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  1. I have a like new Thompson that I would sell. Used 2 times. Works great. Due to injury you packing in a dry washer are over. Really want the unit to be used not just sitting. Has 12vdc motor or can hand crank. let me know Jeff
  2. After 3 or 4 times of I am going to try to make it to the outing. I am in for sure this year. Already packed up and waiting.
  3. Bill do we need to register or? Always wanted to attend one of the Nugget Shooter outings. FYI, for those that need the AZ State land permit, easy to get permit online and print right then. Jeff
  4. We enjoy they Weaver claims. My opinion is we are all fortunate to have someone maintain the claims and paperwork for so little cost. We always find god gold on the claims and also see some nice history with the ancient markings on the rocks. Keep after it.
  5. Shoot can't find my keys my belt or much of anything else some days. Why I don't wear camo. Our Ranger is camo, I lose it sometimes, even when on the trailer. As devilshjim said must be age. I believe it's sun spots. Need to get that special helmet.
  6. Well had a few sacramento locals call the number for the GPX 5000 for sale on craigslist. No response from the seller. Suspicious. Oh well lesson learned lock up, cable lock everything securely. The thieves are out. Thank all of you for your thoughts, ideas, help. This won't slow my prospecting down a bit. Getting a new minelab soon as Bill gets back from the outing. Thanks again, Jeff
  7. Agree. With me in AZ and him in CA not likely I will get there. Ridgecrest Sheriff Department is aware. I also let my insurance company know of what is up. Appreciate all the comments, ideas and help form everyone. Yesterday up near Morenci, a friend of mine had 3 guys all set up inside his underground gold mine mining and hauling out ore. Just set up and started mining his claim. Knew they were on private land, knew it was a private mine, cut the locks, pulled down the signs. Oh well, they are in the sheriffs hands now. Getting worse out there. Be careful
  8. I called and did just that. He is to call back in am for a contact place. Will see
  9. We will see, relucant to give me to much data. Is to call me tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.
  10. I am fighting one now (cold bug 2) hope to be over it, before the outing. All kidding aside, there will be a few gold bug detectors including our 2 you are welcome to use on to test with if you wan to..
  11. Have to remember hopefully just the 1%. Getting ripped off really gets to one on the inside. I was really angry t the point of #%$#*. Anyhow re focused found some gold had a good rest of the week over there. Keep stuff low profile, locked and maybe a guard dog around..
  12. Thanks Michael, I belong to GPAA, LDMA, and Roadrunners. I did speak to a couple of Taft members on the same day of the incident. All good people. Thanks for the effort.
  13. Thank you all for ideas thoughts and comments. I have called, emailed most of all shops, clubs in the areas. All met with the PLP group at their outing to spread the word. No idea or comprehension od one who has the guts or ignorance to take from others.. I would loan anyone most any of my mining equipment as long as they return it timely and in good shape. I have to remember 99% are not the problem, it's the 1%. Anyhow we found 19 grams and met some really nice people. Insurance is working on the replacement all documents have been file and processed.. Looks like we are going to see Bi
  14. WOO Hoo count us in. Can anyone provide directions for us Eastern AZ people? At least Globe to the site, would be appreciated. Sign us up for the potluck and what we are desired or required to bring.
  15. Well, after years of never a problem, ever in AZ, our first and most likely last trip to California, we had a theft. On Oct 7th, 2015 approx 10 am, my GPX 5000 metal detector and 2 of our 5 gallon fuel cans were taken out of my Polaris Ranger while my wife, son and I were down in a canyon prospecting, We were located down in a small canyon off of Garlock Road on BLM road EP 110 and EP 11 up in the Black Canyon, Sand Gulch area. This is in the EL Paso Mountains just north of Randsburg CA. We did recover both fuel cans both empty down the side of a hill. Serial Number on the GPX 5000 Unit is:
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