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  1. Way to go Scott. My season ended in August thanks to LHC sending me out of town.
  2. Can someone on here that is also on detectorprospector forum please let everyone know the new updates are on my website.
  3. Hello everyone, I just now got my website updated. I have reached the printing costs and now I am waiting for the publisher to input the last few photos and he should be sending me another file to proof of the whole book. Once everything is proofed we will pay the printer, email the book file and wait for them to send us a proof by email. If you have any questions, my cell number and email address is on my website.
  4. Hello everyone, when I get off work today I will update the progress of the book and the funds to print it. Good news.
  5. I am trying to acquire more video. I am trying to find a comfortable way of doing the video. I am not used to being in front of a video camera. I'll figure it out eventually, but first I need to finish raising the money for this book. I already have photos for the next book but it too has to wait til this book is in all of our hands. Aaron thanks for the order and also thank you Mike C.
  6. Update on reaching printing costs for the book. I have reached $4,800.00 of the $6,900. I have been putting money from my paychecks into it. I am still stuck out of town working, this time in Galata, MT very near the Sweetgrass Hills and Gold Butte. We are at this moment getting hit with a 4 day winter storm. It is 30 degrees out right now and snowing. It sucks. This coming Friday I will be putting into the book account another $700-$1100.00 depending on my paycheck amount for the week. Any questions please ask. I'm hoping to have this covered in the next two to three weeks.
  7. It is a preorder which is a common practice in the book industry the difference is I am also putting in alot of my own money to get them printed. It is not a go fund me!!!!
  8. Thanks Terry. I can't wait to get the copies too.
  9. I put another $765 dollars out of my paycheck from work for this past week into the printing account for the publisher which brings the amount reached to $3065. I have it updated on my website and I am still working on my employer for a loan. If he doesnt give me the loan for the rest of it then on the sept 10 my wife will be putting in $2000 for the printing. I am still waiting to get ahold of my uncle to see if he can float me a loan to get this amount reached as soon as possible. My publisher is working up a couple chapters as a digital copy for Rob Alison so he can get a feel of the book to let everyone know a little something about the quality of material. Any questions feel free to ask.
  10. The new tally on funds reached with book sales is $1952.07.
  11. Got my google ads in place. They are currently being optimized by a google support rep. If you are wanting a book and haven't ordered one, please do so. Remember those that preorder get a hand signed book. After the preorder amount has been reached and book goes to press, that will no longer be available for hand signed books.
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