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  1. Wow !! That's some fantastic work there Tom !!
  2. Oh.... Well then at least I don't have to imagine where it might be. Good to see you're still digging them out of there.
  3. ....and Happy Belated to those who wear a cover.
  4. Speaking of "G-Spot™" and maybe even your "Swingy Thingy®", I believe Uncle Ron was referring to the Kegel exercises used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/mens-health/in-depth/kegel-exercises-for-men/art-20045074 https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/womens-health/in-depth/kegel-exercises/art-20045283 Or maybe not....
  5. Hey Gary. WTG on those nuggets !! The video was a bit shaky, but I realize you were on your phone camera. Are those the first 3 from that wash, or have you been working that one for awhile?
  6. Yup. I don't swing a 7000, so maybe this won't apply.... When you are having the 'ghost signal' problem, try to turn the gain/sensitivity down slightly and see if that quiets it down any. When I have this problem with the GPX, a tiny gain tweak is often the solution. As far as hot rocks go.... If it makes a noise, I kick it out of the way. I don't rely on the machine ground balance to do all the work. If it's making a noise, the detector is trying to tell you something. It just takes a few seconds to move the 'noise maker' and see if that's all it was. Most times
  7. Whether or not you are wrong has nothing to do with me. If I'm understanding you correctly... You gave up and planted it in your garden like you were told, but still want to argue about it? Personally, I find it difficult to take seriously anyone who can't use the the word 'your' in the correct manner. Hate to be a grammar nazi, but words matter. Especially in science. Don't worry about me, I can find plenty of 'heavy' sandstone to fill my garden. Thanks.
  8. I didn't say you were wrong. I don't know, and couldn't care less. If your 'fact' is so true, then why are you here trying to prove it to us? The title of your topic asks a question. It doesn't reveal the classification of your 'space rock'. If you are so sure it is what you think it is, you'll take it to someone who can give you a definitive answer. The museum curator you mentioned doesn't seem to have the qualifications you require. https://manitobamuseum.ca/main/collections-research/meet-our-curators/graham-young/
  9. So you are convinced, but couldn't convince anyone here? Perhaps if you were more engaged in finding the truth, you would have found it. Perhaps if you did your due diligence and did what was necessary to follow through, you could come back here and tell everyone how wrong they were. Instead, it's still just speculation. Where did you get your evidence of what happens to sandstone on entry? Why would it discolor white, when other meteorites do not? How do you know Martian sandstone is heavier? Have you been to Mars? Sorry if these are dumb questions. I'm not an exp
  10. Have you had any actual scientists look at it? What were their thoughts?
  11. That looks like a fine day! Or even five days. Congratulations. I'd be stoked too. Any gold found with a metal detector is good gold. I was just messing with you. I've been known to give gold miners from Nevada a hard time. Thanks for posting a pic.
  12. Pictures, or it didn't happen.... JK. But, if you want to post a pic or two of some gold you just found, it wouldn't hurt my feelings. Thanks for the comments guys !! Finding gold is fun !!
  13. It's a square mile of land. Gather up some buddies and claim it up. Maybe start a new club?
  14. As the seasons change here in Arizona, the temps have finally come down enough to get out and find some gold. I met up with a good friend this morning and we drove out to a place called "Owl Wash". Although I forgot to mention it at the time, I did see the owl today. After a couple hours and a half a dozen trashy targets, I moved my coil up the side of the gully and got a distinct signal. After scraping away all the loose material, I started to see darker clay and the bedrock. I slowed down and worked to pinpoint the target so I could hopefully 'see it' without disturbing it. I blew
  15. If you want to find tiny nugs with a PI detector, you should check out the SDC. The Nox or any other VLF will generally be better on the small stuff. Especially when depth is not an issue. PI detectors are generally for larger, deeper targets. It didn't sound like you had your 5000 noise cancelled properly. Sounded noisy to me and that EMI interference will kill performance. The 'Fine Gold' setting on the GPX is a timing used for highly mineralized ground. It is a filter of sorts and reduces potential depth in order to handle hot ground better. My suggestion is to put o
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