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  1. 1 hour ago, NvAuMiner said:

    I always wondered. . .  Why does most everyone weigh their gold or show pics of their gold in grams rather than dwt.  It just seems to me that with 31.103 grams to a T. oz and 20 dwt's to a T. oz, the break down to figure what is what would be easier using dwt's.   Honest question!!  Thnx.

    I hear ya. When I first got into this gold chasing (1980) I used a powder scale to weigh my au. Everyone that I dealt with then used the terminology grains, pennyweight, and ounces. Guess I am just old school and too darn stubborn to conform to the new math. :2mo5pow:

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  2. The small double D coil is a little smoother in high mineralization areas, plus is easier to work in tighter spaces. The goldmaster will find you gold providing you put in the time to learn the machine.  Jim

  3. Welcome Desert Dude...I had a gold striker years ago and found a 3/4 of a grain flake of gold stuck in the caliche not far from where Bill is having the outing this month.

    You have a machine that will find it. Look forward to your posts and experiences. If you can make the outing, lots of good stuff to be shared out there.   Jim

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