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  1. Some time spent on Ebay will definitely give an idea what they are selling for. Ebay and Craigslist are my go-to spots to get an idea of what something is worth. Free education.
  2. Even if you had three new coils, it's still a Minelab Eureka..... Some things are not as 'valuable' as they once were. Ask $300 and get a used EVO.
  3. The main advantage of the mods as I see them, are the increased adjustability of the detector. If you already know the machine, you can tweak, and get a little more out of it in the right conditions. Coil size, gold size, depth, etc.... The stock 4500 is going to be just fine un-modded. Once you've found some gold with it, then you can make a better decision about spending another $1800 on your detector. The main thing is getting out there. If you can't find anything with a stock detector, the mods probably won't help either. Luke
  4. …..and warn me next time you want to take a picture so I can suck my gut in.
  5. It sure was a good day. Thanks for the invite Tom and thanks for leaving some gold to be found.... I was happy to 'pay it forward' with regards to helping a guy out with his shiny new toy. Someone, not so long ago, did the same for me and everything changed after that. It's fun finding gold, but when other people see you find gold, it's just that much better. Everyone learns something in the process. Thanks again Tom !! Luke
  6. Congratulations !! Nice specimen.
  7. Thanks Bill !! ….and everyone else. Just trying to build a better mousetrap. Luke
  8. It all adds up..... Congrats!! Luke
  9. Will you take payment in gold?
  10. Happy for ya Rocky !! Congratulations !!
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