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  1. My advice is to go with the Goldbug. I have a new GMT and is DOES NOT have any pinpointing capabilities! Couldn't believe it until I contacted Whites and they confirmed there is no pinpointing circuit on the GMT. Geeesh......that is like buying an $800 hunting rifle and it not having any sights......lol
  2. I'm having trouble with my new Whites MXT All Pro and hope someone can offer some advice. I've got the pinpointing down to a science now and it works everytime. Simple. Now they advertise the MXT can detect a quarter at 12" with correct VDI numbers and target identication. I have not found this to be true. I can get it to sound off correctly on shallow coins up to about 3" deep, but deeper than that, everytime I swing the loop over the target I start getting different VDI numbers and different target identifications, especially if the sensitivity is turned up even to the preset position. The
  3. My method of pinpointing ( and it works excellent) with my MXT All Pro is simple. I don't use the X method. Holding the trigger in I move the coil around over the target until I find the spot where the sound is the loudest under the center of the loop. Then I measure back toward the rear of the loop about 1 1/2" and mark the spot. Works everytime and VERY accurate. I have the 10" DD coil.
  4. Hey, I solved the problem of having to wear those heavy, bulky, HOT ear phones! I have a Whites MXT and it does not have a volume control. I went to Fred Meyer and bought a pair of ear buds, they cost about $10. Forgot the brand name but they are black with a gold band around them. I also bought a 1/4 inch jack with volume control at radio shack for about $15. When I put it all together and used them on the detector it worked like a dream. Just make sure you get the ear buds with the rubber tip, the circular plastic ones WILL NOT stay in your ears! I've used these for over 6 months now and th
  5. OK, got my MXT All Pro now! Shady areas........watch out..........lol
  6. Hi, was wondering if there is anyone out there who is proefficient with a Whites MXT All Pro metal detector. Just got one and haven't figured out the pinpointing yet. Having to dig BIG holes to find the targets. This thing has a 10" DD coil and they must pinpoint totally different than a concentric coil. Lord help me........lol
  7. OK, we all saw the post on whats your best NON nugget find...............so I'm wondering whats your best NUGGET find? I've found several good ones in Alaska, but never one over 1 ounce yet. Not moose nuggets either..........lol
  8. Great idea..........to get names & phone numbers!
  9. Can anyone tell me where you can sell or where you turn in those pre 1981 pennies at? If they are worth almost 2 cents.........I'd sure like to know where to sell them!
  10. Thanks for the replies guys! Yeah, I never go detecting anywhere without prior permission. Been shot at too many times in Alaska even when I HAD permission! Let me tell you......there are some absolutely crazy wanna be gold miners up there and its getting worse now with all these dramatized TV shows about people who think they can go to Alaska and do what ever they please.......when ever they please. I'll keep working on my approach and hopefully sooner than later I'll get lucky and be able to detect an old yard.
  11. Anyone out there have a favorite method of asking permission to detect an older private yard? I've tried several times and have always been politely turned down. There HAS to be some one out there who has a cute little line they use to get this type of permission......lol
  12. I used to live in Ashland, Oregon. That country is very dry in the summer and wet in the winter. I was digging a new flower bed one day and at 5 inches I found a 1966 nickel. Nothing surprising about that except that this was in 1969. I always wondered how a nickel could become buried so deep in just 3 years. After putting 2 and 2 together I came up with this: The area where I found it was mowed about every 2 weeks in the summer and no grass was raked up. The layers of mowed grass, dust, and leaves accumulated about 1 2/3 inches per year. These conditions would "bury" a coin very deep very so
  13. Anyone know if you can buy earbuds that comes with 1/4" jacks? Or are there any metal detector manufacturers that produce earbuds along with their headphones? Have to agree though, when I'm doing serious nugget shooting headphones are the uniform of the day.
  14. Yup.......I agree! So many times when hunting the parks in my spare time when I can't be at the good places, I hear detectorists complaining that they need a better detector because the remaining coins have "sunk" to a depth beyond their detectors capability to reach. Sad people actually believe that
  15. I guess if you are listening for that faint elusive signal from a deeply buried gold nugget earphones might be better, but for just coin shooting the parks earbuds have sure saved me from the proverbial heat stroke
  16. Would just like to see if anyone out there agrees with me that coins don't sink, they just get covered over by grass and leaves as the years go by. I personally don't believe coins sink, I think however that there are areas where they are covered faster than other areas. In parks where the grass is constantly cut and not raked up is a prime example of how a coin can be buried by as much as an inch a year as the turf builds up. Up at my favorite lake here in Southern Oregon I've found silver coins only an inch under the dust that were lost there in the 1930s because no turf builds up over them
  17. Anyone ever try using earbuds instead of those bulky, hot headphones? I live here in Southern Oregon where it gets darned hot in the summer. When I use headphones with the ole detector my ears just about sweat right off and over heat me real fast! So last summer I bought a pair of $15 earbuds and a 1/4" jack from radio shack. After soldiering the jack onto the buds and water proofing the connection I tried them out and was shocked to find they actually worked JUST AS GOOD as my $90 headphones! No more sweating now and I am much more aware of what is going on around me. Only problem now is I am
  18. Thank you Regmaglitch, I'll probably take the new GMT out within the next few weeks. Have been wanting to try those smaller creeks where they dump into the Rogue. Those areas are only 10 miles away from me. I have seen people panning the gravel and coming out with some pretty nice size flakes in the 10 - 15 grain range. My Uncle once found a 1/4 oz. nugget up by the town of Rogue River with an old detector, so I know they are out there. I'm sure that even panning would be more profitabl than finding those clad coins with my other detector. I mean, it does not take much gold to more than match
  19. Thank you Reno Chris. Having just spent the past 45 years in Alaska I don't think the cold days in Nevada would matter to me much but they might to my metal detector.......lol I know I couldn't take the heat of summer in the desert but might head over during March or April if those are good months. If the Rye Patch has been pretty much worked out then I'll look for better diggings I guess.
  20. Thanks IDdesertman, have known about this gold area for years but for some reason have a real hankering to try the desert areas. I'm going to get out along the Rogue River here soon with my Whites GMT and see how many fishing sinkers I can find.............lol
  21. Anyone have any thoughts about Whites metal detectors? I started off with an old 1970 Whites Goldmaster BFO unit which found me lots of gold, when it worked. But seemed with those old detectors everytime you hit a rock too hard with the coil you'd have to send it back to Whites to get it fixed. Then the Whites 4000 D Series 2 came out about 1981, which was a good detector! I found so many gold nuggets and silver coins with that detector back in those days! An excellent unit. Then came the Whites 6000 DI Pro with automatic ground balancing. I went over my old nugget shooting sites again and fou
  22. Where would I go to find a door stop like this???????????????????.................lol
  23. I clean all my newer coins in a double tub rock tumbler. Separating the pennies from the white money, I add enough water to cover the coins then add a handfull of fine, sharp gravel pieces and a bit of dishwashing liquid soap. Everything is good to go after about 12 hours. This even cleans heavily encrusted pennies found in salt water
  24. Well........there has been small amounts of gold found in meteorites. So maybe gold comes from outer space..........lol
  25. Anyone else have any suggestions where an outta place Alaskan can go detecting down here that has not been worked out?
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