. Concerns about what it meant for their livelihoods and families. How a series of bad decisions led us to where we are now..... I guess I better stop there before it gets political. Luke
  7. You helped to define another member's insult towards me. You certainly didn't admonish the 'offender'. How did you not know what you were doing? Didn't you say you were a detective or something like that?
  8. I haven't called anyone in particular any names. I could, but it won't help anything. Sorry I don't type as fast as your opinion. The confusion happens when you take my words from two different posts out of context to try to build your point. The posts and comments were deleted by the moderator within minutes after I was called a 'lefty' and accused of having 'TDS'. I asked what 'TDS' was, and you provided the definition. The whole days' posts were gone within minutes from then. It's the missing part of the 'Corona Common Sense' thread between Slim's 'Asian Boss' video a
  9. No, Mac. There is no gender gap. We are all men here, or so I thought. There is an age gap. I know of several 'older' men who all have the same opinions about certain subjects. Many of whom seem to have nothing better to do than point their finger. Are all the men older than me here 'grumpy geezers'? No. Many of the gentlemen I've encountered at the outings who undoubtedly share different opinions are quite civil. It's interesting that you thought I was talking about you. Yes, I also realize that this is one of Bill's sources of income. I contribute to that end. If tha
  10. For the most part, Old Tom, I agree with you. The main concern of today (General talk) is Coronavirus and it's effects on people and the country as a whole. Not sure how that can be discussed intelligently without some amount of 'politics'. It's increasingly tough to talk about much of anything that doesn't circle back around to politics. Sure we can talk about gold, but not many people are getting out because there is another thing happening right now. People are stuck at home, bored, scared, angry, tired, disappointed..... I doubt anyone is trying to convert an R to a D, or wou
  11. It sounds like a good idea, but then you realize that the same moderators would be overseeing the threads. There is a clear 'favorite' around these parts. If you dare to challenge, then people start calling names. They even have cute acronyms. The 'name callers' behaviors were 'patriotic' before, but now that their guy is in charge, they are incredibly sensitive to any criticism. Like 'snowflakes', to use a popular analogy. I realize that everyone's perception has changed in the last few years. Things that would never have been tolerated, are becoming the norm. Words ma
  12. Here's an example of why preparedness and earlier action were so important. Here comes the food shortages..... https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2020/04/22/meat-packing-plants-covid-may-force-choice-worker-health-food/2995232001/
  13. Here's something that many people should consider. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/problem-thinking-know-experts
  14. So sad to hear this. I always appreciated Fred's comments, no matter the subject. RIP Fred.
  15. Could you expand on your notion that apples are not oranges?
  16. I agree. I imagine they've taken blood samples from the deceased and will test in the future.
  17. We really don't know yet how Covid will 'stack up' against influenza. I believe it's important to keep in mind that the Spanish Flu pandemic happened over 100 years ago. Things were very different then. The population was more susceptible and the war conditions made it easy to spread globally. After those millions died, the remaining population was more or less immune for the time being. The social distancing measures of today, are helping to keep the Covid numbers down, as intended. If we had gone about 'business as usual', then there would be many more cases and deaths. If
  18. I think there were not enough tests to start with. Since it's a new virus, they didn't have the tests laying around. I read somewhere that the U.S. turned down 100k tests from another country early on, but you'll have to research and verify that for yourself. Still, 100k tests is a small number when you realize the U.S. population is 328 million. When this 'first started', 4 or 5 weeks ago, the procedure was to test everyone who exhibited the flu/corona symptoms with the influenza test first. IF the patient was positive for influenza, no more testing was done and the patient w
  19. Sorry if this detracts from the serious nature of this thread.
  20. My guess would be that they will move it to a place like South Dakota. SD is a current 'hot spot' since the governor has been resisting announcing a stay-at-home order.
  21. Yes, Exactly. Here's yet again, another article from a source other than a conspiracy website. Read it if you dare. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/why-uncertainty-about-coronavirus-breeds-opportunity-for-misinformation?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=pbsofficial&utm_campaign=newshour&utm_content=1586797231&fbclid=IwAR0NrEjfhVHXv20dnLlxfvHIkcGl2BltlfaxrRZjlPzyFGh5997_B-r0qWM
  22. Yeah, the big one was about a foot deep. There were a couple rocks piled there to start. You can see them in the upper right. To be completely honest, I'm not sure I detected the nugget initially. It may have been noisy rocks to start, but then after they were moved, a good signal developed. Plus the coil was closer to the target at that point. From there, it was a little less than a foot to hardpack. Looked like hardpack/decaying bedrock where I plucked the nugget from. I didn't dig it all up since I had just got there and wanted to detect upstream more if I'm 'already' finding 1
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