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  1. Toyota's game-changing solid-state battery en route for 2021 debut - Nikkei Asia
  2. Some presidents do make decrees. Whether or not their desires are ever implemented is another story. I realize there's a process to some extent. I just find it interesting how the 'timing' in these cases played out.
  3. The next 12 days will be interesting for sure. I wonder why these important decisions were left until now?
  4. Or for that 'right spot' to continue to pan out as the days roll on. Someone might get lucky for a couple days here and there, but consistently, good luck.
  5. "Law and Order" Theme Song by Mike Post (cover performed by Angela Petrilli and Valerie Chaikin) - YouTube
  6. With the wide variances in those results, what about the results lends those samples to being meteoric? The sample on the left, is 12% iron and 'negligible' amounts of everything else. Roughly composed of 87% of what? The sample on the right, is 10% iron and almost 10% manganese. No manganese was detected in the other sample. Very few of the other numbers are close to each other. I guess I don't understand what makes them so similar. Other than they were found/left in the same place. Those results look 'slaggy' to me. But I don't know anything about slag, so it's tough to
  7. On the premise that these rocks came from the same fall and therefore the same mass. Shouldn't the test analysis be more similar between the samples? ....and who wrote "Gu" as the atomic symbol for gold? lol
  8. That gold has a nice character. Even the 'dinks' are chunky. Excellent finds. Congrats to you both!!
  9. Even if you moved the decimal to the left one place... it'd still be twice as much. Excellent couple of days. Congrats!!
  10. Wow!! Congratulations on that one !! Was it on bedrock or in the gravels?
  11. So what's worse, dealing in stolen goods or buying stolen goods?
  12. Why all the negativity Dan? You seem so sure you know what you're talking about. Stop believing all the rhetoric designed to keep you in fear.
  13. Did the demand for mined metals just evaporate? Why would your job be in jeopardy? The one of the most fundamental aspects of business is supply and demand. If there is demand, someone will supply it. I just find it hard to believe that those at the very top (1%) would just close up shop if their profit margins were taxed by a few percent. All the other extraction industries pay something and they remain in business and profitable. Your company takes something that doesn't belong to it.
  14. There are no covid laws, just common sense suggestions. Whether or not people want to continue to make it a political thing is up to them. The virus doesn't care who you voted for. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  15. Wow !! That's some fantastic work there Tom !!
  16. Oh.... Well then at least I don't have to imagine where it might be. Good to see you're still digging them out of there.
  17. ....and Happy Belated to those who wear a cover.
  18. Speaking of "G-Spot™" and maybe even your "Swingy Thingy®", I believe Uncle Ron was referring to the Kegel exercises used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/mens-health/in-depth/kegel-exercises-for-men/art-20045074 https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/womens-health/in-depth/kegel-exercises/art-20045283 Or maybe not....
  19. Hey Gary. WTG on those nuggets !! The video was a bit shaky, but I realize you were on your phone camera. Are those the first 3 from that wash, or have you been working that one for awhile?
  20. Yup. I don't swing a 7000, so maybe this won't apply.... When you are having the 'ghost signal' problem, try to turn the gain/sensitivity down slightly and see if that quiets it down any. When I have this problem with the GPX, a tiny gain tweak is often the solution. As far as hot rocks go.... If it makes a noise, I kick it out of the way. I don't rely on the machine ground balance to do all the work. If it's making a noise, the detector is trying to tell you something. It just takes a few seconds to move the 'noise maker' and see if that's all it was. Most times
  21. Whether or not you are wrong has nothing to do with me. If I'm understanding you correctly... You gave up and planted it in your garden like you were told, but still want to argue about it? Personally, I find it difficult to take seriously anyone who can't use the the word 'your' in the correct manner. Hate to be a grammar nazi, but words matter. Especially in science. Don't worry about me, I can find plenty of 'heavy' sandstone to fill my garden. Thanks.
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