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  1. It's worth a shot. But if it's the same guy I'm thinking of, then he'll probably offer to sell the claim since that's his 'business'. If it is in fact the same guy, he hung a bunch of paper over an area I was working and then sold a few claims to some people from California. Now, every 'winter', those people come out and 'camp' on that land for months at a time.
  2. By your logic... What's the difference between placer gold and lode gold? If you're detecting and find a target and start to dig, will you stop digging if the target is in the bedrock? If you dig it out of the bedrock, was it placer or lode? Will you put it back if it wasn't what you wanted it to be? Will the claim owner listen to your argument? Is the trouble worth $20 of gold? The simple answer is.... if it's not your claim, placer or lode, then you shouldn't be there collecting minerals. I bet I can guess the name of the guy who claimed that wash.
  3. I viewed moving that dirt as 'my workout'. So much so, I ordered another three yards and did it again... At 45 now, I'm not young or old. Old enough, that the 'youngsters' don't want to hear my advice, and young enough that the 'elderly' think I don't know anything. Congrats on that gold by the way. I'd be pretty happy with how those buckets panned out.
  4. Oh, it wasn't that bad. I broke it up in three days, with the middle day being the 17 load day. Plus, I'm still a 'young man' compared to most of 'you guys'.
  5. Thanks for the informative reply. Luke
  6. I think you meant 40 full 5 gallon buckets? In a slightly related story: 3 'yards' of landscaping dirt delivered to my driveway equals 27 wheelbarrows moved to the backyard. One wheelbarrow 'equals' 20 heaping flat shovel scoops.
  7. Way to go on those nugs Tom. Luke
  8. Toyota's game-changing solid-state battery en route for 2021 debut - Nikkei Asia
  9. Some presidents do make decrees. Whether or not their desires are ever implemented is another story. I realize there's a process to some extent. I just find it interesting how the 'timing' in these cases played out.
  10. The next 12 days will be interesting for sure. I wonder why these important decisions were left until now?
  11. Or for that 'right spot' to continue to pan out as the days roll on. Someone might get lucky for a couple days here and there, but consistently, good luck.
  12. "Law and Order" Theme Song by Mike Post (cover performed by Angela Petrilli and Valerie Chaikin) - YouTube
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