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  1. delnorter

    My Collection of Photos & Drawings

    Real nice Terry, thanks for the photos. What a time in history. I can appreciate those folks hard work. Quite a menagerie of men with great hats too. Mike
  2. This is really cool Mike. I look forward to hearing of your success. Fish on!!! Mike
  3. delnorter


    Very nice Gary. A lot of hard work I can tell. Mike
  4. delnorter

    Nuggetshooter 2017 - Random Photos

    Thanks for the fine photos Mike. Nice to see some real people having a good time. I've never really been to the desert country. I sure hope I can make it to one of these outings next year. What a contrast it would be, from the redwood forests to the desert. Mike
  5. delnorter

    Book Contest

    $14.97 Thanks