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  1. OK, we all saw the post on whats your best NON nugget find...............so I'm wondering whats your best NUGGET find? I've found several good ones in Alaska, but never one over 1 ounce yet. Not moose nuggets either..........lol
  2. Anyone know if you can buy earbuds that comes with 1/4" jacks? Or are there any metal detector manufacturers that produce earbuds along with their headphones? Have to agree though, when I'm doing serious nugget shooting headphones are the uniform of the day.
  3. I guess if you are listening for that faint elusive signal from a deeply buried gold nugget earphones might be better, but for just coin shooting the parks earbuds have sure saved me from the proverbial heat stroke
  4. Anyone ever try using earbuds instead of those bulky, hot headphones? I live here in Southern Oregon where it gets darned hot in the summer. When I use headphones with the ole detector my ears just about sweat right off and over heat me real fast! So last summer I bought a pair of $15 earbuds and a 1/4" jack from radio shack. After soldiering the jack onto the buds and water proofing the connection I tried them out and was shocked to find they actually worked JUST AS GOOD as my $90 headphones! No more sweating now and I am much more aware of what is going on around me. Only problem now is I am getting a Whites MXT Pro and if I'm correct you need headphones with volume control to use that detector as it has no volume control. So guess I'll be looking for some more earbuds with volume control and doing the 1/4" jack soldiering thing again. Anyone out there have any experience with earbuds?
  5. Thank you Regmaglitch, I'll probably take the new GMT out within the next few weeks. Have been wanting to try those smaller creeks where they dump into the Rogue. Those areas are only 10 miles away from me. I have seen people panning the gravel and coming out with some pretty nice size flakes in the 10 - 15 grain range. My Uncle once found a 1/4 oz. nugget up by the town of Rogue River with an old detector, so I know they are out there. I'm sure that even panning would be more profitabl than finding those clad coins with my other detector. I mean, it does not take much gold to more than match the $2.50 average in clad coins I find on outings with my coinmaster. Only thing is I HATE to sell any gold I find..........just have to hang onto it.........and the money for my new detector just dosen't accumulate very fast with clad coins.............lol
  6. Thank you Reno Chris. Having just spent the past 45 years in Alaska I don't think the cold days in Nevada would matter to me much but they might to my metal detector.......lol I know I couldn't take the heat of summer in the desert but might head over during March or April if those are good months. If the Rye Patch has been pretty much worked out then I'll look for better diggings I guess.
  7. Thanks IDdesertman, have known about this gold area for years but for some reason have a real hankering to try the desert areas. I'm going to get out along the Rogue River here soon with my Whites GMT and see how many fishing sinkers I can find.............lol
  8. Well........there has been small amounts of gold found in meteorites. So maybe gold comes from outer space..........lol
  9. Anyone else have any suggestions where an outta place Alaskan can go detecting down here that has not been worked out?
  10. OK OK, now I see this is supposed to be your best NON NUGGET find. Oh well, this is my best find & I'm sticking to it......lol My best find ever was three, half ounce gold nuggets in one hole......on a hillside. Was following an ancient channel up the hill from the present creek with my detector, fighting mosquitoes all the way and inhaling a few, when I got a faint signal. After digging through moss and 10 inches of half frozen dirt, I found a small pothole in the bedrock about 8 inches across. Carefully scraping away more dirt I uncovered a half oz. nugget, well worn. Running the detector back over the hole again I received another signal. I continued to carefully scrape the dirt away and uncovered 2 more half oz. nuggets as well as about 50 smaller piece in the 10 grain range in this small pothole. This was in Alaska at my favorite creeks where a 55 oz. nugget was recovered as well as lots of em in the 10 - 25 oz. range. My goal is to find one over 1 oz. Mineralcreekmike
  11. Stack rocks? What are ya....a bigfoot....lol Have stacked tons of rocks myself in Alaska as I picked apart bedrock, brushed each slab like rock, and stacked them where I'd already dug. Gotta find somewhere down here to stack em.........lol
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new to the lower 48 states. I just spent 45 years in Alaska where I became pretty proeffecient in finding gold with metal detectors. I even put myself through two years of college with the gold I found.......at the old price in the 80s. I found most of it with an old Whites 4000D Series 2 detector, and a Whites 6000DI Pro. Now I have a new Whites GMT but so far have not had a chance to use it. I live here in Southern Oregon now and would really like to try my luck in Nevada or Arizona this winter but just don't know where to go. Anyone have any thoughts on what they call the "Rye Patch" near Imlay, Nevada? I know where Imlay is but any instructions on how to get to the Rye Patch from there? Anyone have any ideas on other areas that someone who feels totaly out of place in the lower 48 might try? Mineralcreekmike
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