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  1. I just wanted to see how everyone who bought my book, likes it? If you haven't left a review on here, can you please post one, so I can get them up on my website. I would really appreciate it. I have a variety of shipping options on the website now. If anyone hasn't gotten a copy yet, please go to my website, check it out and consider getting a copy. https://goldseekerbooks.com/ Also I would like to know if any of my info from my book has lead anyone to new nuggets. If so, tell us all your story. Since I am Sidelined with a torn Achilles Tendon, I can't get out to detect, or work, s
  2. I have a used boot that the first Doctor gave me, but my foot and ankle move around too much. It's not the kind that completely locks your foot in a single position. Once the workers comp kicks in I will talk with Doc about a better type of boot. He did say my Danners will work too, but I disagree with that.
  3. Yah me too. I'm tired of being in pain every time I take a step. Even sleeping it can hurt and keep you from a good night's sleep.
  4. I am pretty bummed, as I am Sidelined with achilles tendonosis, and am on workman's comp. I can't work and I can't go detecting til some time in August, if physical therapy heals it up in 6-8 weeks. If it doesn't, then I have to get it operated on to have skar tissue cut off and tendon reenforced. If that happens I will be out another 6-12 weeks with more physical therapy. I hope physical therapy does the trick this first go-around. This last trip out detecting had me in such pain that I had to use my pick as a cane, and could only take foot long strides.
  5. I want to say one more thing, Rebel. What the gold is like in the quartz is like will play a big part, that is true. But alot of vein gold will be thick enough to hit on with a PI. Some vein gold will be sandwiched in quartz and will have a smooth surface fused to the quartz. It's not always so spungy that a PI won't hit on it.
  6. Yes there are better choices. As far as my views and vlf goes, your best choice is the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 hands down. It will go deeper than a gold bug2 or any other gold bug model. Garrett has no detector that can compete with Minelab, period! They are stuck in a time worp of Glory days of the early 80's with not going over 19 khz. You need high khz but not too high, as you will loose depth. 45 khz is a very good range for this. Lower khz, you will loose gold because you won't be able to hit on it, with Garrett, there will be alot of gold you just won't hit on. Throw in the fact that
  7. I agree with Uncle Ron stay away from Garrett. You will be wasting your money. Are you by chance a veteran? If so you can get a new Minelab Gold Monster 1000 for $680. I would go with the gm1000. It is the easiest detector to learn. It will go way deeper than a goldbug pro or 2. Put simply it will outhunt them hands down. Like was said to you, do your research on where to best find nuggets. If you haven't bought my book yet, then it will benefit you to get it. Lots of nugget hunting info. goldseekerbooks.com If you have questions give me a call Reese Townes 1-406-309-1009
  8. The level of success you want to reach depends on the level of capability of each detector. The higher the level of gold dedicated detector you have combined with knowledge of where you are hunting will be key factors. You get a cheap detector you will have less than good results.
  9. I completely see what you are getting at. However keep this in mind, learn what type of life deposit it is specifically, know what are the other rocks are, that are associated with that specific type of deposit. Look for as many of those clues together within an area and focus your effort there. The other thing to think about is time. Do you have the weekend or two weeks to search. If you have a weekend to search, then it may not be time well used looking for iron nuggets. Remember gold is the target, and gold pays the bills or at very least is the target that makes the trip worth taking, not
  10. I'm not sure if they are native iron. I agree with you looking for iron nuggets is probably futile. I'm just saying his pieces could be bog iron. Looking for iron mineralization to determine if an area is mineralized is a good clue. With that you will have alteration. I don't know about all hard rock gold deposits, in regard to clues but iron is big with locating gold in gossans and also very big with skarns. A very big clue for gold skarns is Garnets. Garnets are almost always present within the skarn. That's all I'm saying. The iron chunks I found in the photos came from a granodiorite intru
  11. I stand corrected on the magnetite and hematite. And it is not pure it has other things included in the make up.
  12. Those are what we call Bog Iron. I think it is different than hematite or magnetite because of the metallic nature of it. It is natural, pure, high grade iron. These two that I have found in Montana, were found in areas with granodiorite batholiths, part of the Boulder Batholith.
  13. My uncle got bit by a brown recluse while sitting by a tree fishing. He didn't feel it bite him but he later started feeling ill and notices irritation at bite area with a halo around bite area. He was bit on the forearm. He went into the emergency room and doc said it was a recluse bite. They cut tissue out where it was eating and rotting. All said and done he was in the hospital for 9 days. They would cut away tissue and then wait for any more spreading to undamaged tissue. Day by day this process went on. When it stopped spreading and they got all rotting tissue cut out and no other symptom
  14. Your welcome Aaron. I'm glad you like it. Good luck in Arizona. Find some gold.
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