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  1. Guys, thanks for your help, done more research and it is mica, it does smear with the pressure of my fingers
  2. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated. What do you think it is, Mica or Pyrite? The photos are taken with and without flash and the video without light. Thanks Santiago IMG_0618.MOV
  3. Hello Ben, I can't take the credit for this find, it is a friend's find. His name is Martin from Puerto Escondido, a beautiful coastal small city in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, a Paradise, where the water is clean, full of fish, and always warm. He is a very honest, proud and humble man, hard working and always with a sunny disposition, he knows the state like very few other people do, and has travelled all around it, he is a treasure hunter/fisherman that lives in poverty like most other people do in this state, so I try to help him by researching his findings and analysing if they have any
  4. Thanks, I didn't the person that brought me this ore did.
  5. Please share your thoughts. Some pieces were broken with a sledge hammer, one cut on a small piece was attempted by using a steel disk and the other cuts were made with a diamond disk very poorly and forcefully, one of them was sanded with sand paper and news paper on both pieces on the side where the cut was made, In smaller pieces that were broken off with a mace from a bigger one you can see a small concentration of small yellow crystals, It also leaves a small thin black streaks when done the streak test vigorously, looking more like scratches. I believe it is to heavy to be either hematit
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